Different soul ages and evolution/spacefaring

Some thoughts I’ve had recently. They shall hopefully be added to in due course, but I wanted to at least post something about it in the meantime…


I often find myself waking up to a flurry of vibrant thoughts. Whether I remember my dreams the previous night or not, clearly something happens in them.

This morning was no exception. I found myself prompted to write about what I’m about to write about (see title). And there were further prompts throughout the day. So if my essence wants me to think and write about this, then who am I to argue. Think and write about it I shall.

I did, in fact, whilst meditating about it, discover a few new things about me and my family in the process. Which is always exciting and joyful, given that annoying thing I mentioned about the memory loss associated with reincarnation.

Anyway, different soul ages, and how they relate to evolution – and therefore the spacefaring phase of a lifeform’s development. Once you’ve read this, I hope you will come to understand a lot more about how spacefaring is organised in our galaxy (or our particular sector, at least) – there are, as I shall explain either here or in a later piece, what you might call ‘political’ ramifications, and also ‘logistical’ consequences, in particular with regards to the velocity of interstellar travel (the Hypergate network) – put simply, not too fast (so you run out of worlds to discover), not too slow (so you don’t get too frustrated). We believe we found the perfect balance required in order to maximise evolutionary potential in terms of the lifespan of a species relative to the lifetime/life expectancy of the individual within a single lifetime.


Try telling that to a young or immature soul, however, and they will look at you blankly. They simply do not have the capacity to understand. And I mean that profoundly. Take the following as an analogy – try sitting a bunch of chimpanzees down in a classroom and teach them about some simple mathematical thing like basic geometry, or how to use an abacus. Or Shakespeare or something. You don’t need me to describe the result to you – you can imagine it yourself.

It is exactly the same with older souls trying to explain more advanced philosophical or evolutionary or spacefaring concepts to younger souls. There is no point, in other words.

So, different soul ages. This is not a hard and fast rule, by the way, it’s just a convenient way of thinking about it – like a guide to help visualise and aid understanding. Symbols and guides are extremely useful for the conscious mind. They can also be remarkably practical and reassuring when carrying out what people nowadays would categorise as ‘magic’. This is another story, however.

The different soul ages on the linear-time evolutionary scale can be usefully broadly categorised. This is ignoring the fact that all time is one, by the way, and that all fragments of one’s essence are existing simultaneously from the (whole) essence’s perspective. From the individual fragment’s perspective (i.e. perspective of a specific lifetime) it is possible to get an impression of where on that evolutionary path one is. At some (older soul) point, however, one becomes aware of this, and can then start delighting in what you might call time-travel, which is to say changing one’s perspective thus ‘flitting’ from one lifetime to another. A possibly positive, beneficial and somewhat safe way of doing this is in one’s dreams – just keep thinking about it in the run up to sleep time, and wish to remember when you wake up. Also, you do have to ‘believe’ that it’s real, not just imaginative psychological phantoms conjured up by your brain. Beware of wishful thinking, in other words.

But I must not digress from the matter in paw.

Having said that, this is a major reason why older souls (the ones who are still in the linear time phase of evolution) do not indulge so much in spacefaring as the younger ones. By spacefaring, by the way, I mean physical spacefaring – flying around in spaceships etc. (seeking out new life and new civilisations and boldly splitting infinitives and all the rest of it). Older souls, in other words, don’t generally need physical spaceships in order to explore the universe. Some people might call it astral projection – if that is a useful concept term to employ, fine. Likewise, many older souls will be aware that they have, in effect, already been through the younger spacefaring phase, and no longer need to do such things. You will find many of these types living calm, peaceful lives in planetary (and other locations) retreats. Many of them will return to their origin planet and go through their long ‘fade’ (our term for the end of life reflective period, before we move on to the next life).

Spacefaring, then, is for younger souls who need to explore the endless possibilities of linear time existence. It is important for them to discover and learn about other cultures, other ways of life, other planetary environments. And, of course, learn how the universe works (the laws of physics, for example) in the process. These types could be seen as ‘medium-aged’ souls – they don’t yet understand everything, but they do accept the existence of things they don’t yet understand, and are inspired to seek that understanding in a myriad different ways.

Medium-age souls also understand the beneficial importance of caring for others. They are aware that there is an evolutionary process, to which everyone is subject, and would never interfere in another’s journey. They would never, for example, harm or hinder the messenger. They would listen to others, and offer their own observations. They may not have a complete accurate understanding in their minds about the interconnectedness of everything, but they almost certainly are aware that there is such an interconnectedness. To put it differently, they can recognise older souls, and when such older souls utter some insightful nugget or other of wisdom the medium-aged soul will respect them for it, even if they do not fully understand what the older soul is saying. They know that one day they will understand, and so they do not get too bothered – let alone scared – by the not knowing. Indeed, the not knowing is, for them, a motivation.

Younger souls are a little different. They have not yet attained the level where they really understand that there is any purpose behind existence. These are the ones who will not understand a word uttered by older souls. They may even react negatively towards such older souls, given that deep down they do know that other is a much older soul, and that might cause them bitterness, resentment, a feeling of being patronised, or threatened. This all depends on the social environment into which they are born. In a positive, holistic environment, such younger souls will not react badly, let alone violently, towards older souls, they’ll simply ignore them and look bemusedly at them. Indeed, older souls would probably either avoid them entirely or not bother making any ‘wise utterances’ in their presence. In a negative, chaotic environment – such as humanity is currently experiencing here on Gaia (this doesn’t require explanation I hope), the negative, violent reactions of the more immature souls are not only guaranteed, but deliberately manipulated so by – well, let’s call them minions of evil, for the time being.

This is precisely why utopias need to be helped into being by the likes of us. If those younger souls can be made to feel genuinely safe, a world in which fear has no place, then everything will be fine. A harmony will exist between those of different soul ages, and spacefaring can commence.

And that, of course, is when the fun begins.

In summary, then, younger souls are not supposed to understand, just experience.

Medium-age souls are seeking to understand.

Older souls, well, they don’t yet understand everything, they still have a little way to go, but it’s a much more personal, spiritual journey for them. They will spend a lot of time practicing and perfecting their newly discovered psychic powers, and, ultimately, prepare themselves for the jump into hyperspace – sorry, I mean, ascension to the non-linear time, non-physical phase of evolution. The next higher frequency, beyond the velocity of light, beyond the event horizon of this particular universe.

If it makes you feel better about being lectured to by me, I will tell you this about me, to prevent you from the feeling that I’m patronising you. As far as the next, non-linear phase of evolution is concerned, I am one of the younger ones. I’m a baby, as far as the Old Ones are concerned.

Well, perhaps not a complete baby. Given how mischievous I can be, maybe I’m an adolescent…

It is, by the way, one reason why I can still (just about) cope with incarnating into linear time – my soul still remembers it, it’s not incompatible yet. It means I can still fulfil a very useful function, as a kind of bridge between these two worlds. A diplomat. A guide.

And I did love the spacefaring age – I might not remember much about it, in terms of sensory memories, but I do know I loved it.

Whatever traumas I suffered when I was a younger soul, and then a medium-age soul when our planet died, and I was consumed with grief – it was worth it.

And it will be for you too.

Trust me. I know.

…to be continued (hopefully)…

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