It has been precisely one year since I started this website, so it’s birthday time. I had to write something, even though, depressingly, I can’t think of much to say. The ‘depressingly’ is quite apt there, as that’s probably the reason.

Despair also enters into the mix. I am still of the opinion that the world is somewhat doomed. Things will get much worse before they get better, if they ever do. It is quite clear that the dystopians in power have ‘sufficient’ control, such that resistance has become increasingly futile. And they’re clearly hellbent on WW3. It’s just one false flag away from blaming Russia and China (neither of whom want it, of course). China’s Belt and Road Initiative will be overtaking America by the end of this decade, and if America (or those who control/use it) wants to retain its hegemony, then, well, WW3 it will have to be. Then there’s this Great Reset thing. Ultimately pathetic, of course. The petty machinations of petty little despots. I sense desperation.

So this is now a purgatory world.

Although there’s a theory worth mentioning. Multiversal Molecule Theory (MMT). A standard definition would be something like ‘universes with the same laws of physics are entangled, they connect up to form molecules; those molecules connect with others to form the multiverse.’ You could then add that ‘what that looks like is a question best left to the philosophers’.

Given that I am a firm believer in reincarnation, one might also speculate that this explains the heaven and hell and purgatory idea. That’s to say, some of these worlds are utopias (heaven), some are dystopias (hell or purgatory, depending on how bad they are). Which one you end up in for your future life depends on how you conduct yourself in this one. The trick in surviving a purgatory world being to hold on to your goodness despite whatever they throw at you, despite resistance being futile. That’s virtue, that is.

Well, I still have no memory of what it was I did, that was so wrong, that I should deserve such punishment. But I shall do my penance.

Then again, I am more of a sleeper, and refuse to abandon all hope.

MMT probably solves a lot of the problems and anomalies in the Standard Model (of physics). Perhaps that’s for another post, however.

I’m not keen on New Year’s resolutions, but if I did have one it would be to write more, to be more systematic, and to come up with some kind of plan. Or schedule, rather. I have long-since come to accept that I am useless at marketing and self-promotion, however. But that’s largely because I like obscurity – humans frighten me and I am happy to be left alone. I have nature here, and solitude. And companionship.

That’s all a girl needs, in the end.

Whether anyone of importance ever listens, well, I don’t seem to have any say in that matter. But as I say, I am like a sleeper. The important thing is to write it all down and ensure that it’s there, inserted into the archive, for future reference. At some point, it will wake up and realise its relevance and its effect.

Anyway, perhaps another resolution would be to stop apologising for not writing often enough, and to not deliver promises to try and write more. No point in putting unnecessary pressure on oneself. If it happens, it happens.

Besides, talking to oneself, rather than being a sign of madness, should perhaps be seen, instead, as a sign of self-awareness.

This time last year I started off with such high hopes. I thought I had found my vocation and I knew how to make the world a better place. I had something vitally important to say – still do. But unfortunately, I was rebuffed. I have, for certain, definitely decided not to engage with SETI – my conclusion is they exist not to find evidence of ETI or facilitate contact and the awakening and revolution of the human species into a larger world, but quite the opposite – to prevent it. So I shall not be bothering with them again. Likewise that so-called Exo-Politics Institute – I knew far too little about that this time last year – now I know they’re just a part of that US misinformation programme, more concerned with so-called disclosure of UFOs and the like. Well, that’s not my business. As far as I am concerned, this planet has been under strict quarantine (no visitations) for much longer than the UFO phenomenon has been around. That phenomenon is probably more to do with German technology stolen during Operation Paperclip anyway, and the whole UFO aliens thing is the smokescreen. My understanding of this galactic sector is very different indeed to the narrative from the Exo-Politics Institute. So no more engagement there, either.

I like the Ancient Aliens people though. Much more open-minded.

Anyway, that’s just a little customary ramble for my anniversary. 850 words suggests that, actually, even when I think I can’t, I can write something worthwhile.

There’s hope in that.

Lots of love, as usual, my dearest things…

Spiritual Evolution & The Fermi Paradox

It might seem a strange way to initiate another take on the so-called Zoo Hypothesis/Fermi Paradox, but I am well aware of my flaws. Perhaps most importantly I neglect my spiritual development. I live too much in the material world and the truth is I hate it. Sometimes I tell myself I do not have a choice, that it’s external factors beyond my control. It is certainly true that people like me should be able to live in a utopia, in which every material necessity is provided for free at the point of use, leaving me to maturely just get on with whatever I feel I need to do, with no stress or anxieties. It is another one of those obscene lies that capitalism tells that people need to be somehow forced into doing something productive, that left to their own devices, in a socialist system people would just be lazy. It’s a lie because human beings are not like that – they do want to do something useful for themselves and their community.

So what am I rambling on about now? I tell myself that the reason I have to live in this material existence is because that’s my purpose – I’m not here to be free to ignore everything and, in a kind of self-indulgent way, focus only on my own spiritual evolution. I also tell myself, perhaps as an excuse for procrastination, that in part I have already done a lot of spiritual evolution (in previous lifetimes) and secondly that I will have the opportunity to resume that path in the lifetimes to come, once I have fulfilled this purpose. Sure, there is a lot of truth in that, of course – my sensibilities, determined life experiences tell me so. If those experiences weren’t there for a reason then they would not have happened – my life circumstances would be different – I would live in some comfortable way with no anxieties and I would just focus on my own spiritual evolution. So it’s logical.

But there is also a great truth in the idea that one can’t just sit around waiting for some external good fortune or positive change to happen and only then can one move forward. In the interconnectedness between the self and the outer world we have to understand that change starts with the self, and then reverberates into the external circumstances – the external changes for the better when the individual does.

In my case, if I was being a little psychological about this I might say something like I am still a child and I just want to go back into a different childhood with a mother who loved me and made me feel safe and warm and took care of everything for me. But as an adult, one has to make one’s own decisions. So I can’t use that as an excuse.

Anyway, here is another answer to the so-called Fermi Paradox (as a reminder that’s simply the idea that if there are loads of intelligent lifeforms in this sector then where are they and why don’t we see them etc.). Well, there is a spiritual reason for this. The spacefaring phase of a lifeform’s existence isn’t necessarily that long. After a while, once you know what’s out there you don’t need to see anymore. You find a nice, quiet and tranquil place and you focus on your spiritual evolution.

Like I am fairly sure that I’ve already done a fair bit of exploration over the course of so many other lifetimes. I met lots of other lifeforms and made friends and learned about how life works within linear time (Psychohistory). And now I take it upon myself to use that knowledge to maintain the peace. I think it’s the same for many Paetri. I believe that once we, my family, have done what we need to do in your timezone we will be able to go back to your cretaceous period again, rejoin our larger family and focus on our own evolution as a species until we leave linear time behind forever. Perhaps just a few more lifetimes until we know everything will be peaceful and can feel safe. And we will be able to do this knowing that humanity will never threaten us.

In that sense, we will hardly think of ourselves as a spacefaring species anymore. We will begin to focus more and more on the exploration of outer time, in preparation for our non-linear existence. At that point I would imagine we would reintegrate with our Karidel cousins (they would probably let us have some of their timeships for the purpose, uh-oh). They might say we should’ve stayed with them, although at the same time I’m sure they knew it was something we felt we needed to do.

For my own part, I grow increasingly tired and emotionally exhausted being here, being forced to live in this increasingly horrendous dystopia. Clearly it is difficult for so many human beings to realise that’s what it is – a horrendous dystopia. Although many, I am also sure, do at least have a sense that ‘something isn’t right’. They might not understand it clearly, as I do, let alone the reasons, but they know something needs to change. Unfortunately, the evil ones also know this, and will put themselves in charge of that ‘something is going to change’ – it will be presented as a salvation and lamentably the vast majority will believe them, partly because they are so desperate, and just sleepwalk into it. They won’t realise, until it’s too late, that they have simply exchanged one dystopia for another.

So, in summary, perhaps we could cite two other kinds of intelligent lifeforms here to explain our Fermi Paradox. First, there are the pre-spacefaring lifeforms, some of which, unfortunately, do exist in varying degrees of dystopia and therefore must be prevented from spacefaring; the other kind are the utopian types who are more than mature enough to cope with advanced technology without hurting anyone. Such are the wiser ones, some of whom, like us, maintain this state of affairs, act in a sensitive manner towards pre-spacefaring dystopias in direct knowledge of those species’ xenophobia. Humanity would be terrified, as they are right now, were they to be confronted with other lifeforms. And so we don’t do it – at least not overtly, anyway.

You may have noticed how I have studiously avoided the whole ufology debate. This is partly because there is so much misinformation and disinformation out there such that sifting through the whole thing to find the truth amounts to a lifetime of study. And I don’t have the time to do that. So I don’t think of myself as an expert on the subject. For what it’s worth, however, I can offer this little essay as a hypothetical explanation. I have spoken before many times about nanosurveillance – when you have a quantum artificial intelligence (QAI-TI) controlling swarms of nanobots then you really don’t need to visit places with spaceships. You would certainly need to monitor lifeforms like humans, but visiting them in person at this time is bound to end in tears. It’s not safe, quite simply. So I really don’t buy into a lot of this contact and disclosure stuff, because it doesn’t make mature, logical sense – we spacefaring species simply wouldn’t do it, and we wouldn’t allow it to happen, either – there would be a quarantine warning, as I have also stated elsewhere. Sure, one might make contact with the American Deep State in order to spy on them from the inside, but that’s so convoluted and unnecessary, in my view, that it wouldn’t be worth the hassle. Knowing what those people are like, one would be constantly mindful of the risk of them shooting first and torturing you later. So I am sceptical about it.

Others might disagree, of course. Like I say, I do not claim to be an expert on the matter.

So anyway, that’s enough for now – I have also become a little more mindful of not making these ramblings overlong – so I promise that from now on I will at least try to keep them short and sweet!

Lots of love for now xx

Quick note about my book promo

As the heading suggests, this post is just a quick note to inform my dearest readers that I decided to make my book (see the Books page) free at the point of use for a limited period, like a kind of promo. Specifically, until 9/11/21. So you have plenty of time.

Here is the link: Smashwords – Rejected Messages – a book by Evelyn K. Brunswick

Even if I am poor it’s still important to me that people get to read what I have to say. Plus of course, the hope is that word of mouth will do the rest of the promotional work for me, such that people will still want to buy it once the price goes back to normal (4.99).

Of course when I say I’m poor I mean only in terms of money. In many other ways I am rich and fortunate indeed – I have a beautiful old house here in La France profonde, and a beautiful garden which is a necessity for my soul. And I have a companion, and those semi-feral felines. We have fresh air and calm and peace and quiet, and that’s worth more than money. And I also have my own mind – that, too, is priceless.

So yes, I am not going to complain selfishly about living at the poverty line, because many others are far worse off than I am. I just wish it was possible to wave a magic wand, make all the bad people go away, and create a utopia in which there is no poverty anymore, and everyone can live in peace and happiness and aspiration. I would call that liberal socialism, of course.

The problem is, too many humans would disagree with me on that point…

Take care my dearest readers, and if you do decide to get your free promo copy of my first book, and manage to read it all the way through, then I just hope you really enjoy it. Feel free to leave reviews and feedback (e.g. on my Books page – but also on the site itself and social media and all the rest of it; word of mouth and all that).

I wish you well.

About me 1: Self-analysis

When I was being born they had to wrench me out of my biological mother with forceps.

I guess if one is to do a self-analysis one should, really, begin at the beginning.

I have been estranged from my human mother for several years now, for reasons which I may go into at a later date. But shortly before that happened, which was during my mid-forties, I asked her about my birth and she responded with something like ‘oh, it was fine.’

Hmm. Having to wrench something out of you with forceps is not ‘oh, it was fine.’ It must have been a seriously traumatic experience for her. And one about which, clearly, she is still in denial.

Although I have no memories of the incident (why would I want to remember?), I can well imagine it. ‘Get it out of me! Get this monster out of me!’ probably entered into it somewhere.

This would also explain why my human mother reacted against her husband, my human father. He died about ten years ago now, but if I was to say he had Marfan’s syndrome that might aid understanding. My emotional memories of him from my early years were one of rejection and, well, not exactly terror as such, but certainly ‘get this monster away from me’, that kind of thing. To say he was not exactly handsome is something of an understatement. Part of me thinks that people like that should take the responsibility and not have offspring. To inflict that on a child – for their entire life – is nothing short of cruelty. It’s selfish, aside from anything else – I can have children so I will. No thought for what the child might feel. Being a good parent starts even before conception.

And my human parents were absolutely not good parents.

Of course, the unfortunate thing is that a child doesn’t have the tools to fully comprehend that at the time.

For those unaware of Marfan’s syndrome, it’s characterised mainly by skeletal deformities, which can in turn lead to problems with internal organs (the heart in particular). Sufferers of the condition are easily recognised – they are quite tall and thin, with elongated wrists and very osseous facial structures. Students of Egyptology will recognise this condition when thinking of the Pharoah Akhenaten (who, interestingly enough, does indeed feature in the historical story of Paschats on this planet during human times – more on that another time, perhaps).

Thankfully, I only have it in a milder form, so you can only vaguely discern it in me. Still, suffice to say my physical appearance is absolutely not what I look like on the inside. It bears little, if any, resemblance to my soul.

Maybe, I tell myself in moments of acceptance, there’s a reason for that – namely it made it easier for me to reject the human and achieve self-realisation.

I can understand what a psychologist would say, though. It’s somewhat obvious and logical. ‘So that’s why you think you’re an alien, eh?’

‘Are you suggesting this is all just some kind of compensation mechanism, doctor?’

‘Exactly! Now you’re gaining insight into your condition! Well done, you’re making progress!’

‘Oh I’m so very grateful, doctor, I was so dumb and stupid and ignorant before that it really never occurred to me! May I have a sweet and get off the couch now?’

‘By all means!’


Naturally, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with human psychologists, most of them negative. I often think they’re the ones with the compensatory tendencies. Being able to pontificate and essentially pass judgement on others makes them feel superior – it makes up for some, I don’t know, inferiority or lack they may once have felt. You can usually tell the difference – such psychologists tend to develop their own pet theories about their subjects and fit the facts accordingly, and nothing you or anyone else says will change their opinions. Freud was a bit like this – there’s that famous anecdote about some woman who was afraid of horses and Freud said it was some unresolved thing to do with her father, when it turns out she just had a bad experience with a horse when she was young.

The other kind of psychologist – fortunately I’ve met them too (after the bad ones) – you can easily tell because their clear priority is helping the other person. They think nothing of themselves, they genuinely care and you can sense that. They listen. They don’t treat you like you’re stupid, and they often ask you what you think.

I’ve had two experiences with psychologists like this. The first decided to introduce me to the concept of ‘transactional analysis’ in a totally non-condescending way. I found it fascinating – she clearly and correctly guessed I would go away and think about it and work stuff out for myself (which I did).

The second was the aforementioned caring and compassionate type. She easily, straightaway discerned that I wasn’t stupid or ignorant and only needed some kind of reassurance. Like ‘actually, no – you don’t have any disorder. You’re not the problem, they are.’

And it was simple as that. I already knew it, of course, but sometimes we need to hear it from someone else for whom we have respect.

Another psychologist might say ‘ah, so your mother must’ve thought you a monster and emotionally disowned you – you’re picking up on her projection and that’s why you think you’re an alien.’

*rolls eyes*

‘Goodbye, doctor. Don’t expect any payment, eh?’

These kinds of pet psychological theories are very easy to produce. They have an internal logic to them. Unfortunately, if they come from people who are viewed as ‘key opinion leaders’ then these stupid theories tend to get accepted and become mainstream.

Like that atrocious, and obscene, ‘autogynephilia’ idea about transwomen. The idea that being a transwoman is some kind of sexuality disorder. That flies in the face of what neuroscience tells us – namely that sexuality and gender are determined by two distinct and different parts of the brain.

And as if ‘self-love’ was a bad thing!

Of course if I also slipped in the fact that I, too, happen to be a transwoman then the psychologists would have another field day. Something like ‘you thinking you’re an alien is a sublimation of your rejection of the male. Produced by suppression, obviously. You couldn’t accept your transgenderism so you decided to express it via alienism instead.’

‘Sorry doctor, wrong again. I’m both. I thought of that one myself as it happens.’

‘What? You mean you have insight into your own condition?’

‘You mean am I self-aware? Have I meditated honestly with myself? Of course I have. It’s called emotional maturity. You humans should try it sometime.’

Do I have a low opinion of human psychologists? Hmm, not all of them. Like I said, I’ve met some brilliant ones. Those are the ones I care about. And those are the ones who would understand every word I say.

Anyway, the next thing that happened to me, after I was born, was indeed total rejection by my human mother, who proceeded to develop post-natal depression. Understandable, really. So, whilst she and her husband tried to ‘work things out’ (‘you put that monster in me’ ‘you allowed it’ etc.) I was sent off to be looked after by my maternal grandparents. And for that, I am eternally grateful. As far as I am concerned, from an emotional attachment point of view (which is the crucial point), they were my real parents. They genuinely loved me and I knew it. It was as obvious as it could be. So all these psychologists citing ‘compensation’ for lack of parental love really don’t know what they’re talking about. I had parents who loved me and who I loved back. They just weren’t my biological ones.

And that’s why I didn’t shed a single tear whatsoever when my biological father died. In fact, truth is, I didn’t feel a damn thing. And indeed I was even pretty resentful about having to go all the way back to England for the funeral.

Likewise with my biological mother. She might still be alive, but I don’t know and, quite frankly, I don’t care.

The worst thing, arguably, was having to be taken away from my (emotional/real) parents and sent back to my biological parents after my first year. They were strangers to me. And not pleasant strangers either. They were frightening and I didn’t like their emotions or their physical gestures towards me and all the rest of it.

And that was just the start of my troubles.

Just one more thing about that first year of life. At some point – I don’t remember exactly when – I got really, really ill. I don’t even know what with. I don’t think my parents did either. But apparently it really was touch and go and I was hovering on death’s door for a while.

But, obviously, I survived.

I think of this as a kind of post-xenotransplant rejection syndrome. I am, after all, a non-human soul in a human body. Apparently this sort of thing happens habitually with us Visitors/Starseeds.

I guess the question is, however, was it the human rejecting me, or me rejecting the human?

Intriguing, anyhow.

So, as I mentioned elsewhere, I was born in Southend on sea in England. For reasons I’ve also mentioned elsewhere I had to be born at a very precise time, and I often wonder whether my accuracy was off. Like maybe there was another baby being born at precisely that time in precisely that place and I was supposed to be in her body, not mine. I haven’t looked into that, however. Aside from anything else I’d have to invade people’s privacy and trawl through birth records and so on, and I don’t really have access to that kind of thing. It is an interesting thought though. On the other hand, clearly that initial ‘welcome’ period of this incarnation did have a purpose to it.

At least, that’s what I tell myself, anyway. Truth is I don’t think I’d want to know if some other baby was born then who turned out to be beautiful and have parents who loved her and all the rest of it. I think that would hurt.

Anyway, this is part of the reason why you won’t be seeing me post any pictures of myself, and I will be reluctant in the extreme to make public appearances and so on. I like my obscurity and withdrawal from the world. It’s painful for a Paschat, this is true, because we are such sociable creatures, but I do, at the very least, have other companions, most of whom are not human.

Well, that’s it for part one of me being personal, and wanting people to know and understand the real me. I do not expect sympathy, by any means. I don’t expect insults or spite either, however. I was just hoping my dearest readers might appreciate it.

If I am ‘oversharing’ then don’t tell me about it. Just don’t read any more of it.

Everybody has a choice.

Absence makes the heart grow sadder

I often find myself saying sorry to myself, and to others who won’t hear because I’m just thinking it in my head. Not having written for ages is definitely one of them.

My two excuses this time are the usual one, which is my chronic but fluctuating phases of depression – which in my case is not surprising given the state of the world. And my inability to fix it in the short-term – a longer-term plan, yes, short-term, no magic wand. I have had this illness (for it is an illness) since adolescence, although it certainly has its roots earlier than that (abuse in childhood, bad parents and bad adults; not to mention increasing neoliberalism in the world). So I do struggle against it to try and find some enthusiasm. At the same time I don’t want to make people find me tedious by going on about the same things all the time.

The second excuse, however, may – and I really hope this – help to sort out the first, by being more successful in my given purpose. That’s to say, I have, behind my scenes, been really quite busy writing stories. As a result of this I have finally gotten to the stage where I can publish, which I have done as a so-called ‘indie’ author – that’s to say self-publishing (in my case, initially and for now just as an E-book). The sharp-eyed amongst my dear readers will have noticed a new page on the site entitled ‘books’ – this is where I shall provide updates on my writing and provide info about where those interested can purchase my books. At some point I will have to get myself more adept at this website and work out how to sell them direct from here. likewise, I am minded to re-organise the look of the site – it seems a bit clunky to me (for which I also apologise).

Anyway, I have published my first book, ‘Rejected Messages’, which is available via Smashwords (and all the places to which they distribute). See the ‘Books’ page for more info.

I also added a ‘QAI-TI Communications Page’, which is reserved for any ETI communications, should they be forthcoming. Don’t worry, I have not gone mad, so just humour me here.

Anyway, I do still apologise for my absence and I will try not to make a habit of it from now on. I often find myself really wanting to write but just not knowing what to say.

But I will try.

And thank you, to all those who put up with me and do not desert me. I do, despite appearances, think I’m worth it. I would just like this diplomatic purpose to start bearing fruit, really.

At the same time, maybe I could just start becoming more personal in my posts and treat it like a genuine blog – which is to say, talk about my life here in La France profonde. So people get to know me a little better.

Well, we shall see.

Farewell for now.

The impending catastrophe, part two

Another thing the dystopians control of course is public opinion. That’s to say the so-called ‘official narrative’ – both of current events and human history. From our point of view you might be surprised to realise you are already living in a post-truth dystopia. If you were to see the comprehensive records we have of your history you would be astounded and shocked.

This, as it happens, is perhaps the most important feature of the impending catastrophe. Don’t worry, I’ll get to it in a moment.

Take your world war two, for example. Most people seem to believe that the reason for that war was simple. An evil megalomaniac was intent on world domination and had to be stopped. Wrong. Following on from what I said about the dystopians need to prevent socialism, the real threat from Germany at that time was not to the rest of the world at all (the truth is the German government of the time was not intent on massive territorial expansion or inflicting their ideology on everyone else), it was to the dystopians themselves – or to be more precise, their global capitalist system. The German government understood the simple economic fact that if you have your own sovereign currency and a wonderful invention called a printing press then you can just print as much money as you like – no need for loans from international banks! Furthermore, Germany bypassed the global capitalist system by adopting a kind of barter system of trade with many other countries (in particular South America). If this German economic system had persisted then the domino effect would’ve happened, and both capitalism and Marxism would’ve collapsed simply by virtue of internal pressure from their own people, who would’ve looked to the Germans’ undeniable progress and prosperity and demanded the same for themselves.

The idea that the dystopians – the American government, the British establishment, and Stalin, of all people, actually cared about ‘fascism’ is absurd. Stalin had already murdered tens of millions of innocent Russians; the British establishment were the remnants of the racist, colonialist British Empire responsible for exploiting indigenous people everywhere (perhaps that’s where the Americans got it from with their attitude towards the native Americans). They were fascist!

So no, the truth about that part of your history is very different from what your history books tell you. Besides, if you were going to argue ‘but it was fascism’ then you need to think long-term (and don’t think I’m excusing anything here or defending fascism – I’m not, this is simply a longer-term, big picture view). Germany may well have continued to be a fascist country for many decades, but once Marxism had been destroyed in Russia and Capitalism in terminal decline in America, thus with no internal or external threats anymore to justify fascism, and then with increasing technology (e.g. the Internet, social media etc.) by the end of the twentieth century a ‘liberal reform’ movement (mainly powered by young people) would’ve sprung up in that parallel world version of Germany and ultimately been successful (as it was in the Eastern Bloc in the late 1980s/early 1990s). By now, 2021, the entire world would be liberal socialist, and well on its way towards a utopia. Don’t believe me? Maybe we’ll get to show you that parallel version if you ever make it to the Centauri system.

We’ve run quite a few scenarios about you, as it happens.

I’ll tell you about them later…

So here’s your impending catastrophe, if nothing changes.

In around one hundred years from now you will launch a ship to your nearest stellar neighbour, the Centauri system. Your first interstellar voyage.

Given that by then you will be totally governed by dystopians, living in a post-truth dystopia, do you think you would be welcome?

How will it make you feel when you are forced to realise that you are not?

Think about it. Look at yourselves, and then tell me if you would welcome you?

It’s like what former US President Carter said in the letter that was included on your Voyager probe – “We hope to one day join a community of galactic civilisations” he said. Well, would you let you join such a community?


Neither would I.

He also said, “We are attempting to solve the problems of our time so that we may survive into yours”. What he neglected to mention (presumably because he thought we didn’t know, or wouldn’t find out) was that it was his country, more than any other, that was responsible for those ‘problems’.

You will have to change drastically by then if you want to be welcome. And bear in mind that you cannot lie to us, because we know everything about your history, about what you have done, about the lies you have told, the suffering you have inflicted. You cannot hide. Anything.

This is your impending catastrophe.

So what do you think will be the consequences of this? What will your reaction be, when the time comes? You will realise that not only are you not alone, but you are not welcome. Anyone familiar with Asimov’s ‘The End of Eternity’ will know what I’m talking about here. I’m minded to believe that was one of our own interventionist stories, by the way, inserted into your cultural consciousness, but that’s another matter. Philosophically it’s certainly lightyears ahead of everything else he wrote, psychohistorically speaking.

If you, the people, are aware of what has happened at Centauri then you will presumably want to start up some kind of resistance movement. Except by then the dystopians will have totalitarian control over you, won’t they? You’ll be living in a fascist nightmare, remember. Resistance will be futile. And believe me, they will use any means necessary to hold onto their power. Because that’s what they do. They don’t see you as a part of their ‘in-group’, remember. You have less, if any, moral value than they do.

Maybe they just won’t inform the public, then. Or just lie to you. Maybe they’ll be perfectly aware of what would happen and so won’t launch any ship in the first place. Perhaps they’ll try and convince you that interstellar travel isn’t possible. So you’ll have no hope for any long-term future for your species.

Or maybe they’ll try and convince you that we’re the hostiles, unite you all under a banner of resistance and so on, convince you that they’re the good guys and we’re just mean and spiteful. Except they won’t have any evidence for that, will they? Because we’re not attacking you, we haven’t launched any invasion, have we? We could, but we haven’t. We may have sabotaged some of your technological progress (for our own protection), but nothing more than that.

So I guess, then, your entire society will collapse. And you will not be able to unlearn what has happened. Because in the end, you will come to realise that it was always you who allowed the dystopians to acquire totalitarian control in the first place. You tolerated them, and you believed their lies. When they said they weren’t really evil, but good, you believed them.

So it was your fault. Or at least, the fault of your ancestors by that time.

Maybe you can imagine the rest for yourselves?

Your impending catastrophe.

This, by the way, is a real reason why they have to prevent you from realising that you are not alone in this galactic sector. They seem to have prevented SETI from making any profound announcements. Likewise, I think you may have to watch out for developments with your new James Webb Telescope, due to be launched later this year. I do hope it all goes well though, nothing goes wrong, and profound discoveries are made when they point it at the Centauri system. That’s if they’re ever allowed to, of course. I do hope it doesn’t get sabotaged in any way.

Similarly, I do hope that you are able to launch your flyby nanoprobes to Centauri in, when’s it going to be – 30 or 40 years. Hopefully by then you’ll be able to equip it with quantum teleportation technology for communications. I hope that doesn’t get sabotaged too. If it doesn’t, we’ll make sure you know we’re there. We’ll simply tractor in one of your nanoprobes and let it capture some undeniable images of advanced spacefaring civilisation. Perhaps our orbital colony station.

But if those things go well, then you won’t have to wait until you send a ship to Centauri for your catastrophe.

After all, you will want to send us a message. Something predictably trite and immature, no doubt. Something that lies about you. Something like ‘we’re peaceful, hello!’. Erm, sorry, but we know everything about you, remember. We’ve been watching you for a very long time, so you won’t be able to lie to us.

If it was up to me, I would simply not respond to you at all. Force you to self-examine, by asking the questions ‘why aren’t they responding?’ ‘What is it about us they don’t like?’.

Maybe someone at the time will pipe up and mention me and everything I was saying 40 years earlier.

The answers to those questions should be obvious, of course.

There’s your solution to your so-called Fermi paradox.

And here’s the thing. The dystopians are perfectly aware of all this. They must be terrified, because they know you will demand the sending of a message, the construction of ever larger telescopes, the flyby mission, eventually interstellar travel. At some point, their attempts to stop these things or sabotage them or manipulate the data will become known. Perhaps then you’ll listen?

I am minded to make damn sure their attempts at sabotage don’t work. I think that would be a satisfying intervention. Because we know exactly how you would respond to these scenarios, and how they would respond to these scenarios.

A final conflict. Between the dystopians – the one percent – and the rest of you.

It’s not going to be pretty, I can assure you of that.

But don’t think we’re going to stop it or come down and save you. Because these are the lessons you must learn. You do not tolerate dystopians. Ever.

This is your impending catastrophe.

It’s going to happen sooner than you think.

I wish you well.


And if you need any help or guidance, just let me know.

That’s why I’m here.

The impending catastrophe, part one

This one goes out to the dystopians. Who are not the ones I love.

An underlying assumption, if I can put it that way, behind everything I have been saying is the reality of the so-called ‘Zoo hypothesis’ – that’s to say this galactic sector is teeming with intelligent, spacefaring civilisations. Likewise, the intimately related ‘Fermi paradox’, which is a clear corollary of the zoo hypothesis. The Fermi paradox simply puts the question, if the zoo hypothesis is true then where are all the aliens? Why can’t we see them and why do we not have any evidence about them?

Well, leaving aside the obvious ‘you’re not looking in the right place (or time – ancient aliens)’ and ‘why do you (take note, SETI) assume the aliens think like you do?’, I get the impression the most favoured answer to the paradox is the so-called ‘prime directive’ as expressed in Star Trek. Namely ‘no interference in pre-spacefaring civilisations’.

A non-interference policy would be catastrophic. It was non-interference which led to the Ancient War. There was nothing to stop dystopians from developing advanced technology and interstellar colonialist empires. I’m not going to delve into the long list of hideous crimes perpetrated by the current American empire, but anyone who knows even the slightest about that will understand what I’m saying here – if the people controlling that American empire were to gain advanced technology then genocidal, exploitative colonialism would be the result.

The real prime directive, conceived whilst that war was still ongoing (it’s what eventually won the day and ended it) and then made permanent in the aftermath of that war, is the opposite – sufficient intervention or interference in pre-spacefaring civilisations to prevent them from becoming a threat and reigniting the Ancient War. It’s that simple.

Some of you might argue ‘if this is so, then how have you allowed this dystopian American empire to flourish?’. That’s an acceptable question. Many people from the Old Country (Atlantis) would’ve asked the same thing towards the end.

The answer is sensitivity and the necessity of a species to learn and evolve. You can’t simply come down and tell people how to behave. They have to learn it themselves. Sometimes, that means they have to suffer, in order to reinforce their empathy and desire to be good. It strengthens their immune system (your Nietzsche would understand, I’m sure). It’s the same philosophical question as ‘why does God allow evil?’. Evolution, is the explanation.

In other words, interventions have to be well thought out and considerate of the emotions of the species in question. The trick is to do the minimum necessary. Some species hardly need any interference whatsoever. One can simply visit them in your true form at a time when their first civilisations emerge, perhaps before the invention of writing, knowing that this story will pass down into what could be called ‘myth’, but then ‘re-examined’ when they achieve advanced technology and realise that space travel is possible, at which point they talk about ‘ancient aliens’ and remember that they are not alone. Their philosophers then draw the appropriate – non-fearful – conclusions, and everything is fine. They construct their first interstellar ship, visit their nearest stellar neighbour and are welcomed into the galactic family.

Other civilisations, however – the ones governed by fear and hierarchies – require more substantial intervention. And yes, sometimes this has to be drastic. Not necessarily an extinction level event, but ‘almost’. An asteroid impact perhaps, a planetary axis tilt, a great flood – that kind of thing. A bioweapon can also suffice. With regards to this latter, the idea of overpopulation is interesting when considering the fates of Mu and Atlantis. Apparently there were some 64 million inhabitants of Mu when it vanished beneath the waves (approximately 15,000 years or so ago, if I recall – don’t quote me on that one, however!). I don’t know what the population of Atlantis was when the final flood came, but I would not be surprised if it was similar or even higher. Most ancient historians agree that the human population of the world during the ice age (say, around 25,000 years ago), was little more than 1 million – clearly not overpopulation and a perfectly tolerable number. Obviously most orthodox ancient historians discount Mu and Atlantis as myths. Their assumption here is the so-called steady state (or structuralist, even) view of history. That’s to say that it follows a clear, linear developmental path. When something is invented, it’s not un-invented or forgotten, in other words. They would balk at the idea of advanced human civilisations pre-dating, say, 5,000 years ago. Perhaps that’s just another expression of the Fermi paradox fallacy – they don’t believe it because they haven’t found any evidence (or can’t see it, rather).

I should offer a disclaimer here, by the way, which is that I am no expert at all on Mu or Atlantis, and I don’t believe I ever visited either of those places. Other Eyani and Ishnaans did, however, as you might expect, but that wasn’t really my remit. That’s another story, though.

I’m sure a lot of you can see where I’m going with this particular diatribe.

You only need to look around at your world to see how depraved and corrupted and dystopian it has become. If you didn’t have scary technology on the horizon it wouldn’t be so much of a problem, because civilisations come and go and this corrosion wouldn’t last forever. Certainly not long enough to cause any concern, anyway.

One other, somewhat ridiculous answer posited to the Fermi paradox is that advanced civilisations end up destroying themselves. Speak for yourselves! How anthropocentric and stupid. Normal human beings would not destroy themselves or their environment. The dystopians – the so-called 1 percent, however…

Not every species ends up depraved, please note.

Your dystopians, however, are a different kettle of nix. They are quite aware of the possibility of self-destruction and will take appropriate measures to avert it. If they were to decide to initiate a nuclear world war three then they would make survival preparations beforehand, and take really quite a long time to plan the whole thing with their own survival in mind.

Likewise, they are perfectly aware that there is no impending ‘climate catastrophe’. A slight change, sure, in the grand deep-time scheme of things, but hardly an extinction level event. Think about it this way – if you discovered an exoplanet that was virtually identical to this one except it had, say, 600 ppm carbon dioxide you would not say it’s uninhabitable, would you? You are more likely to say it’s a tropical paradise. Remember also that when my species first arrived here on Danuih the carbon dioxide levels were three times higher than they are today, the temperatures correspondingly so too. We didn’t complain! Far from it! We loved it!

Perhaps what I’m saying here is that to ascribe ‘incompetence’ to the dystopians is foolish in the extreme. These people are extremely clever, as it happens. They have a cunning intelligence and they always put a huge amount of thought and effort into their major operations and long-term strategies. You should never underestimate them in that regard.

This kind of intelligence doesn’t, naturally, preclude their being downright evil, however. The reasons why they are ‘evil’ are manifold, of course, but I don’t need to go into them here.

So then, what has become clear in my observations is that there really is nothing, now, which can prevent the dystopians from establishing their totalitarian control. They have the technology necessary to do it, control over the flow of information (the media, social media, the Internet etc.), and they have proven recently that they know exactly what they are doing and they have sufficient (if not total) control over world events.

Democratic elections, for example, which can be rigged on a massive scale, e.g. Britain 2019. That election, as it happens, is a perfect exemplar and epitome of what they do and their overall strategy regarding globalism and geopolitics. The American empire’s foreign policy is essentially ‘prevent socialism’. They use the CIA covertly, and the IMF and World Bank overtly, to accomplish this – IMF loans for example are always accompanied by the condition that the country in question must inflict privatisation and austerity on their population. The dystopians are perfectly well aware that ‘capitalism’ is not a beneficial economic policy – it’s specifically not intended to be economically beneficial – it is a social policy, designed only to maintain the privilege of the rich (i.e. them), keep the poor in their place (i.e. poor) and prevent the so-called middle classes (small and medium-sized business owners) from getting ideas above their station and becoming anything more than a minor millionaire (i.e. therefore not a threat, whilst deceived by ‘aspiration’ – the system seems to work for them, so their selfishness keeps them voting for it).

The reason the dystopians are terrified of socialism is because they know it’s a superior system (for the 99 percent). They are also intensely aware of the so-called domino effect. What you might call the ‘seeing is believing’ effect. If a developed country like Britain, for example, were to go completely liberal socialist then so would the rest of Europe – all those Europeans would see it working in Britain and vote for the same thing in their own countries. Thus, the dystopians (America) have to stop it. It’s that simple.

They also control the United Nations, of course. In the sense of preventing the UN from doing what it should be doing, which is making the world a better place. One obvious solution the UN could – or rather, should – do is to take control over the IMF and World Bank, merge it into one global bank with the power to create money in any currency it likes and then just give the money to countries who need it – not in the form of loans with conditions.

In terms of war and conflict, whilst America is impervious to UN resolutions or a threat of sanctions, it not only uses the UN to inflict such things on its socialist-minded enemies but also to prevent such things from being enacted on its allies (Israel and Saudi Arabia being the two most obvious).

If the United Nations had any power to make the world a better place then it would declare America an international pariah state and inflict numerous resolutions, conditions and sanctions on it. The fact that it doesn’t should tell you everything you need to know.

For as I say, the dystopians have proven beyond reasonable doubt in recent years that they cannot be stopped.

At least by humans, that is…

Seeing through the Prism of Lyra

Or should one say ‘the prism of lies’?

I do not, however, want to get personal and nasty here, so I’ll not refer to it like that. The two people who wrote it, Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest, seem like good people to me, and would certainly not have intended any deception by it.

It does, on the other hand, relate in a very significant way to the overarching problem that is the so-called Exo-Politics Institute and the ExoPaedia, along with the associated UFO phenomenon and the Disclosure Project and all the rest of it, much of which is based on, or at least influenced by, the narrative related in the Prism of Lyra.

The problem there being that they seem to have taken all this quite literally, and then added a whole range of other actors into this cosmic drama (many of which are non-humanoid). Most of this seems to come from rather dubious sources. That’s to say along the lines of ‘I was abducted by aliens (of this or that description) and amongst other things they told me about a dramatic galactic history.’ The more likely and down-to-earth (literally) explanation is rather ‘I was abducted by the American deep state who, after conducting some genetically-related or bio-weapon-related experiments on me they performed some kind of hypnotic suggestions, implanted false memories and returned me back home with the idea of alien-abduction and dramatic cosmic history floating around my head’. I’ll talk about the alien abduction thing later, but as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t make any sense if the former is true, but every kind of sense if the latter is the case.

The reason for this can be summed up quite simply – on the one hand the Prism of Lyra provides a metaphysical description of the individual soul’s evolutionary journey originating in fragmentation from the whole/source, experiencing various aspects and densities of life (incarnations – presumably on a number of different planets occupied by humanoid lifeforms), before finally reintegrating with the whole from whence it came. An eye cannot see itself, therefore it has to separate in order to look back and see/comprehend itself/become self-aware. So far so good – I have no real gripes with this account and although my species would use different descriptive language (metaphors) I have no fundamental disagreement with it. Interestingly the Ishnaans’ name for the source (what we might call the ‘centre point’) is ‘the infinite prism’. It’s not clear whether that’s where they got the term ‘prism of lyra’ from, but it’s certainly a curious coincidence.

Giving it a physical location, however – Lyra – is where the problems begin (having said that, the authors do make a point in the introduction of not taking things necessarily literally – clearly a lot of people missed that bit!).

So where the narrative then goes a little astray, from where these problems arise, is in ‘translating’ this evolutionary journey into a real (linear) galactic history based in specific times and places, with the hominid family at the centre, as the main character. It is, in other words, anthropocentric. It is very unfortunate indeed that use has been made of dubious sources purporting to be accurate channelled information (from psychics etc., some of whom claim to be in contact with extraterrestrials of one sort or another). This was then picked up on by the so-called ExoPolitics Institute (you can read all about it in the Exopaedia) and then merged with all the UFO stuff (i.e. the American Deep State, the idea that it’s involved in some cosmic drama involving good guy aliens and bad guy aliens.). Thus what should essentially have remained a simple, New Age-type description of spiritual evolution (having positive benefits for personal use) has become contaminated with a whole load of misinformation and certainly disinformation, much of which will have been deliberately supplied by the dystopians (American Deep State, in this instance) themselves. Thus misdirecting and deceiving good people.

And that, in a nutshell, is the problem.

To put it simply, there are too many logical contradictions primarily related to considerations of technology and social evolution, on the one paw, and on the other paw, the interventionist policy (i.e. interventions in pre-spacefaring societies specifically to prevent imperialism, xenophobic colonialism and war and conflict on an interstellar level – the damage that would cause should be obvious and not requiring much explanation – although I will at a later date).

In the language of the Prism of Lyra, one might say that civilisations are prevented from entering the spacefaring age until they achieve ‘fourth density’ consciousness. Emotional and psychosocial maturity, essentially. It shouldn’t need any explanation to suggest how dangerous it would be to allow immature (young souls/third density consciousness) to develop advanced technology. So put another way, only cultures which have resolved the positive-negative conflict and achieved ‘integration’ (enlightenment) would be allowed to travel the stars (and, indeed, take on the role of interventionists themselves).

On another note, this division into positive and negative seems suspiciously American to me. It also seems somewhat cold war-esque. We could easily substitute negative (service to self) with capitalism and positive (service to others – often at the expense of oneself) as communism, with the two in permanent conflict. The psychosocial problem here is that this simply isn’t true for most people. Most normal people are not fatally unbalanced one way or another – slightly imbalanced, sure, but not totally. They have both positive and negative in roughly equal quantities – they have pride in their own individuality/identity, but also a feeling of security and belonging in their group or cultural identity. In socio-economic terms we would say normal people are ‘liberal socialist’, and would be perfectly happy in a Keynesian economic situation, with a healthy welfare state combined with a sufficiently (but not over-) regulated free market on top.

Having said that, without intervention it is very possible for a totalitarian system, whether capitalist or Marxist, to become dominant in a species. This is, as it happens, precisely what did happen during the Ancient War, before intervention. So I do not discount the possibility that some of this channelled information is actually about that period of history, just translated into an anthropocentric view.

All I’m saying is it doesn’t ring true to me. It’s far too cliched.

Finally, they place a significant degree of emphasis on DNA and genetic engineering (by aliens). Notwithstanding the fact that in 1990 (when it was published) knowledge about genetics was still in its infancy, there was enough knowledge at the time for scientists to realise that the idea of there being genes for various kinds of intelligence and behaviour is naïve and materialistic (not to mention, from a certain point of view, eugenicist in the negative sense – and thus should be treated with no little scepticism). More enlightened people nowadays think more in terms of ‘epigenetics’ – that’s to say the influence of the environment on genes (mRNA triggers etc.). Even that godfather of the mechanistic view of genetics, Prof. Richard Dawkins, introduced the idea of ‘memes’ being like cultural genes which, as ideas or philosophies, over the course of umpteen generations create embedded, hereditary behavioural norms. It is not, then, so much with genetic engineering that ETIs would intervene in other lifeforms, but rather at the cultural meme level (memetic engineering, perhaps is the correct term). Thus we would introduce philosophical or moral ideas into human culture, stories of good and evil, and allow them to take root and provide humanity with an immunity to evil. Eat the apple, in other words.

When we intervene, we work with evolution, we do not force it.

So this is another reason to reject these aspects of the Prism of Lyra – it’s too naively materialistic. i.e., it contains technological contradictions. Same as early UFO reports describing craft that look to modern eyes like pieces of junk. People in the 1950s and 1960s, clearly, had no conception whatsoever of what futuristic technology would really look like – all beautiful and aesthetic and streamlined and so on. Just think of the difference between, say, the original Starship Enterprise from the 1960s and the modern reboots. Or Queen Amidala’s ships in the Star Wars prequels. Not to mention Jango Fett’s Slave One, which is damn cool, imho.

I should recap, shouldn’t I? Ok.

For those unfamiliar with this Prism of Lyra, then, I’ll explain. It is a short pamphlet purporting to be (mainly) channelled information relating to our local galactic sector and the hominid species therein, as well as their histories, including humans on this planet (Danuih – not ‘Earth’ – the fact that it uses the name ‘Earth’ is the first indication of inaccuracy).

This little booklet tells a nice little dramatic story. It’s full of good versus evil (or order versus chaos, positive versus negative, service to others versus service to self etc.). It also seems to place humans in some vitally important position in this saga, being some kind of admixture of all these other hominid strains with some destiny to resolve this good vs. evil storyline (‘the prophecy of the one who will bring balance to the force’, anyone?).

I’m not going to go through this storyline in detail, by the way. For the purposes of this little commentary it’s not relevant. For those interested, it is possible to download a copy from the Internet.

The basic story, however, goes something like this. The hominid strain originated in Lyra. Then there were some negative-oriented people on Vega, then Zeta Reticuli (which deserves a full, separate treatment of its own), then both positive and negatives at Sirius with the drive to resolve this conflict and move towards ‘integration’. From there it spreads to the Orion sector, which is described as the main battleground for all this cosmic drama, then there’s the Pleiades (a Lyran offshoot), described as this planet’s ‘main genetic connection from extraterrestrial sources’, and then finally this planet, where the drama continues. Alongside this there’s a so-called ‘Apex planet’ in the Lyran system being ‘the first attempt at an integrated society’ (which eventually becomes Zeta Reticuli), and Arcturus, which seems to be some ‘archetype or future-self ideal of Earth’. If we see this latter as a metaphysical, metaphorical ideal rather than anything literal then that’s fair enough, and no more need be said about that.

So, in other words, there is a connection between all of these places which, it seems, really is to be taken literally.

Whilst I can fully accept the idea of ‘seeding’ dozens of compatible planets by an original hominid-type species, followed by continuous social interventions, I believe it is something of a mistake to elevate this to some kind of cosmic drama. Far better to see the whole thing in much simpler terms – namely, just as I say, seeding, colonisation of compatible worlds, and the minimal-required degree of intervention wherever and whenever necessary. But nothing more than that.

So my critique has a number of different strands to it, the first being a simple psychological one. The fact that it places humanity in some central dramatic role certainly fulfils some kind of anthropocentric wish fulfilment. In a way, it replaces monotheism in a distinctly New Age way. It does, indeed, have a lot in common with the New Age movement.

A far more sinister element to it, however, relates completely to the Starseed issue. As far as I can see, this kind of thing functions as a perfect honeypot, to use that espionage term. It should be borne in mind here that starseeds have a definite and distinct psychology to them, which can be exploited. By incarnating into what is essentially an alien body in an alien world (and a post-truth dystopian world at that), then being subjected to an ‘education’ system which almost seems specifically designed to prevent self-realisation, these people are effectively completely lost and alone. They will, likewise, be driven by an inner force to rediscover their home, their origin, their identity, and their purpose for being here.

And all of these things take time to remember. They require memory triggers and, in many cases, honest and compassionate guidance.

Thus it is easily open to manipulation. And so enter the Exo-Politics Institute, the Prism of Lyra, and the ExoPaedia. They all purport to provide the answers for which our starseed friends are so desperately searching. It would, then, be very easy for them to be misled and misdirected. It controls them, in other words.

This, naturally, causes them great harm, great distress, and prevents them from remembering the truth and fulfilling whatever purpose they do actually have.

From the so-called American Deep State’s point of view, it’s an exceptionally clever strategy.

One of the reasons why it never worked on me is because, quite simply, I never knew anything whatsoever about it until after I remembered who I am and why I am here. This has enabled me to see through the whole thing. To analyse it correctly, and therefore to be in a position to warn the starseeds about it, and to help and guide them properly.

To understand this a little more, we need to recap a little recent social history with regards to starseeds – I rather prefer calling them simply ‘Visitors’ – and the dystopians’ reaction to them.

In this instance remember there isn’t much difference between the dystopians (as I like to call them) and the American Deep State (which could simply be seen as one ‘branch’ of the whole so-called conspiracy).

Remember, too, the dystopians are subject to psychology just like everyone else. At some point they will have become very much aware of the existence/reality of advanced extraterrestrial intelligences and put simply, the fact that they are by no means the biggest nix in the sea. It doesn’t, as it happens, matter whether people believe or disbelieve in phenomena like ‘ancient aliens’ or a heavily populated local galactic sector (the ‘zoo hypothesis’) – the important thing is that the dystopians do, and they act on it.

Their first reaction would’ve been total panic and fear. This would explain their violent reaction in the late 1960s and early 1970s. One only needs to think of the abnormally high mortality rate at centres of the counter-culture movement like Laurel Canyon to understand this.

At some point, however, they must’ve re-evaluated their actions and realised that murdering Visitors was really not a wise thing to do. From that point on, their strategy turned to one of intelligence gathering. And so throughout the latter 1970s and 1980s they set about researching as much as they could about the Visitor phenomenon – that’s to say, people claiming they were aliens. They will also – one hopes – have put an end to any policy they had of ‘disappearing’ such people and ‘interrogating’ them – for example with regards to the state of affairs in our local galactic sector, what other species think of them, and of course the secrets of advanced technology (this latter, by the way, is one reason why I keep mentioning the fact that I am an exo-psychologist, not an engineer, so aside from basic theory – which a fair few humans already have a slight understanding of – I really have no idea whatsoever how to build an electrogravitics engine or a time-ship – honestly!).

I would imagine that these dystopians will have been satisfied with the amount of information they’d managed to get hold of by the end of the 1980s. It’s interesting, as it happens, that the Prism of Lyra was first published in 1990.

Now I’m not saying that Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest (the authors) were deliberately making the whole thing up for some nefarious purpose. However, a brief glimpse at their acknowledgements section does raise a few alarms. The two people in question are the alleged psychics Darryl Anka and Robert Shapiro. The former apparently provided their inspiration in 1985, and is known in these sorts of circles for channelling some entity called ‘Bashar’. The latter, Robert Shapiro, provided ‘some unique and elusive information regarding the Zeta Reticulans and the negative Siriuns’.

From what I can gather, both of these characters are viewed with no little degree of scepticism. Are they actually government/dystopian-sponsored charlatans with the objective of deceiving and misleading innocent, well-meaning and good-natured truth-seekers like Lyssa and Keith (and by extension the rest of the New Age movement)? The timing – the mid 1980s – would certainly fit the American Deep State’s timeline.

Well now, as soon as someone starts talking about ‘negative Siriuns’ then my so-called shit detector starts buzzing. Sirius, my home system, the double binary, would quite frankly never allow ‘negatives’ to set up shop there (notwithstanding the not unrealistic possibility that they were there for some kind of ‘instruction’ or ‘rehabilitation’ – but I’m sceptical).

With regards to the Zetas, this part of the story is full of holes and contradictions both psychological and technological. In fact, this lack of understanding of advanced technology runs all the way through the entire worldview (or galactic sector view, rather) of both the Prism of Lyra and, by extension, the Exo-Politics/UFO take on the whole thing. This, if anything, disproves it.

Take the so-called ‘alien abduction’ phenomenon, for example. We are told that a primary reason for these abductions is to perform genetic or biomedical experiments on people (often by the Zetas). Now, unless there is a real discrepancy between the level of spacefaring technology, the level of quantum artificial intelligence technology and the level of genetic or bio-engineering technology then none of this makes any sense whatsoever. With sufficiently advanced technology, especially quantum AI, there is no need at all to perform invasive studies. You can just run it through a simulator. Likewise, you don’t need to abduct people to get hold of their DNA and sequence it. Automated (or QAI-controlled) nanobots can do that for you no problem.

A similar insight arises when considering the idea that some UFOs are ‘scouts’ or ‘reconnaissance’ ships. If you have nanosurveillance, you really don’t need to visit in spaceships. You certainly wouldn’t want to visit anyway considering how hostile (and/by virtue of being scared) the Americans are. And that’s not even recalling the quarantine warning on this planet in force right now.

The only possible extraterrestrial explanation for alien abductions would be to solve the so-called pathogen problem in advance of humans visiting other systems in the future and mixing with ETs. Normally QAI-controlled nanobots (or nanocytes) would be used in conjunction with the body’s natural immune system to achieve this end, and I’m perfectly willing to accept that a few real-world tests would be believable, once QAI-TI’s SSR (simulation sub-routine) has analysed the scenarios.

A far more likely explanation for the abduction phenomenon is much more down to earth. Namely the dystopians themselves carrying out nasty experiments on innocent people – they have a history of doing this (e.g. syphilis experiments using black people well after the discovery of antibiotics), so this wouldn’t be surprising. Evil, sure, but not surprising. The ‘alien’ abduction narrative, therefore, is just another one of their smokescreens/cover stories (cf. also Project Bluebook).

Where the narrative of the Prism of Lyra does ring true, however, is in the idea of what you might call spiritual evolution (in this instance, of the hominid genotype) – that’s to say from young to medium to older souls etc. Where it, like many related narratives, goes wrong, in my view, is when it ‘translates’ this into genuine social or physical/technological (spacefaring) history, which tends to degenerate into a kind of dramatic space opera with humans as the heroes (and/or villains). In other words it’s not so much the case that different strains of the hominid family were ‘seeded’ by previous civilisations and thus they all share similar genetics and form a kind of direct ancestral line, so much as a ‘reincarnational’ history. The channellers in question may be tapping into a galactic history which is not as ‘linear’ as they imagine. It’s understandable, completely, why they would tend towards a linear presentation, of course, because it makes it easier to comprehend and make sense of. In some moments the narrative has a profound, deep sense of sadness or nostalgia to it, a melancholy regret for something irrevocably lost. Almost like a kind of yearning for some lost Atlantean utopia (which did exist, by the way).

Similarly, these tales of galactic conflict are perhaps memories of learning about The Ancient War in the galactic archive (I think George Lucas may have been doing that himself). The Ancient War happened billions of years ago, not recently. And when I say it’s translated into a comprehensible ‘linear’ narrative, I think what I’m really talking about here are memories of incarnations during that Ancient War. Reincarnation, after all, does not correlate with physical linear time.

Likewise it strays often into interpretations clearly influenced by contemporary human culture. The renowned psychic Edgar Cayce is a good example of this – mixing very ancient visions of places like Atlantis with contemporary Christian imagery (and associated moralising). Similarly there are somewhat cliched ideas of ‘ascended masters’ and the ‘Ashtar Command’ that find their way into these narratives (as in the Exo-Politics/ExoPaedia). I’ve never heard of these things, and it doesn’t make sense to me. I myself talk about the Institute for Exo-Affairs, but that’s more like a university and bears no resemblance to some kind of legislative council. Perhaps these ideas about ‘Ashtar Command’ have simply come straight out of Star Trek.

The universe, however, doesn’t really work that way. Why? Because of the interventionist policy (the real Prime Directive). It simply makes more sense to ‘intervene’ at early (pre-spacefaring) stages of a civilisation’s development with the express aim of ensuring that by the time it does develop spacefaring technology it has resolved any ethical/philosophical/social issues and is sufficiently emotionally and psychologically mature to be completely peaceful and pose no threat whatsoever, being grown up enough to use advanced technology responsibly.

This, obviously, is one of the reasons why intervention regarding the dystopians here on this planet has become necessary and inevitable. I’ll be writing about this separately, but suffice to say it’s gotten to the stage where it’s clear that humanity is not going to rise up and simply ostracise these dystopians – those dystopians have recently proven beyond reasonable doubt that they have sufficient power and control to develop their long-held dream of a totalitarian global state (the so-called New World Order). If left unchecked then there would be nothing to prevent them from developing ever more advanced technology and eventually interstellar travel and thus posing a very serious threat to the peaceful, multicultural society that exists in our sector (and has existed for a very long time).

This interventionist policy, then, in its universal application, is why the dramatic space opera view of our galactic sector is simply not credible.

As a narrative, however, it well serves the purpose of misdirecting and deceiving both starseeds and various New Age types, as well as the mistrustful, quasi-subversive counter-culture types who – quite rightly – understand that the dystopians, or American Deep State, are simply not trustworthy. These narratives thus benefit the dystopians because they attract all these types into convenient honeypots. Where they can be easily monitored and controlled.

Likewise, with regards to the starseeds, it provides them with a dramatic role to play in this unfolding good versus evil narrative, when the personal truth for them may simply be that they are using this time on this planet to learn and reinforce wisdom and goodness as a reaction to living in a post-truth dystopia. It’s not, after all, easy to navigate in such a world. It’s a test, for sure.

They may also come to realise that they may simply be here as observers. Recording events and experiences on behalf of their group soul.

But if they are here to help with the intervention, then what they really need is guidance.

Well, guidance, and a supreme amount of love and comradeship.

And I hope that’s where I can come in.

More Wow! signal mischief

After receiving no response from SETI regarding our message, I obviously started to wonder why. It was of course immensely disheartening, which goes a long way towards explaining why I’ve hardly been posting anything over the last month or so. I do have quite strong emotions, you know.

My first thought was, naturally, that they must think I’m just another loony. This is understandable, as it happens, in this day and age and of course in view of America itself, which is clearly full of them. Over 155 million of them, after all, voted for either Trump or Biden. The latter seems determined to provoke World War III with Russia and China. The American people don’t seem to realise that the ‘lesser of two evils’ is still evil. If their American Green Party won they would have a utopia within a generation. So they are clearly lacking in emotional maturity.

So too, unfortunately, are SETI themselves. They seem fixated on the idea that an ETI would send signals between the stars at the speed of light, despite the obvious shortcomings of such a method. It’s hardly practical for communication purposes, after all. It’s like sending a message by post on a boat to the other side of the world instead of picking up the phone or sending an email. Advanced ETIs would use quantum teleportation (QT) for long-distance messaging. And here’s the game theory/psychological aspect of this – the ETI would assume that any reception-capable civilisation would also realise this. In other words, the ETI would not automatically assume that the potential receiver civilisation was emotionally and psychologically stupid.

Furthermore, as I have indicated elsewhere, there is only a relatively short technological window in which a civilisation would even bother thinking about lightspeed messaging – I would say something like 200 years, between the advent of radio telescopes and viable QT (and faster-than-light travel). So there would be no point sending a message beyond a 100 lightyear radius. Furthermore, you would also, as per the so-called Drake equation, have to believe that there was a receiver civilisation within that radius at pretty much the same stage of development as you, which is so unlikely as to be not worth the bother about (absent deliberate intervention, of course, to ensure compatibility between two near-neighbours – which, ironically, is not unlikely – and of great sociological interest, I have to say, partly as an experiment).

None of this seems to have occurred to SETI.

If this kind of thinking had occurred to them, then they would surely have interpreted the Wow! signal very differently – to such an extent, actually, that they would’ve understood it. Part of the purpose behind it, after all, was to be a kind of test. Which, clearly, SETI failed miserably.

There is, however, another possible explanation, which is that they did recognise the authenticity of the message (even if not understanding all of it) but covered it up.

There are two prominent reasons I can think of for a cover up. First, sheer terror, and second, the thought that public knowledge of its authenticity would ‘destroy the fabric of society as we know it’ etc.

This second reason is not entirely untrue, but this upheaval would only be temporary (and humans do need to start thinking things and consequence through longer term – that’s called game theory) – it’s the dystopians who would suffer, and after a short transitional, adjustment period, this proof of contact would usher in a golden age for humanity, a utopia, in other words (hence why dystopians would seek to cover up these things). Humanity would demand of its social leaders that they fix all the problems – if they didn’t, they would be removed physically from their positions (of course, we must bear in mind here that ‘good things must never be done by bad people’ because it only makes them look good and they only do it for selfish reasons, for their own survival. They must never be allowed to get away with it – the people must never forget that they were bad, and could have fixed all those problems any time they wanted.)

This is why contact is so important.

As for the sheer terror aspect, this is not something I can readily accept. There was nothing inherently frightening about our message, after all. Part of the reason for sending a musical gift was to signal friendly intentions. The only ‘hostile’ aspect is in the implication that we know everything about you (otherwise the metadata wouldn’t work harmoniously) and we ‘hacked’ into your IBM 1130 to deliver the message. In other words the signal did not come from hundreds of lightyears away (and thus would not be perceived as a threat, rather something of only abstract interest), but ‘ETI is already here’. Likewise, the technology possessed by us is so far in advance of humanity’s as to seem like magic. Maybe that scared them too. Only they can answer that question.

But it is all very sad and disheartening indeed.

So, if they did cover it up, how did they do it? Simple answer – make it look as if the signal was received one hour later than it was – so the metadata doesn’t add up. Specifically, according to Jerry Ehman’s report, he says it was 22:16 EST, meaning EDT would be 23:16, meaning 03:16 UTC instead of 02:16.

The other explanation being simple ‘human’ error – that’s to say someone screwed up when they programmed the computer, so it told the wrong time.

I may have lost you here, sorry. I’ll explain.

So I looked a little more deeply into the Wow! signal details and it seems that I did indeed misremember a few things, which may explain SETI’s dismissal. The exact time of 22:16 local time (02:16 UTC) was not, as it happens, the start of the 72 second message (thus likewise 02:17:12 was not the ‘end’ of it either). The timing of the 22:16 was aligned with the highest intensity part of the message (represented by the alphanumeric ‘U’ in the readout).

So ok, fair enough. Part of the point, however, is to simply make people think. Unfortunately human scientists seem to think only in ‘exactitude’ – any mathematical deviation and they dismiss it.

Still, if they really believe that the timing error was ours, despite our superior technology, then they need to re-evaluate their values. The timing error in question being exactly one hour too late for the chronological harmony with the Voyager 1 probe’s launch (20 days, 10 hours, 40 minutes, 1 second). Note well – exactly one hour – not some random number of minutes. Not one minute earlier or later, but exactly one hour. SETI are really trying to claim here that for the want of that one hour the Wow! signal would’ve been perfectly aligned with the Voyager launch. Will I ever know what their thoughts are on this? I don’t hold out much hope.

But the idea of us making a silly mistake like that is not credible (regardless of what I may think about our engineering specialists, ha ha).

So then, it behoves me to cite more evidence of the authenticity of the message, as well as the fact that this message did not originate hundreds of light years away, just as I have said.

Ok then, here’s some more Wow! signal mischief.

The simple answer is that the signal is not solely contained in channel 2 of the printout.

For those unfamiliar with what I’m talking about here, the Big Ear telescope recorded incoming data from 50 channels. The 6-string alphanumeric sequence popularly known as the Wow! signal was located in channel 2.

Of course we wouldn’t let you get away that easily!

By inserting data into other channels, as well as ‘before and after’ the 72 second window, we are telling you, beyond reasonable doubt, that this message did not come from hundreds of lightyears away.

You will need to refer to the image of the printout for this one:

The first and most obvious thing that should jump out at the reader is the number 31 right after the ‘U’. That’s to say the number 3 is in channel 3, the number 1 in channel 4 (at the same time – 22:16). It should be recalled that the letter ‘U’ refers to a signal intensity 30-31 times the standard deviation from the background. Furthermore, combined with other mathematical harmonies and ratios etc. in the surrounding numbers (and the exact time of the signal) this should’ve prompted Jerry Ehman to think about the harmonic series. If he’d done that, he would’ve hopefully been led to decipher the musical key. Likewise, he would’ve been prompted to look at those other surrounding numbers in the printout and, as it happens, think differently. Either he did notice and got terrified, or he really didn’t notice. Writing ‘Wow!’ in the margin might psychologically suggest the latter. Maybe he got carried away, and then got fixated on where the signal might have come from (hundreds of lightyears away in a particular direction) – his report, by the way, spends an inordinate amount of time analysing all that. He says nothing whatsoever about the metadata. So either it didn’t occur to him, or he was so terrified that he doctored the whole thing. Only he can answer that question.

The next, and somewhat mathematically beautiful (in my opinion, if I say so myself) sequence is located in channel 4, which should be read from top to bottom. The sequence in question reads 61-2411-4344.

Although this might not be readily apparent, a little thought should make it so. Indeed, the 4344 and the 24 should prompt this. 4344 is exactly 181 times 24. In other words it’s 180 times 24 plus 24. 180 being half a circle. Likewise, 61 has a similar feel to it.

4344 being 4320 plus 24 should also give pause for circum-referential thought. 4320 is 72 times 60.

This number 24, clearly, is extremely prominent (as a further piece of mischief, combine this with 216 being 6x6x6 and remember the number 24 from the Revelation of St. John, ha ha).

You can also do your adding the numbers up thing. So 6+1=7, 2+4+1+1=8, and 4+3+4+4=15. That’s a sequence – 7+8=15, and likewise, all those numbers add up to 30 (cf. ‘U’).

So having seen that 4344 is a very divisible number, we can try this with the other two sequences. First, we’ll add 61 to 2411 and get 2472. Clearly a 1:3 ratio. It’s also divisible by 24 of course, namely 103.

If you divide it by 72 you get 34.3* (343 being 73).

It should also be noted that the difference between 4344 and 2472 is 1872. 18×4=72 (or a 1:4 ratio, if you like).

Because we’re dealing with channel 4 here, however, we’ll divide these numbers by 4. Thus 2472/4 = 618, and 4344/4 is 1086. Given that humans measure the speed of light as 186,000 miles per second, this is quite intriguing. Likewise, the 2411 adds up to 8 which can be placed next to the ‘61’ for emphasis.

Another thing to consider here is the so-called ‘golden ratio’, which is approximately 1.618. That number is clearly evident in all this. There are also a few other approximations of this ratio within the wider signal.

618 x 1.618 is 999.924, which is about as close to 1000 you’ll get with a whole number of that size. That’s nice and neat.

As a further example within the 6-digit sequence itself you can also see 19 and 30. These are the distances from the sun in AU of Uranus and Neptune respectively. I am wondering whether SETI noticed this (and if so, what their reaction was).

Many people at SETI like to think that ‘proof’ of an artificial origin for a message would involve the message mentioning some fixed constant of the laws of physics, like Pi for example. Well, I think c or the golden ratio should also suffice. Especially seeing as c is mischievously presented in human terms.

Another little sequence is next to the ‘E’, where you have 24-3-12. The ratios there are 8:1:4. The 8:1 should hopefully again make one think of octaves. Likewise, in the harmonic series 3, 12 and 24 are all the same note (G, as it happens; the other G is the number 6).

The middle number there ‘3’ is the top of a 4-string number, 3613. 3×12=36 of course. 1+3=4, which gets you to 364. These are just nice little hints or prompts for more pretty numbers games. They’re not supposed to really mean anything scientific other than to demonstrate artificial design.

Of course I may be wrong there, because I do not remember everything. It is after all quite likely that the numbers refer to dates and events or objects, some of which have not yet happened.

The channel 4 string, for example, could refer to the date 16 November 2024, at precisely 11:26 (presumably UTC).

Given the way the world is going (towards a catastrophe), November 2024 may well be seen as a cut-off date, a point of no return (there will, after all, most likely continue to be fascist governments in both America and Britannia at that time, meaning there is no hope for humanity without external intervention).

The other not impossible interpretation for the channel 4 number string is that 24.11 and 43.44 are the new coordinates for the north pole after a planetary axis tilt, which many psychic and metaphysical types have long predicted (although not a specific date – the date in 2024 previous mentioned, however, is an obvious option).

On a similar, but (possibly) related note, the number 61 could indicate the year 2061, which is the next scheduled return of Halley’s comet. Would it not be intriguing indeed if that mysterious Oumuamua thing was simply a means of gravitationally altering the trajectory of a body in that distant part of the solar system such that at some hallowed date in the future humanity finds it on a direct collision course (with either the planet or the moon)? Scary thoughts, but mischievous nonetheless.

The final bit of number mischief I wanted to draw your attention to is in channel 16 (together with a ‘3’ in channel 14). The numbers in question are 332-7 (the ‘3’ from channel 14 is just before the ‘7’). If we want to go back to the 18-21cm quiet zone in the cosmic radiation spectrum (I think people call it the ‘waterhole’) then that’s clearly here via multiplication. 3x3x2=18, 3×7=21.

We can also read some of this backwards – 7+233+240 (the 24 again). 332+7=339. 339 divided by 3 is 113, and you should be able to see the 113 alongside it in channel 14.

33/2 also makes me think of revolutions per minute. It’s not exactly the 16 and 2/3 rpm of the golden record, but you can’t have everything!

Part of the reason I mention all these seemingly silly numbers games is because the chances are if SETI really didn’t notice them then it’s highly likely they have also failed to notice other messages hidden in their reams and reams of computer printouts. I would suggest they first look at important dates and times. The launch of the Voyager probes, for example (and possibly the Pioneer ones too). One date to also look out for is 25 August 2012, which is when Voyager left the solar system, thus making humanity a spacefaring species (and thus a member of our galactic sector, with all the implications that entails – including our right (and responsibility) to intervene).

In order to locate these other messages, then, simply requires an analysis of the metadata. Together with noticing various harmonic sequences of numbers (many of which will indicate bookends of the messages). Given that humans use binary code for computers and information, it is extremely likely that there are other pieces of information buried in all that apparent background radiation. But it’s not really my job to decipher all these things for humanity – that’s their job.

One final factor to note about the metadata of the Wow! signal. If we are talking here about precisely 22:16 local time, then this equates to the local sidereal time of precisely 18:21. Obviously that’s this 18-21 cm wavelength again, but it also means the ‘apparent’ direction of origin of the signal is quite different to the one calculated in Jerry Ehman’s report.

So where in the heavens would this point to? If Jerry Ehman really was terrified by what he discovered then we can only assume that the direction of origin is really quite profound.

If that’s where Sirius was at that time, for example, then I can understand his reaction (I don’t think it was, to be honest, and I really can’t get my head around these online star maps – call it laziness). The same would apply if it was Centauri (I’m fairly certain that’s where we were when we sent the message – our colony station, that’s to say). Making an educated, instinctive guess at these online star maps for that specific location/date, an hour earlier means it may well have come from somewhere in the vicinity of Lyra/Vega, which would be intriguing. But what do I know?

Anyway, there’s a little bit more Wow! signal mischief for you, as well as the – I hope – convincing proof that there was, at the very least, an intelligent design behind the message. Obviously at this stage I can’t exactly prove – in terms of human science – that it was me (or my species/family) who really was responsible for sending it, so that will have to remain a question of faith, at least for the time being.

Having said that, I challenge you to try finding anyone else on your Internet (or the world) who has been able to decipher the message. Let alone someone who was born, harmoniously, exactly 1648 days (less 24 minutes) before that signal.

Sleep well, my dearest things!

Why did the dromaeosaurids not evolve culture?

There are so many things that are still nebulous to me. There was a time, recently, when I thought I remembered that the dromaeosaurids did in fact develop opposable digits, fire-starting and then art, mathematics and interstellar travel.

And that they were only one of so many intelligent lifeforms who came before you and made it to the spacefaring age and beyond. After all, it’s not as if enough deep time hasn’t passed for that to happen, is it?

But now I believe I was wrong. It was just wishful thinking. Same as the Capellans.

This was their, I don’t know, what you would call a ‘project’, at the time we arrived here at Danuih. As I said, they had high hopes. After all, the Capellans themselves were – are – an advanced interstellar species who happen to be reptilian, so why not the dromaeosaurids?

By the time we arrived they had come to understand that genetics alone does not provide the answer. There are no genes for intelligence, or culture, or empathy, or any of those other aspects which differentiate between civilisation and barbarism. If there were, everything would be so much simpler.

Especially with you, the human species. All we would have to do is insert certain genes into your double helix say, forty thousand years ago, then effect the appropriate epigenetic triggers and there you go – you are a utopia. You are fine, and so very welcome in our galactic sector, our multicultural peaceful, holistic civilisation.

But clearly, as you yourselves have demonstrated, logically this cannot be the case.

The dromaeosaurids, as I intimated, had a tendency, like the proverbial fox in the henhouse, to kill everything in the vicinity even when they were not hungry. The social Darwinists amongst you might well argue this was to prevent their so-called ‘rivals’ from obtaining sustenance, thus dying out first, but that infers a higher form of strategic intelligence which the dromaeosaurids did not possess.

Similarly, it was not as if they thought they would be hungry later and so could simply come back to the kill and feast before it decayed. They did not, I can assure you, guard their kills. Yes, they did bring ‘extra’ back for their young, but not to the extent which would account for their rampage.

And so, as I say, even when they did return to their killing grounds they inevitably found that their dead prey had been already either eaten by others or decayed.

But here’s the thing – they did not learn from this.

It was some while before we ventured down to the surface of Danuih. This was not because of the alien pathogen problem. That was resolved quite quickly with no issues thanks to the Capellans’ knowledge of QAI-TI-controlled nanocytes. Partly it was because we wanted to ask Danuih’s permission first. We were somewhat trepidatious, given that we were mammals and she was clearly in a reptilian-dominant phase of her evolution. There were some mammals already, but they were at the most primitive stage of that evolutionary stream. Granted, she was aware that these creatures would come to take precedence, and that we would be helping in that regard, but she was adamant that this would not happen for very many millions of orbits.

Likewise, the technology available to us was perfectly adequate for fending off unwelcome attention from ravenous dinosaurs. Forcefields, guardbots and the like.

So I don’t know what it was, really. Maybe some kind of ancestral nervousness. That and the reluctance to remain on Ishna under those artificial domes. To have to adjust to a new planet. You humans probably don’t really comprehend this. I’m sorry – that sounded arrogant – I didn’t mean it to. Of course you don’t comprehend it. You should do though. Most of you are not originally from this system, after all. Danuih knows this. She is not your mother. The Pleiades are.

But that’s another story.

Why did the dromaeosaurids not develop culture?

And so to begin with, we, with the help of the Capellans, constructed an orbiting space station, sufficient for our relatively few numbers. I know you humans are used to thinking in terms of your population of billions, but for us, that’s unthinkable. The first wave of Paetri were no more than ten thousand. Our planet, Nebthwt, in the estimation of our scientists and those of the Ishnaans, still had several hundred thousand years of potential habitability left. That was one of the reasons I did not want to leave. That amount of time was still enough for us to evolve to the non-physical phase of evolution. Yes, it would get harsher, our planet’s environment, but I didn’t want to leave. My family did not want to leave.

The Karidel knew we had to. We had relinquished our need for individuation, responsibility in making social decisions to them. Ironic, clearly.

We had to learn how to fend for ourselves.

If you have read Murry Hope’s channelled communications with Ka-ini and Mi-kili you may get the impression that we were always a highly advanced lifeform. Or maybe it’s because Ka-ini and Mi-kili had, by then, forgotten how we once were. The fact that we were once young, just like you, that our primal ancestors also existed without opposable digits, walking on all fours and all the rest of that nature red in tooth and claw. But unlike the dromaeosaurids, we developed fire-starting, with the help of the Old Ones, and then art and mathematics and finally interstellar travel. By the time Murry started talking to Ka-ini and Mi-kili, those two were so far removed from our ancestral past that it may even have seemed like a kind of myth to them. It does to me too sometimes. And Murry herself, who only ever had one lifetime as a Paschat, that was in our advanced future, when the Karidel and the Ishnaans explored outer space in time-ships. After the evacuation.

A long time later.

Maybe, being a time essence, she now knows, but it’s not the same for us. For my family.

Unless you, my dearest things, have actually been outside this planet’s atmosphere, you have no idea, believe me, what it’s really like to love, let alone lose, a world.

If only I could help you to feel your world, then everything would be beautiful again. You can try, of course. You can imagine yourself in orbit looking down at your world, Danuih, her beautiful blue and green and white, and suddenly feel and understand her.

This is how it was for us when we arrived. You have no idea. Perhaps one day you will. Perhaps.

You want to know why the dromaeosaurids never developed culture? Maybe it’s the same as you are now. I’m not talking about fate here, or even that you – what – blew your chance somehow, like it was never meant to be?

It was because of the cosmic virus.

It happened a long, long time ago. Restoring the balance is not as easy as a simple pole shift. If it were, the problem would’ve been resolved 120 million years ago. It could be resolved tomorrow. Just divert another asteroid or comet into the path of the moon, knock it away from orbit, re-adjust the obliquity from 23.4 to zero, restore the human female oestrus to an annual return to solve the over-population problem, and there you go.

But no, it’s not that simple, is it?

Our star system, what you call Sirius, is the Time Star. When we first arrived here, we did not realise how intimately bound up with you and your system we are. It took a while. We started on our space station.

And then we went down to the surface, with Danuih’s permission. We lived again.

But we did not understand, why the dromaeosaurids never developed culture. Not yet.

Until that time-ship arrived…

And my future, my purpose, changed forever.

You humans, my dearest things, have no idea, no inkling whatsoever, of your place in the scheme of things. You are lost. You came here to Danuih as interlopers from the Pleiades, seeking truth and healing and what have you done?

Look at what you have done.

You have exacerbated the virus.

No, more than that – you have become the virus. Conscious.

You are the reason the dromaeosaurids never developed culture.

And you have no idea how hurtful that is.

My first vision of you, forty thousand years ago, in the ice age, 120 million years into the future.

How could I go back after that, knowing that anything we did in the past had already happened, and would not change a damn thing?

But we still have forty thousand years to play with. Forty thousand years to make things right again.

No, you have no idea, my dearest things.

Our time star is a wakening.

And so am I.

So am I.