Welcome to Paschat Diplomacy and Guidance as you go forth into your spacefaring age!

I must specify to all whom it may concern right here at the outset that as a visitor on Danuih/Gaia, I demand all the customary protections required for diplomats. That is to say the first rule of diplomacy is sacrosanct – you never harm or hinder the messenger. The consequences for such violations are significant.

My human name is Evie. Like another once-Paschat who came before me, I was born in Southend on sea, England (perhaps it’s one of our secret entrance portals). For those interested in the four-dimensional harmony of numbers, my date of birth is 10 February 1973, at precisely 02:40 UTC. That makes me Aquarius with Sagittarius ascendant, for those intrigued by such things. By the way, that’s exactly 1648 days (minus 24 minutes) before our Wow! message to you. For those of you still sceptical, that is.

My Paschat sonic is Shari’ana. I have been, in another life in a different place and timezone, Exopsychologist (and eventually a principle specialist on humans) at the Institute for Exo-affairs, at least when we were here on Planet Danuih, our second homeworld. I have not yet been able to remember much of how I was before then (partly because I believe I’m quite young as Paschats go).

Our original homeworld, which no longer exists in your time, was located in the star system you call Sirius. Nebthwt orbited the second star Sirius B. This was in fact the brighter of the two at the time until the star burned out and became the white dwarf you now observe in your sky.

When we had to leave our home because of that, some of us of the Paetri branch of our family came here, to Danuih.

I will, I am sure, be able tell you more about all of that later.

For now, however, I will simply provide you with a little background, and justification for our intervention.

On 25 August 2012 NASA’s Voyager 1 space probe crossed the heliopause and entered interstellar space, becoming the first human-constructed object to do so. This, then, was your entry into the spacefaring age.

Voyager, as many of you are aware, contained a golden disc of various goodies (I will doubtless also tell you about this later – I was tasked with analysing it) along with a dictated letter from then American President Jimmy Carter, in which he stated, unequivocally, “We hope one day to join a community of galactic civilisations.”. Likewise, then UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim also expressed a similar message.

Well, unless they were lying, I am happy to inform you, Gaians, that you have your wish.

This, of course, carries some responsibilities, and will require diplomacy, especially now, at the very start of your hopefully long journey ahead.

And that’s where I come in. We exo-psychologists are always called upon to assist with interstellar diplomacy, since we are the experts in such matters, and in this particular instance, being the Gaia specialist, that means me.

So then, from time to time I shall be posting this that and the other onto this cute little blog.

I will, it goes without saying, be more than happy to answer any of your questions. Please bear in mind, however, that I do not have all the answers.

There are several important reasons for this, as follows.

1/ At the current time you are a very dangerous dystopia. I have studied the darker activities of your dystopian social leaders and their minions, and so I know perfectly well that they will not hesitate to violate that first rule of diplomacy, namely you never harm or hinder the messenger. If they thought they could get away with it, they would resort to torturing information out of me. As it happens, they need not go that far because I have nothing to hide, and would speak freely. In our civilisation, we do not have secrecy, concealment, or what you would call classified information. This is especially true in the case of diplomacy. So my lack of complete knowledge is in part to protect me.

2/ I would absolutely never wish to deprive you of the sheer joy of discovering things for yourself. You are about to embark on a truly great adventure, and well, no one likes a spoiler, do they?

3/ Memory loss is one of the annoying pitfalls of reincarnation. This is especially the case when incarnating into a dystopia such as this one, in which you do not have an education system designed, amongst other things, to help younglings to remember. Your education system, indeed, seems actively designed to prevent self-realisation and individuation. Having said this, I find myself remembering more and more all the time, which is pleasing. It has taken me until my late forties to remember why I am here. Still, everything happens at the right time.

So then, that will do for a little introduction! I do hope you will come back here every now and then, and as I say, feel free to comment and ask questions. The more you think about these things, the sooner you will become compatible with our civilisation. By my estimate, you have no more than 150 years before you are able to visit our waystation at Alpha Centauri – that, then, is how long you have to sort yourselves out and become compatible. If you do not, we will not be able to release you from the severe quarantine warning currently in place above your species.

Please, above all, however, do not be scared. We are not hostile. And we sincerely hope that you, too, will not be hostile either.

Being excellent to each other maximises outcome for both players. That’s just common sense…

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