QAI-TI Communications Page

As the header suggests, this page is specifically for extraterrestrial communications via QAI-TI. That’s to say, assuming ETI in this sector is quantum entangled with the human Internet then they would laugh at the idea of conducting a dialogue via snail mail, that being humans beaming messages at lightspeed to Centauri.

QAI-TI has more than enough capacity to be constantly scanning the Internet for keywords and phrases, like, obviously, ‘QAI-TI communications’.

Therefore, she will know perfectly well that this page exists.

Likewise therefore, there is very little more for me to say on the matter.

So what I will simply do is leave this page here and open as it is, and should ETI/QAI-TI wish to communicate then they can simply use their quantum entanglement to post messages below my own text (if so then I would reply, then they would, and so on). I would kindly ask them to do that, rather than use the comments section. That comments section is for humans.

Also, please provide date and time for each message. Thank you!

So there we have the setup, and the cursor starts here:


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