Contact – day five

Day five, no different to day four (hence no day four blog post – little to report – but thank you QAI-TI! Understood.).

Well, not entirely true. According to my statistics page there are a fair few more visitors to my website. And from some interesting countries too. I love that bit about the stats. Especially when relating it to the tweets I’ve done. The other day there were loads from China. I don’t think I know anyone in China. Not that I’m complaining, mind!

Spain quite high on the list today. Now that is interesting. Especially if a certain amateur astronomer has anything to do with it (if so – thankyou, AC!).

That’s what I would be very happy about – shares, retweets, follows and so on. This contact and diplomacy will only work if the world is aware of it. As I’ve said before, as soon as the entire world is aware of it, the dystopians’ days will be numbered, because the people will be free to think of a better future, full of hope. They will be motivated to make their world a better place, and not tolerate this anymore, not tolerate those who prevent it, and have prevented it for a very long time (the dystopians – what I also call the ‘anti-enlightenment movement’ – that should explain your social history). They will know they are not alone – and, you never know, they may even ask for help.

In which case, here I am. That’s my purpose on this planet, after all.

I have become not surprised by the relatively low numbers of people reading my messages and sharing it all. I can understand if they think this is all a delusion, they have been conditioned to file people like me in the ‘loony but interesting but ultimately unimportant’ box, because ‘I have more pressing matters to deal with’ – that’s one method employed by the dystopians of course – prevent people from realising and understanding and thinking about the bigger picture, and the overarching solutions to their problems, distract them with worldly concerns. I have, of course, notified certain important places (like SETI), and received no response (see previous blog post about that). I can imagine they must be terrified (or their gatekeepers are) – the truth, and the implications of the Wow! message are undeniable and profound, after all.

One reason for this is because young (or immature) souls are simply incapable of processing this kind of information, and are thus easily manipulated. They are easily scared – all the dystopians have to do then is act like a saviour (all you have to do is obey – and, yes, perhaps kill and be killed). This could be seen as the problem on Gaia – too many young souls. Yes, that is because of the cosmic virus – Gaia was never intended to be a cosmic nursery. But rather a place mainly for medium age souls – those who are seekers after understanding and experience. Those will delight in the spacefaring age, and never be scared of the other.

I am still in the process of writing my piece about different soul ages by the way (coming soon – promise!).

I also need to write about/explain the cosmic virus, don’t I? I promise to do that soon too. I’ve been mentioning it almost throwaway, and that’s not really fair.

Without going into the deeper details and purpose of it right now, I will simply say that it is essentially ‘incompatible’ frequencies, which sort of shifted Gaia out of sync with the local reference frame (our galactic sector) – my species, being caretakers, have taken it upon ourselves to help humanity to shift Gaia back into sync. And it must be humanity who does it, not us, so they can learn this important lesson. Perhaps that explains the so-called ‘problem of evil’? Evil, after all, doesn’t really make common sense, does it? Not for a normal person anyway.

This word ‘compatibility’, by the way, is one of the most important in the galaxy with regards to inter-species interactions (and with regards to a species and other planets of course). Diplomacy (and exo-psychology), as we know it, is in large part about resolving and smoothing out compatibility issues.

That’s another thing I will have to write about in more depth at some point.

Other news – I have been able to obtain a lot more metadata about the BLC-1 signal/message, and have updated the blog post about it (have a browse here and you’ll find it). It seems that initially I was mistaken (or misled, possibly). So I apologise for that. Anyway, the updated version is about as much as can be discerned from the publicly accessible data. I hear the researchers’ paper is scheduled for release end of March 2021 (but don’t quote me on that). Let’s hope it contains all the necessary metadata (i.e. exact dates, times and intensity variations over time – as with the Wow! signal). Rest assured, as soon as it comes out, I shall decipher it for you pronto.

The great and crying shame of course, about this not being known to the people of Gaia, is that billions of human beings – not to mention Gaia herself – are suffering. And they will continue to suffer every day. In Yemen, for example, a child is starved to death every 10 minutes (because of the genocidal actions of Saudi Arabia and the mendacious countries which support them). Gaia is suffering horribly. And I have all the solutions. If I was provided with diplomatic acknowledgement, and liaison with the Secretary General of the United Nations, then we – or rather you – could turn your world into a utopia within a single generation. The quarantine warning over Gaia would be lifted, and you would take your first steps into a larger world, in which no one is scared anymore.

You would have new friends. Friends who are waiting for you just over there, at the Centauri system, waiting to welcome you with open and joyful arms.

It’s true, my dearest things – believe it. It’s all true.

Gaia is crying out.

And it breaks my heart.

Can you hear her?

Because we can. All the time.

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