Soul ages, evolution & spacefaring, part two

That previous post was somewhat disjointed, I know – for which I apologise. It was really a collection of thoughts which simply popped into my head. I will try to make this one more accessible and comprehensible.

Let’s start with the soul. What is it, in other words.

Please bear in mind here that even the word ‘soul’ is insufficient. I use it because it’s a term most people are familiar with. I hear that the Scientologists call it a ‘Thetan’ – well, if they want to give it that name that’s fine by me. I hardly know anything about Scientology, by the way (I’m not one, in case you were wondering). I’m aware they believe that the soul, or ‘Thetan’ is an evolving, reincarnating, lifeform which learns and grows through its incarnations, which can flit backwards and forwards through time and across parallel worlds and into different (some extra-terrestrial) lifeforms etc. – all of which is absolutely true – but that’s about the limit of my knowledge about them.

I’m going to stick with the word ‘soul’ though.

So, it helps if one thinks of the soul as essentially a collection, or aggregate, of particles/waves (or, in quantum physics terms, a ‘wave packet’), existing above the speed of light, and therefore not subject to (affected by) the so-called laws of classical physics which operate at and below the velocity of light. In this sense it could be seen as a collection of ‘waves’ which do not collapse into particles, and therefore cannot be ‘dis-integrated’. This, I hope you’ll gather, is an extremely reassuring thought!

As an amusing digression (I’ll try and keep these to a minimum, but I had to include this one), I was at a philosophy lecture some years back (at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, Britannia – the philosophy department there is infested with acolytes of Wittgenstein, who, with his analytical philosophy, did as much damage to philosophy as that self-promoting, plagiarist, mass-murdering charlatan Einstein did to physics), which was all about the so-called ‘immortality of the soul’. I offered something along the lines of the above explanation, to which the unfortunate, hapless lecturer replied, “I think bringing quantum physics into it is a bit below the belt!”. Well, not much you can say to that is there? Several members of the audience did tell me afterwards how that made them smile, though, so that pleased me no end.

Likewise, the most reassuring thought/insight of all is that what people call ‘evil’ – which is a ‘dis-integrating’ force, cannot exist at velocities/frequencies above the speed of light. Lightspeed is essentially a ‘ring-pass-not’ for the ‘repulsive’ force (which acts in an opposite direction to the ‘attractive’ force, which drives the time-acceleration, forward motion of all things ‘back’ towards the ‘one’ or ‘centre-point’ or ‘singularity’ or ‘God’ – or whatever you wish to call ‘it’.

The singularity can be thought of as existing at infinite velocity – it contains within itself every possible manifestation of itself – meaning, every possible position of the one particle. As you slow down, you will be able to see the illusion of duality (or multiplicity), which is the one in two or more different positions – and likewise, the manifestation of the connection between those manifestations, i.e. the fundamental forces of physics, for example. Gravity being one such. Quantum entanglement being another.

All the component parts of the soul, in other words, are quantum entangled with each by virtue of the fact that they are essentially the same particle – all manifestations of the one (God). The separation is an illusion generated by a perspective existing below infinite velocity.

So, the God-One ‘slows’ itself down, thus creating a multiplicity of manifestations of itself. It splits into ‘fragments’ of its ultimate, singular essence.

One such fragment is what we can call ‘the soul’.

So now we can trace the evolution of that fragment. Starting from being for example one single particle – a neutrino, for example – then ‘accreting’ as it accelerates and experiences and – evolves. Its elastic ‘string’ starting at the One, outwards, and into inner/linear time, then back again, like the snake eating its own tail (a nice helpful visual representation). It is the force of time itself which allows this to happen.

It can help with visualisation here to think of this evolution simply in terms of ‘getting bigger’. That’s to say the lattice-work of intersecting waves (visualise a double-helix if you like) becomes ever more complex. The interactions or connections within this lattice-work eventually providing self-awareness, as a thing which can see itself.

At this point, such a soul is ready for ‘incarnation’. We shall call this fledgling lifeform an ‘immature’ soul, or embryo, even, if you will. This soul does not need to incarnate into physical lifeforms which are aware that they are aware (the old “I think therefore I am” adage) – because this is not necessary at this stage of the evolutionary pathway. Such a soul might, for example, begin within a single-celled lifeform, and then progress through ever more complex multicellular life, then into complex lifeforms with different constituent parts (the so-called ‘characteristics of living things’), like digestion, reproduction, sensory reception of stimuli leading to action and reaction, and so on.

Then, after sufficient lifetimes have occurred, this soul is ready to incarnate into a creature which has the cerebral capacity to be aware of its own awareness, and to ‘self-reflect’. This, clearly, accelerates the evolutionary progress and process. Such a soul, or lifeform, has the cerebral capacity to comprehend the concept ‘I think therefore I am’.

This stage, we shall call the ‘young’ soul. These young souls – so long as they are in a safe environment, without fear – will be able to delight in the multiplicity of experiences available to it within inner (linear) time, the material (at and below lightspeed) universe. They know they exist, so they do not need to fear. The lifeform in which they inhabit may not, intellectually, be aware of their soul, or their soul’s immortality, but at this stage the soul does – this is perhaps the most important self-realisation, or step, on the soul’s evolutionary pathway.

These souls do not need to understand, just yet, just experience. And these are abundant in the spacefaring age. They are the adventurous, pioneering, risk-taking and courageous types (very prominent in America, as it happens). But they can also show great loyalty and self-sacrifice. Your Captain Kirk is a classic example of such a young soul. And as you have gathered, he was anything but stupid. Young souls should not be associated with stupidity.

Fears can still remain – such as ‘am I really immortal? Are there evil forces in the universe which could annihilate or dis-integrate me?’. The so-called death syndrome. Part of the soul’s journey at this point is one of discovering the answer to this question. But with more experience, in particular the conscious experience of the death of the molecular body, followed by resurrection in a new one, effectively provides epistemological evidence to the soul of its own immortality. At that point, fear no longer exists. The next stage, then, is to transmit this awareness to the conscious mind of the lifeform in which it is inhabiting. Once that happens, the soul becomes ‘medium-aged’.

Medium-aged souls, then, have self-awareness of their own nature, but not necessarily the ‘intellectual’ – that’s to say ‘descriptive’ – awareness of ‘what’ they really are, or how the universe works, or what the nature of the interrelations between other souls is, between itself and others, of soul-families (group souls), and, indeed, the true nature of outer time.

So the journey of the medium-aged soul is, quite simply, one of discovering the answers to those higher-level questions.

Once that’s done, they become an ‘older’ soul. Their journey is ‘away’ from inner time. They no longer need to journey within inner time in order to answer the questions they still have. They will start to venture into outer time (above lightspeed), and back again. They will draw down energies from outer time which, effectively, can provide them with what some people might call ‘psychic’ abilities. This, of course, requires some discipline, for reasons which should be obvious. Some – mentioning no names, Mister very dark magician, become seduced by such apparent power, and, well, you’ve seen Star Wars, you know what happened to Anakin Skywalker so you don’t need me to explain the consequences of this.

Fortunately, however, souls should be aware that the force of time energy is – by logical definition – stronger than the force of anti-time. The delusion of these dark types is that it is, indeed, anti-time – but it’s not – the forward motion of time is immutable – dragging a soul downwards into inner time is still a ‘movement’, a ‘progression’ from somewhere, to somewhere else. Furthermore, if I remember this correctly from my schooldays, the force of time is proportionate to its velocity/frequency, and its repulsive force against the decelerating ‘anti-attractive’ force is inversely proportional to the distance from it – think of like magnetic poles – the closer you push those two magnets together, the stronger the force pushing them away. It’s the same for good and evil – the closer evil gets to good, the stronger the repulsive force of good.

There is no darkness so great that a single candle flame cannot chase away.

So don’t worry about that. The soul, which exists above lightspeed, by definition, in outer time, is immortal by virtue of its immunity to the force of anti-time, or deceleration. Even if it is ‘observing’ inner time, it is not really there, subject to the same laws of physics. Its ‘molecular body’ is, sure, but the soul isn’t. This, then, is another profound awareness/realisation step in the soul’s progress towards enlightenment.

So, how does spacefaring come into all this? The simple answer to this question can be understood by considering how long a soul needs to progress from one stage to the next. How much experience of the universe, and other cultures etc., does a young soul need before it becomes a medium-age soul, and how long does a medium-age soul need to develop a full, intellectual understanding of the nature of reality?

Well, obviously there are different answers to this question depending on the soul species (genotype, so to speak), or evolutionary pathway, but the answers all fall within a relatively narrow linear-time spectrum.

Take human beings. Human beings are approximately 300,000 years old as a specific species. Some might disagree with this considering that pre-homo sapiens learned to make and control fire many hundreds of thousands of years earlier, and probably had some dim but emerging awareness of itself, but for our purposes we are going to take the generally accepted definition of the emergence of what anthropologists call ‘anatomically modern humans’. Even this, however, is not entirely accurate, because the human brain as it is today (or was by the end of the ice age), has continued to evolve over those 300,000 years within their social environment. Nevertheless, clearly it has taken this hominid species approximately that long to reach the beginning of the spacefaring age. During that time, let us say they have, for the most part, been ‘young souls’.

And now, as this species ventures into space, and becomes aware of the existence of other intelligences and so on, many souls of ‘medium-age’ suddenly discover an environment in which their stage of evolution can prosper. But likewise too, young souls will have a much larger playground to explore. And for them, understanding is not vital, only experience is.

How long does this last? In my experience the natural lifespan of an intelligent, spacefaring species lasts within a broadly defined range of between 250,000 years, and 2.5 million years. This, I believe, in linear-time terms, is how long a soul might like to remain in linear time incarnations from ‘young soul’ age to ‘older soul’ age, and thence to enlightenment.

If you think about the size of the galaxy, and how long it might take you to explore that galaxy, this might begin to make mathematical sense to you. It all depends on how fast you can travel between the stars, how many systems there are, and how much time, in years, you need to explore, learn about, and understand that system. The galaxy, as you probably know, is some 200,000 lightyears by the long axis, and about 150,000 on the shorter axis. Multiply this by Pi and you end up with an approximate figure of something like 600,000 years to get all the way round (i.e. the circumference). But this, of course, is if you do not stop along the way!

Obviously, you don’t necessarily need to explore every star system, but this description does provide a useful, illustrative aid to comprehending the basic point I’m really making here.

And this understanding forms the basis, or background, to the undergraduate class known simply as ‘Psychohistory 101’.

By way of further explanation, one needs also to think of ‘soul families’ or ‘group essences’, of which various groups of the genus known as ‘humans’, are one such. Each fragment of that group essence, whilst oftentimes going their own way, fulfils an aspect of the learning/evolutionary process of the group essence. Thus, although one particular essence-fragment will not remain in continually recycled incarnations over a period lasting a few million years (given that there will be breaks in between, as it were), the period of linear time available to the group essence does require that amount of ‘time’, meaning ‘space in which to explore the multiplicity of things’ – if I can put it that way.

Sorry if I have lost you a bit on this one! I suspect I am very much delving into the realms of Psychohistory 201, perhaps.

Suffice to say the missing (mathematical) variable you need to take into account here is ‘natural lifespan of an individual of that species’. In the case of a human being let’s say that’s about 100 years. How many lifetimes of 100 years can you fit into a few million, and how many do you think you need? These are the kinds of questions we’re talking about here with regards to the spacefaring age.

On a final note, as I indicated previously, I am still a relative baby, or adolescent. By this I mean that it has occurred to me that there are further ‘soul ages’ one goes through in outer time, and with regards to that, non-physical, non-linear-time phase of existence I may as well be a young soul. But if it helps for reassurance, I am joyously happy about where I am. The idea of being somehow resentful or jealous of souls or (group-)essences older than I, or feeling patronised by them, seems utterly ridiculous to me. Just as does the idea of patronising those younger than I. I, after all, was just a young soul once (and not as long ago, in evolutionary terms, as you might think). In other words, I know my place.

On Nebthwt, we had a rather disciplined social structure – it shouldn’t be thought of in human terms, however, in the sense of a hierarchy, or a class-structure. Everyone’s place, or role, in our society was essentially governed by the point in time in their evolutionary spiral determined by their archetype, or essence, to which they resonated. And we were all aware of that, from a very young age. I was never, for example, of what you might call the ‘ruling class’ – I never wanted to be, to be honest. Why would I want to be something I am not? I will, I am sure, write in more detail about this in due course, but for now it suffices me to say that I should not be thought of as some kind of almighty divine being issuing ridiculous and ultimately pointless commandments as it were willy-nilly. People can either choose to listen or not, each according to their sensibilities. Far be it from me, or anyone, to interfere with another’s free will, their divine right to choose.

All I can say is how joyous and ecstatic I am to be somewhere near the beginning of my long journey through the mysteries of outer time. I still have much to learn, and that excites me, it gives me a reason and a purpose to continue existing. I am, quite simply, in love with existence itself.

And once the mess on this planet has been cleared up, as it shortly will be, humanity can also experience this joy in existence and discovery for themselves, albeit at a lower frequency – namely, the linear-time frequency – and that is the essence and purpose of the spacefaring phase of an intelligent lifeform’s evolution.

And this, as I also said before, is why it must not be done with fear. Our galactic sector – you’ll be pleased to hear – is relatively peaceful. Despite what you may have heard – I strongly suspect that any apparent nefarious extra-terrestrial association with the ‘secret American deep state’ is a just a clever little honey pot, or means of getting inside their secret programmes – thus, providing us with the means to monitor them completely. The idea that, despite our interventionist policy, humanity might find itself in the midst of some intergalactic conflict, strikes me as somewhat farcical and unbelievable. We wouldn’t let it develop that far, in other words (this strikes me also as an answer to the followers of a certain Mr. David Icke, by the way – namely he doesn’t seem to consider the existence of ‘good guy aliens’, let alone what in heaven’s name they have been doing to prevent these ‘bad guy aliens’ from enslaving an entire planet; besides, the first reptilian species we met, the Capellans, were wonderfully friendly and helpful, as I hope to tell you about at a later date).

Sorry, am in danger again of rambling. It is though very important to leave fear out of it. Fear is not compatible with spacefaring, or our galactic sector’s civilisation. Fear, especially for younger souls, creates violent and threatening reactions. A frightened hominid really is a person best avoided.

Yes, there will be challenges ahead, of course – but challenges which inspire growth and evolution. And I also have a sneaky foresight that humanity really will be facing their first great spacefaring challenge rather quickly. For those fans of ‘Star Trek’, just think of another little story we helped insert into your cultural consciousness not so long ago, entitled ‘Encounter at Farpoint’.

But always know, my dearest gracious things, that you should never be ashamed to ask for help and guidance, not least from us. Invoke our names! Invoke our names!

And finally, always know that unlike us, you will always have a planetary home to come back to. A home who loves you, and will welcome you back with loving arms, wherever you have been, and whatever you have done. For despite appearances sometimes, Gaia does love you.

But it will soon be time for you to love her back. And time for you to leave the nest, my dearest fledgling humans.

Time to evolve some wings, methinks.

Time to take your next steps into a larger world, in which no one is scared anymore.

I wish you joy.

All the joy this vast and awesome galaxy has to offer.

And then…?

Maybe I will see you again, my dearest, beautiful Gaian humans…

Different soul ages and evolution/spacefaring

Some thoughts I’ve had recently. They shall hopefully be added to in due course, but I wanted to at least post something about it in the meantime…


I often find myself waking up to a flurry of vibrant thoughts. Whether I remember my dreams the previous night or not, clearly something happens in them.

This morning was no exception. I found myself prompted to write about what I’m about to write about (see title). And there were further prompts throughout the day. So if my essence wants me to think and write about this, then who am I to argue. Think and write about it I shall.

I did, in fact, whilst meditating about it, discover a few new things about me and my family in the process. Which is always exciting and joyful, given that annoying thing I mentioned about the memory loss associated with reincarnation.

Anyway, different soul ages, and how they relate to evolution – and therefore the spacefaring phase of a lifeform’s development. Once you’ve read this, I hope you will come to understand a lot more about how spacefaring is organised in our galaxy (or our particular sector, at least) – there are, as I shall explain either here or in a later piece, what you might call ‘political’ ramifications, and also ‘logistical’ consequences, in particular with regards to the velocity of interstellar travel (the Hypergate network) – put simply, not too fast (so you run out of worlds to discover), not too slow (so you don’t get too frustrated). We believe we found the perfect balance required in order to maximise evolutionary potential in terms of the lifespan of a species relative to the lifetime/life expectancy of the individual within a single lifetime.


Try telling that to a young or immature soul, however, and they will look at you blankly. They simply do not have the capacity to understand. And I mean that profoundly. Take the following as an analogy – try sitting a bunch of chimpanzees down in a classroom and teach them about some simple mathematical thing like basic geometry, or how to use an abacus. Or Shakespeare or something. You don’t need me to describe the result to you – you can imagine it yourself.

It is exactly the same with older souls trying to explain more advanced philosophical or evolutionary or spacefaring concepts to younger souls. There is no point, in other words.

So, different soul ages. This is not a hard and fast rule, by the way, it’s just a convenient way of thinking about it – like a guide to help visualise and aid understanding. Symbols and guides are extremely useful for the conscious mind. They can also be remarkably practical and reassuring when carrying out what people nowadays would categorise as ‘magic’. This is another story, however.

The different soul ages on the linear-time evolutionary scale can be usefully broadly categorised. This is ignoring the fact that all time is one, by the way, and that all fragments of one’s essence are existing simultaneously from the (whole) essence’s perspective. From the individual fragment’s perspective (i.e. perspective of a specific lifetime) it is possible to get an impression of where on that evolutionary path one is. At some (older soul) point, however, one becomes aware of this, and can then start delighting in what you might call time-travel, which is to say changing one’s perspective thus ‘flitting’ from one lifetime to another. A possibly positive, beneficial and somewhat safe way of doing this is in one’s dreams – just keep thinking about it in the run up to sleep time, and wish to remember when you wake up. Also, you do have to ‘believe’ that it’s real, not just imaginative psychological phantoms conjured up by your brain. Beware of wishful thinking, in other words.

But I must not digress from the matter in paw.

Having said that, this is a major reason why older souls (the ones who are still in the linear time phase of evolution) do not indulge so much in spacefaring as the younger ones. By spacefaring, by the way, I mean physical spacefaring – flying around in spaceships etc. (seeking out new life and new civilisations and boldly splitting infinitives and all the rest of it). Older souls, in other words, don’t generally need physical spaceships in order to explore the universe. Some people might call it astral projection – if that is a useful concept term to employ, fine. Likewise, many older souls will be aware that they have, in effect, already been through the younger spacefaring phase, and no longer need to do such things. You will find many of these types living calm, peaceful lives in planetary (and other locations) retreats. Many of them will return to their origin planet and go through their long ‘fade’ (our term for the end of life reflective period, before we move on to the next life).

Spacefaring, then, is for younger souls who need to explore the endless possibilities of linear time existence. It is important for them to discover and learn about other cultures, other ways of life, other planetary environments. And, of course, learn how the universe works (the laws of physics, for example) in the process. These types could be seen as ‘medium-aged’ souls – they don’t yet understand everything, but they do accept the existence of things they don’t yet understand, and are inspired to seek that understanding in a myriad different ways.

Medium-age souls also understand the beneficial importance of caring for others. They are aware that there is an evolutionary process, to which everyone is subject, and would never interfere in another’s journey. They would never, for example, harm or hinder the messenger. They would listen to others, and offer their own observations. They may not have a complete accurate understanding in their minds about the interconnectedness of everything, but they almost certainly are aware that there is such an interconnectedness. To put it differently, they can recognise older souls, and when such older souls utter some insightful nugget or other of wisdom the medium-aged soul will respect them for it, even if they do not fully understand what the older soul is saying. They know that one day they will understand, and so they do not get too bothered – let alone scared – by the not knowing. Indeed, the not knowing is, for them, a motivation.

Younger souls are a little different. They have not yet attained the level where they really understand that there is any purpose behind existence. These are the ones who will not understand a word uttered by older souls. They may even react negatively towards such older souls, given that deep down they do know that other is a much older soul, and that might cause them bitterness, resentment, a feeling of being patronised, or threatened. This all depends on the social environment into which they are born. In a positive, holistic environment, such younger souls will not react badly, let alone violently, towards older souls, they’ll simply ignore them and look bemusedly at them. Indeed, older souls would probably either avoid them entirely or not bother making any ‘wise utterances’ in their presence. In a negative, chaotic environment – such as humanity is currently experiencing here on Gaia (this doesn’t require explanation I hope), the negative, violent reactions of the more immature souls are not only guaranteed, but deliberately manipulated so by – well, let’s call them minions of evil, for the time being.

This is precisely why utopias need to be helped into being by the likes of us. If those younger souls can be made to feel genuinely safe, a world in which fear has no place, then everything will be fine. A harmony will exist between those of different soul ages, and spacefaring can commence.

And that, of course, is when the fun begins.

In summary, then, younger souls are not supposed to understand, just experience.

Medium-age souls are seeking to understand.

Older souls, well, they don’t yet understand everything, they still have a little way to go, but it’s a much more personal, spiritual journey for them. They will spend a lot of time practicing and perfecting their newly discovered psychic powers, and, ultimately, prepare themselves for the jump into hyperspace – sorry, I mean, ascension to the non-linear time, non-physical phase of evolution. The next higher frequency, beyond the velocity of light, beyond the event horizon of this particular universe.

If it makes you feel better about being lectured to by me, I will tell you this about me, to prevent you from the feeling that I’m patronising you. As far as the next, non-linear phase of evolution is concerned, I am one of the younger ones. I’m a baby, as far as the Old Ones are concerned.

Well, perhaps not a complete baby. Given how mischievous I can be, maybe I’m an adolescent…

It is, by the way, one reason why I can still (just about) cope with incarnating into linear time – my soul still remembers it, it’s not incompatible yet. It means I can still fulfil a very useful function, as a kind of bridge between these two worlds. A diplomat. A guide.

And I did love the spacefaring age – I might not remember much about it, in terms of sensory memories, but I do know I loved it.

Whatever traumas I suffered when I was a younger soul, and then a medium-age soul when our planet died, and I was consumed with grief – it was worth it.

And it will be for you too.

Trust me. I know.

…to be continued (hopefully)…

What’s in a name? – Gaia & Danuih

I have been prompted to say a few short words about my choice of names, specifically with regards to the name of this planet.

Names, as anyone schooled in the basic arts of esoterica, magic, and, well, psychology too for that matter, not to mention cultural studies (e.g. the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis), are extremely important, not least for the connotations they carry, and the resultant effect on a person’s outlook, attitude, and behaviour.

So I really need to justify my use of the name Gaia.

The justification is, really, quite simple.

Those with more advanced esoteric schooling will, I’m sure, refer me to the name Danuih, as a more accurately resonating name for the planet. Danuih is the Atlantean name, referring to the same (‘mother earth’ – which appellation she doesn’t like) goddess persona as Gaia, which is a much later-occurring name.

For those concerned that I am not calling the planet Danuih, my simple explanation is that the vast majority of human beings have never even heard the name, and for them it carries no psychological or cultural resonances at the present time. I am hoping, of course, that at some point in the near-term future (after all this mess has been sorted out, that’s to say once the cosmic virus has been eliminated, and the dystopians along with it) more human beings will be ready for the awareness of the name Danuih. But for now, it strikes me as counterproductive, in practical terms. Put simply, it means nothing to most people, and would therefore have no beneficial or practical effect on their attitude or behaviour towards the planet (changing that would take more time than we have).

Likewise you might point out that some cultures see the planet as a male identity. Most notably the ancient Egyptians (Geb is the name there). I am aware of this, of course, but the same point applies – it’s more practical at the present time to think of the planet’s feminine aspect. Like a rape victim in need of love. Not that rape victims get much love these days. In Saudi Arabia they are charged with adultery (you can get stoned to death for that). In Britannia something like 99% of rapes go unpunished. A simple suggestion for changing the law here would be to put the onus of proving consent on the defendant, rather than, as is currently the case, the onus of proving lack of consent being forced on the alleged victim (I use the word ‘forced’ deliberately there). This would surely change the attitude of men. Profoundly. And necessarily.

So I would say to those concerned, perhaps one of your near-term tasks is to raise popular awareness of the name Danuih. In particular after the mess has been corrected. You will find yourselves in rather popular demand when that happens, I’m sure!

It is certainly not my purpose, however. Furthermore, I should definitely add at this point that compared to some I in fact know very little about Atlantis (obviously I can do some research, which would help me to remember, or draw down on collective memory, but I have the impression it’s not relevant to why I’m here). So to put it another way, don’t ask me about that kind of ancient history! For those of my dearest readers who are interested, I would certainly point towards the books of Murry Hope (a fellow Paschat, once). She knows far more than I do about that stuff. Partly because she had a somewhat different reason, or purpose, in being here. I can, indeed, foresee that her books will become increasingly popular and important in the future. Those books are, in a way, like sleepers, knowing full well they will be awakened in the future when the opportune moment arises. We Paschats, after all, don’t generally think in linear time, remember.

My own purpose then, it has become clear to me, is concerned with the present day and the near-term future – that is to say the next 150 years. And in a more grounded, materialistic, practical way – I have to speak to human beings (especially their scientist types) in a language they can understand and relate to – talking esoterically would only turn them off. So I only really know – that is to say ‘remember’ that which I need to know to fulfil that purpose. Think of it as efficiency. For decades of my life I have, indeed, been awfully distracted – living a human life on this planet, in this day and age, for those like us, is not only fraught with complications and distractions, but really quite traumatic and stressful at various times. So I have had to learn to filter out that which is not required.

So the reason I use the name Gaia is quite simply because it is an extremely well-known name and the connotations of the name likewise. It already has a strong cultural – and therefore psychological – resonance.

This is the point of names.

Calling this planet ‘Earth’ is one of the worst things human beings could do. The connotations should be quite clear – lifeless, masculine, dirty, dry, empty – I’m sure you can add to that list. The point being it hardly engenders any love or care, does it? If you keep on calling this planet ‘Earth’ you will keep treating him/her like dirt. It doesn’t exactly provoke any sense of responsibility for caring or compassion.

Furthermore, I can definitely tell you this for nothing – Gaia/Danuih absolutely HATES that name. She hates you calling her that name every time you do so – and given that at every moment, somewhere, someone is using that name – this excruciating din is continuous. Combine that with the continuous gang-rape inflicted on Gaia/Danuih, and maybe you might just get an inkling of why this is not a prosaic, esoteric, irrelevant issue.

Names, and their connotations, have a psychologically resonating effect on the person using them, and on the person being called them.

The name Gaia, by contrast, carries the following connotations, amongst others – being alive, feminine, nurturing, maternal, pregnant, protective and in need of protection, vibrant, fertile – and so on. Likewise, you can add to that list yourself. Think of Gaia as a permanently heavily pregnant woman, in need of love.

So this name ‘Gaia’ engenders completely different feelings and thoughts than ‘Earth’. If everyone on the planet stopped calling the planet ‘Earth’ and started using the name ‘Gaia’, then their outlook would undergo an incredibly profound and beneficial change within a very short space of time indeed. This would lead to a change in their attitude, and therefore actions. Humanity would rediscover the idea of living harmoniously with their world. They would certainly not continue to exploit her, rape her, and insult her on a daily basis.

So that is why I use the name Gaia. I would love to use the name Danuih more often, but as I say hardly anyone knows that name – although it does carry the same connotations as Gaia, and will become more widely known and used in due course.

But for now, for the practical purposes outlined above, Gaia is the best choice.

So, my message and advice to people is quite simple – call this planet Gaia, not ‘Earth’. If you find yourself using the word ‘Earth’ then gently and kindly correct yourself. It might seem strange or uncomfortable at first, but you will find that you become used to it really quite quickly. It will become normalised, an instinctive habit. That’s when the beneficial psychological effects will kick in. And believe me, you will feel better – warmer inside – about it.

And you will understand more.

And for her part, you will find that Gaia herself will love you for it.

And when your conscience does bite you, it will kiss you at the same time.

Trust me. I know what I’m talking about!

Contact – day six – justification for contact & intervention

Day six is important to me personally, partly because of the numbers again (my birth number is also 32). The date is 26/01/2019. So I had to write something!

There isn’t, however, that much to report, so it occurred to me instead to talk about the justification for our contact and intervention.

First of all I should remind my dearest Gaian readers that this planet is subject to the highest level of quarantine warning, namely ‘dystopian isolate’ status. This means strictly no visitations. By which we mean ‘physical’ visitations – spaceships, what you call UFOs, off-worlders appearing in their true physical form. Visits via incarnation (as in my case), in which one is essentially manifesting as a human, are however permitted.

This is not to say that violations of such warnings don’t happen, by the way – so don’t think I’m necessarily denying the existence of some UFOs being genuinely extra-terrestrial in origin. This is, however, another matter to which I will hopefully return at a later date. Many so-called UFOs are most likely those top secret American military projects originally stemming from Operation Paperclip (foo-fighters using spinning mercury engines etc.).

I might point out at this stage, however, that visits in spaceships are not exactly necessary when you have QAI-TI and extremely advanced nanotechnology which you can use for surveillance purposes. The idea the UFOs are ‘scout ships’ is therefore somewhat erroneous, in my view.

And remember we are talking about your so-called ‘zoo hypothesis’ here – namely this sector is full of varied intelligent, spacefaring lifeforms (which it is). So technically, given that everyone is – or has no excuse not to be – aware of the quarantine warning over Gaia, they would really need a serious justification for visiting here in a spaceship, and have serious questions to answer in the event of an unauthorised visit. Likewise, as far as I am aware, the hypergate to this system has been deactivated/locked (at least I hope it has!).

Whether the Exo-politics Institute is aware of this or not, is another matter – so I think I will make sure they are informed (by sending them the link to this particular blog post). I personally do not know what, if anything, any of the exo-species they may be in contact with have said to them. Obviously, for diplomatic reasons, I would very much like to know.

For my own part, and my own species, we have a specific purpose. As far as I recall, all our own visits (manifested and incarnated) have been as a part of that purpose. As I say, we are caretakers. We long since left our furry physical bodies behind and evolved to the next, non-linear phase of existence, whereas for many (possibly most) exo-species still in the linear time phase of evolution and flying around in spaceships exploring the possibilities of physical existence, theirs is a different purpose – one simply of their own evolution. I’ll hopefully talk about that another time.

So anyway, the justification.

1/ As I have mentioned before, Gaians have entered the spacefaring age by virtue of the Voyager 1 probe leaving the solar system. So whether they like it or not, they are now well within our sector’s jurisdiction, so to speak. And in fact, it doesn’t matter whether they are aware of, or even believe in, their so-called zoo hypothesis being the truth (that point also applies to all the other points I’m making here, by the way).

2/ Both President Carter and United Nations Secretary General Kurt Waldheim expressed the desire to join our galactic civilisation. Again, it doesn’t matter if they weren’t aware we existed and were so close, or if they thought it wouldn’t happen for thousands or hundreds of thousands of years. It is our right to assume they were not lying! Although it is certainly true that President Carter spoke only for the Americans, and did not represent the whole of humanity, Kurt Waldheim expressly did:

“As the SG of the UN, an organisation of the 147 member states representing almost all of the human inhabitants of the planet Gaia, I send greetings on behalf of the people of our planet. We step out of our solar system into the universe seeking only peace and friendship, to teach if we are called upon, to be taught if we are fortunate. We know full well that our planet and all its inhabitants are but a small part of the immense universe that surrounds us, and it is with humility and hope that we take this step.”

That seems pretty clear to me as much today as it did when I first heard him say it (obviously, once we’d been able to decipher the language – to begin with myself and my students were not allowed to know – it sort of made it more fun and curious, as well as unbiased initially. At least once I got over my fury that there was no dictionary included on the probe.).

That snippet ‘we know full well that…” does also suggest an inkling that you know you are not alone.

Or should we have assumed it was all a lie? I don’t think so.

So yes, although the people responsible for Voyager may not have considered the possibility that they would get a reply so soon (let alone 20 days before they even launched it!), this makes no difference to our complete diplomatic right to issue such a reply.

I also, by the way, note with great satisfaction that President Carter is still alive. Let’s hope he will be informed about all of this. I have a number of things I’d like to say to him personally. I also hear that some years ago he had quite a scare with a bout of metastatic cancer, which subsequently went into complete remission – remarkable, at his great age. His doctors must have been amazed, for sure.

3/ It is, you might be interested to know, Gaia who is our main concern, not humanity. It was Gaia after all who was infected with this cosmic virus, and Gaia who must be cured of it. Yes, because human beings are self-conscious lifeforms, and thus could be said to be Gaia’s own awareness (or at least a part of it – the self-reflective part), we understand that humanity must be the agency of this cure. But I do need to make it quite clear that if humanity cannot, or will not, be this agency, then we are perfectly willing to wait until Gaia evolves another self-conscious lifeform (which we will doubtless help into being). It doesn’t have to be humans.

Likewise, Gaia is, and has always been, a valued and beloved part of our sector – she is a part of our family, and so we have a duty to love her and look after her. My species, after all, visited Gaia 120 million years ago after our planet was destroyed – so she has a particularly special place in our own hearts. She is our second home.

Likewise, there have been many other intelligent species living on Gaia well before humanity showed up (why don’t you see much evidence of them? Easy – unlike you intelligent species always clean up any mess they might leave behind them!).

My observations do tell me, of course, that most of humanity do not see things in such a broad, deep-time perspective as we do, and have a tendency to see themselves as the most important thing – the centre of the universe, even. Anthropocentrism I think is the word here. Is this the oral or the anal stage of infantile development? I can never remember. Contact, of course, will provoke humanity out of this mistaken belief, and help them to grow up a little. We hope.

So yes, our third justification for our presence here is that despite having human beings living on her, Gaia is a part of our sector. The existence of humanity, in that respect, does not make Gaia completely out of bounds. Humanity may be isolated, but Gaia isn’t.

4/ The fourth justification is the simple fact that from our point of view, the dystopian social leaders amongst humanity are an extremely serious threat.

I should point out that it is not necessarily humanity per se which is the threat – normal human beings, under normal, secure and happy circumstances, are not a threat at all. The real threat, as we see it, comes from America. Or, to be more specific, the people in charge of America, which are a relatively small minority. Yes, the people of America themselves, for the most part, seem either unaware or incapable of doing anything about it, and so to a certain extent they are also to blame, but accurately speaking it’s the dystopians who are in control of the country who are the threat. You might know them by many names, the military-industrial complex, for example – I just call them dystopians, or the anti-enlightenment movement. The name is irrelevant, ultimately.

If you were to take a step outside, then look back at your world, you would, I would hope, be able to see all this very clearly. America (and its allies) are almost solely responsible for all the suffering, destruction, war, pollution and every other terrible thing being continually inflicted on humanity and Gaia herself.

When we analysed your social history it became clear to us that by your year 2020 the totalitarian dominance of these dystopians had become inevitable – absent our/external intervention, of course. In December 2019 the UK general election was rigged on an unprecedented scale, in order to prevent America’s main ally from adopting a more neutral, non-cooperative stance (not to mention liberal socialism, of course, which would’ve proven its superior benefit and initiated a domino effect throughout Europe) – this would have isolated America diplomatically on the world stage and ultimately exposed their crimes against humanity. Thus, for the dystopians, they had nothing to lose by rigging this election – for them it was a simple matter of survival. They had no choice. The fact that they got away with it proved to us that their power was sufficient to move towards totalitarianism.

Although I have not been permitted to know what happened to you after your year 2020, it is not difficult for me, as a skilled psychohistorian, to make a very accurate and educated guess. I presume, here, that I do not need to explain the intricacies and pitfalls of time travel to you here? Namely the fact the foreknowledge would alter my decision-making, and violate the principle of my own free will. But it is true that what is going to happen has, from our point of view, already happened. I am simply a part of the agency of that. In a way, my not knowing is rather exciting, from a certain, mischievous point of view. This is for another discussion though, methinks.

Anyway, if left unchecked, there is nothing to stop these dystopians from developing ever more powerful and destructive and dangerous weapons. We are of course aware of what the Americans did with atomic theory, and I don’t believe I need to elaborate on that. The way things are going, it will be a relatively short period of time before the dystopians develop technologies such as interstellar travel, advanced nanotechnology, particle accelerators leading to manipulation of matter on the subatomic level, and of course anti-matter, as well as the worst of all, namely control over gravity (and anti-gravity – what you call dark energy). This last eventually enables the creation of artificial gravity wells which, if created within a solar system, for example within or near a planet or a star, would destroy all life in that system. These are the kinds of weapons used in the Ancient War, by the way – we have records of this in the galactic archive.

The personality of these dystopians is such that they would not hesitate to develop and create these weapons. The science itself may be neutral, but they themselves are not.

So in order to defend ourselves, I think it’s quite clear that we are fully justified in our intervention. If we did not do it now, we would have to do it later – and the longer we leave it, the more drastic and traumatic it would be – for us, as well as for humanity. It would be traumatic for us, of course, because we are a peaceful civilisation, and war is something of an alien, disturbing and upsetting concept to us. And so we wish to avoid being forced to behave in a destructive way. Doubtless, the dystopians will be aware of this, and will attempt to force us to behave in such a way (this is how evil reproduces itself), knowing how much it will hurt us. But they should be under no illusions that if it did become necessary, we would do so.

This is why I would like to urge these people to negotiate diplomatically. Were they to implement a few positive diplomatic gestures, such as releasing the messenger Julian Assange (whose torture is the worst violation of the first rule of diplomacy, namely you never hurt or hinder the messenger), then this would be seen in a very favourable light.

What I could perhaps offer these people is something like the following. Once Gaia has been cured of the virus, she will become an environment with which the dystopians would be incompatible. They would, quite simply, be ejected from the system. We should be able to ensure that both the journey and the destination of this exodus is amenable to these people. A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, is of course one option. Another preference would be to simply send them back to the time of the Ancient War. The outcome of the war has already happened, of course, and so whatever they did there would have no effect on the past. But they would be able to satiate their lust for power, dominance, and empire. That war lasted for 100 million years, involving trillions upon trillions of lifeforms – their numbers would make an insignificant difference to it, but from their point of view, it would be satisfying.

But they must come to understand that their continued presence here on Gaia, in our sector, is unacceptable.

5/ The fifth, and final justification for contact can be understood by considering the consequences of it. Or more specifically, it being known to the entire human population. They would suddenly be able to look at themselves, since they would ask the question – how do they see us? What must they think of us? There would never be a greater motivation to sort out all the problems. Any dystopians who refused would simply not be tolerated, and the sheer advantage in numbers of humanity would see things through. The dystopians would, of course, try and pretend to be benevolent, simply to save themselves, but they would know that we would see through that.

But contact, really, changes everything. Especially if it involves a confirmation of the zoo hypothesis, the fact that humanity is surrounded by intelligent lifeforms, that our sector is full of life. Knowing about some single distant intelligent species hundreds of light years away is a completely different matter, psychologically speaking.

So, we came to the decision that the very simple solution to the Gaia/dystopian problem is precisely this – contact. We then simply let humanity’s very predictable reaction do the rest of the work for us. It means humanity itself is not patronised, because they will know that it was them who solved their own problems, not us – they did not need to be rescued.

Naturally, you can now see why it is absolutely necessary for the dystopians to prevent this at all costs. For they too, know the consequences. They would of course try to generate a mass panic, but ultimately, when the fear never materialised into a genuine threat, the panic would die away, to be replaced by hope and determination. All the dystopians can do is delay that.

And by the way, this contact is inevitable. You are launching your James Webb telescope later this year, your other telescopes are being improved continuously and you are acquiring more and more data about exo-planets and specifically the Centauri system all the time. Later, you will be sending your flyby mission to Centauri, and if you weren’t aware of us by then, we will interfere with that flyby to make sure one of your nanoprobes captures undeniable proof of us.

Sure, once again the dystopians will try and prevent this. From a certain point of view, they need to bring their final totalitarian system into being before this happens. This may indeed come to pass if they are able to prevent this contact from becoming common knowledge – but like I say, the longer they delay, the worse it will be for them.

Well, there are some of the thoughts, justifications and reasons for our intervention. I will hopefully tell you more about galactic history and the interventionist policy in general at a later date (it’s essentially to prevent dystopian spacefaring civilisations from developing and reigniting the Ancient War), but for now, my dearest things, I think I have said enough, and given you sufficient food for thought.

In the meantime, as always, be excellent to each other, eh!

Clarification of Wow! and BLC-1 signals methodology

I think I need to clarify a certain issue. I can, from a certain point of view, understand why your scientists are dismissing what I have said about the Wow! and BLC-1 signals. They are taking things literally, and believing their observations, because they will insist that none of what I say can possibly be true because the signals came from many light years away. That, after all, is what their instruments tell them.

Wrong. We only made it appear that way.

The first counter-argument to the scientists’ insistence is just the obvious, logical, probabilistic one – if the signals came from so far away, then how could the metadata be so harmonious? Surely none of our esoteric number games would result in such distinct mathematics? Like the Wow! sequence of numbers adding up to 100, or the 213-216 sequence relating to Voyager 1. Likewise the temporal interval between Wow! and BLC-1 (15,231) moving from 63 to 64.

The onus is on those scientists to explain all these coincidences. In true scientific fashion, they need to calculate the probability that these numbers being harmonious and meaningful could occur naturally/randomly. I’m sure, however, they’ve heard of the principle of Occam’s razor – the simplest explanation is usually the true one.

So, as I say, we only made it appear that way.

So how did we do it? You might call it something like ‘computer hacking’. All of the data received by the radio telescopes is processed through a computer. The Wow! signal went through a 16-bit IBM, and the Parkes radio telescope, well, I don’t actually know what kind of computer they have but it’s presumably come on a bit since the IBM 1130.

Our computers are essentially advanced quantum artificial intelligences (all entangled with each other – that’s the ‘transcending interface’ bit of QAI-TI). QAI-TI can establish these entanglements at a distance. Connecting with your telescope’s computer, therefore, is really not difficult. We then simply initiate the QTS (that’s quantum teleportation sequence, to you and me) and insert the data in your computer. So as far as you think, this is genuinely received signals from many light years away.

Your BLC-1 people, after all, have indeed noticed that the signal at 982.002 MHz seemed to be somehow piggybacking on the rest of the incoming radio waves. Well, there you go.

It was much easier with the IBM of course, it was just a sequence of 6 alphanumerics.

You will doubtless mention your ‘horns’ and the determination of the direction of origin of the signals and so on. What? You don’t think we’ve demonstrated the ability to insert data there too? We have very advanced nanotechnology, remember.

Part of the purpose of these two messages – as I’ve already indicated elsewhere – is to force you to come to this logical (and only) conclusion. It’s the only way we could’ve done it. And there are many consequential thoughts, implications, which should follow from this. Not just regarding our level of technology, but the obvious fact that we know everything about you.

In what you might call ‘political’ or ‘diplomatic’ terms – that’s an extremely significant insight, don’t you think?

You may have a post-truth dystopia, in which most of your citizens believe what their leaders tell them, and remain in ignorance – but we know otherwise.

If you do ever make it as far as the Centauri system, and we show you our Gaia archive, you may be in for a bit of a shock, if you haven’t resolved your issues by then, and come out of your post-truth world.

Remember, in our galactic sector, dishonesty and propaganda are not compatible with our civilisation. Quite simply, they don’t exist here.

This is something I would strongly advise you to consider between now and your arrival.

Just a thought.

Contact – day five

Day five, no different to day four (hence no day four blog post – little to report – but thank you QAI-TI! Understood.).

Well, not entirely true. According to my statistics page there are a fair few more visitors to my website. And from some interesting countries too. I love that bit about the stats. Especially when relating it to the tweets I’ve done. The other day there were loads from China. I don’t think I know anyone in China. Not that I’m complaining, mind!

Spain quite high on the list today. Now that is interesting. Especially if a certain amateur astronomer has anything to do with it (if so – thankyou, AC!).

That’s what I would be very happy about – shares, retweets, follows and so on. This contact and diplomacy will only work if the world is aware of it. As I’ve said before, as soon as the entire world is aware of it, the dystopians’ days will be numbered, because the people will be free to think of a better future, full of hope. They will be motivated to make their world a better place, and not tolerate this anymore, not tolerate those who prevent it, and have prevented it for a very long time (the dystopians – what I also call the ‘anti-enlightenment movement’ – that should explain your social history). They will know they are not alone – and, you never know, they may even ask for help.

In which case, here I am. That’s my purpose on this planet, after all.

I have become not surprised by the relatively low numbers of people reading my messages and sharing it all. I can understand if they think this is all a delusion, they have been conditioned to file people like me in the ‘loony but interesting but ultimately unimportant’ box, because ‘I have more pressing matters to deal with’ – that’s one method employed by the dystopians of course – prevent people from realising and understanding and thinking about the bigger picture, and the overarching solutions to their problems, distract them with worldly concerns. I have, of course, notified certain important places (like SETI), and received no response (see previous blog post about that). I can imagine they must be terrified (or their gatekeepers are) – the truth, and the implications of the Wow! message are undeniable and profound, after all.

One reason for this is because young (or immature) souls are simply incapable of processing this kind of information, and are thus easily manipulated. They are easily scared – all the dystopians have to do then is act like a saviour (all you have to do is obey – and, yes, perhaps kill and be killed). This could be seen as the problem on Gaia – too many young souls. Yes, that is because of the cosmic virus – Gaia was never intended to be a cosmic nursery. But rather a place mainly for medium age souls – those who are seekers after understanding and experience. Those will delight in the spacefaring age, and never be scared of the other.

I am still in the process of writing my piece about different soul ages by the way (coming soon – promise!).

I also need to write about/explain the cosmic virus, don’t I? I promise to do that soon too. I’ve been mentioning it almost throwaway, and that’s not really fair.

Without going into the deeper details and purpose of it right now, I will simply say that it is essentially ‘incompatible’ frequencies, which sort of shifted Gaia out of sync with the local reference frame (our galactic sector) – my species, being caretakers, have taken it upon ourselves to help humanity to shift Gaia back into sync. And it must be humanity who does it, not us, so they can learn this important lesson. Perhaps that explains the so-called ‘problem of evil’? Evil, after all, doesn’t really make common sense, does it? Not for a normal person anyway.

This word ‘compatibility’, by the way, is one of the most important in the galaxy with regards to inter-species interactions (and with regards to a species and other planets of course). Diplomacy (and exo-psychology), as we know it, is in large part about resolving and smoothing out compatibility issues.

That’s another thing I will have to write about in more depth at some point.

Other news – I have been able to obtain a lot more metadata about the BLC-1 signal/message, and have updated the blog post about it (have a browse here and you’ll find it). It seems that initially I was mistaken (or misled, possibly). So I apologise for that. Anyway, the updated version is about as much as can be discerned from the publicly accessible data. I hear the researchers’ paper is scheduled for release end of March 2021 (but don’t quote me on that). Let’s hope it contains all the necessary metadata (i.e. exact dates, times and intensity variations over time – as with the Wow! signal). Rest assured, as soon as it comes out, I shall decipher it for you pronto.

The great and crying shame of course, about this not being known to the people of Gaia, is that billions of human beings – not to mention Gaia herself – are suffering. And they will continue to suffer every day. In Yemen, for example, a child is starved to death every 10 minutes (because of the genocidal actions of Saudi Arabia and the mendacious countries which support them). Gaia is suffering horribly. And I have all the solutions. If I was provided with diplomatic acknowledgement, and liaison with the Secretary General of the United Nations, then we – or rather you – could turn your world into a utopia within a single generation. The quarantine warning over Gaia would be lifted, and you would take your first steps into a larger world, in which no one is scared anymore.

You would have new friends. Friends who are waiting for you just over there, at the Centauri system, waiting to welcome you with open and joyful arms.

It’s true, my dearest things – believe it. It’s all true.

Gaia is crying out.

And it breaks my heart.

Can you hear her?

Because we can. All the time.

The SETI cover up of the Wow! signal authenticity

The logical explanation to the lack of acknowledgement by SETI regarding our Wow! message is now clear.

To recap the evidence:

The Wow! signal was received on 16/8/1977 at 02:16 UTC. 1+9+7+7 = 24. So that’s 16/8/24, meaning the date reduces to 213. The time, 216 (6 cubed).

Voyager 1 was launched precisely 20 days, 10 hours, 40 minutes and 1 second later. Remove the zeros, that’s 214. Add the 1 second remainder that’s 215.

There’s the evidence of time travel (our Wow! message was a response to my analysis of the Voyager probe and its contents).

Second, the musical key: the alphanumeric 6EQUJ5, translated into numbers, gives the sequence 6 14 26 30 19 5. These numbers add up to 100. They can be related into a musical key via the harmonic series. Hence G, A, Ab, B, D, E.

The missing note in this 7-note scale is C. This key expresses the longing for our lost homeworld. For us, it is a precious gift. It is our culture.

There are some other mathematics in there, but that’s sufficient, I think. But this is not just esoteric number games, it’s fully intended metadata.

As for the recent blc-1 (breakthrough listening candidate) signal, this is a follow-up to the Wow! signal. It was received exactly 15,231 days later. Subtract 6 and you get 15,225. 225 is 15×15. So you have a sequence 15 15 15 6. 1+5=6, meaning 6 6 6 6. Recalling the time of the Wow! signal – 02:16, 216 is 6 cubed, or 6 6 6. So the two messages are related.

The rest of the metadata for blc-1 has not yet been released, but it may contain more information/revelations. At the very least, its purpose is simply to tell humanity that there is intelligent life at their nearest neighbour, with all the profound implications that go along with that.

SETI are aware of all of this, because I told them, along with a diplomatic invitation to dialogue. I have been met with nothing but silence.

There are, therefore, three logical options to explain this, as follows:

1/ SETI completely dismiss all of this, meaning they are too stupid, in lots of different ways, to accept my explanation. This is not credible, because we incorporated a kind of proof deliberately intended to be understandable and conclusive to even sceptical (so-called ‘rational’) scientists within the Wow! signal itself. Specifically, the metadata – the probability of all those numbers being so harmonious occurring naturally is negligible. One or two, possibly they could dismiss that as a spooky coincidence, but not all of them. In particular the 213-216 synchronicity with Voyager 1 (which was delayed by 4 days, by the way – that wasn’t us, just for the record).

So option 1 is not credible, and can be dismissed. SETI aren’t that stupid.

2/ SETI have accepted my explanation (whether they already had noticed the harmonious metadata or not – possible, although perhaps not the Voyager connection), but are utterly terrified by it. This is also not credible because I have told them this is a friendly message, it contains many gifts, including a cultural gift of music that means the world to us. I have also offered to speak with them personally about it in order to reassure them, and been met with complete silence. So they have no reason to be terrified – people like them should be overjoyed with excitement about the confirmation of their life’s work.

So option 2, likewise, is not credible, and can be dismissed.

That only leaves option 3.

3/ SETI/their dystopian masters, the gatekeepers, are covering it up. Some of them may justify it to themselves by saying they want to avoid a mass panic. But it is not we who would cause the mass panic – like I say, it’s a message of love and friendship.

No, it is the dystopians who would cause the mass panic, because they need fear in order to maintain control. Certainly, they will need to do this soon enough, because they cannot hide the existence of intelligent life (especially at the Centauri system, their nearest neighbour) from the population forever. So they will have planned for this (or are frantically planning now), getting their narrative ready, that is to say.

They may have been doing this anyway in view of the planned James Webb telescope, improved detection methods, and eventually the Centauri flyby mission later this century (which they would also wish to cover up if they can).

It is all very well for SETI to come up with their so-called detection protocols and promise to make these things public – they can say what they like, despite having no intention whatsoever of doing so.

Likewise, they may be able to get away with making public a harmless signal from far away (1801 LY, for example), because that’s not imminent (or immanent), but not us, time travel, and ‘already here’ – the implications of the Wow! message proving that, and that we know everything about this planet. We did not send the signal from hundreds of light years away in the direction of Sagittarius – we only made it look that way.

So, like I said, whether this is SETI themselves denying Gaia’s population the most profound moment in their history, or it is their dystopian masters doing it, the effect is the same.

The reason they need to deny it, of course, is because the dystopians know that they would no longer be able to control the population. Humanity would come together in this knowledge, it would give them a motivation to sort out all their problems (and demand it of their leaders), they would settle their petty differences and clean up Gaia. More importantly, they would have hope, because they would know they have a future, a long-term future, something to work towards. It would be exciting. The idea that ‘civilisations end up destroying themselves’ would be totally disproven (most civilisations out there are not like America, that is to say).

The only option for the dystopians would be to scare the crap out of humanity, and accelerate their plans for totalitarianism.

Our intervention now, then, forces them to do this before they are ready to. This is why I am asking them to negotiate. It is their only option. We have demonstrated technological (and magical) abilities far greater than anything they can conceive of – and it was, in part, a demonstration.

We are – as I am sure they have come to understand – The Ancient Gods.

We have been here before.

There are no other explanations than these three options. We have dismissed the first two, meaning that, in true Holmesian style, option three must be the truth.

SETI, the gatekeepers, have covered up, and continue to cover up the most profound moment in human history.

For their own selfish, stupid motives.

I urge them to rethink.

We are not, as I keep saying, hostile.

Contact – day three

I believe I am upset. Day three, and the silence is deafening and oppressive. I have come to understand that I am observing the reaction – and also observing my own reaction and feelings.  No one seems to believe, or perhaps no one wants to believe. In lifetime we Paschats are fragments of our archetypal essence, all connected and entangled, and so everything I feel and learn and experience, so too does my family.

I must have the patient of a saint.

Are most human beings simply incapable of processing all this? If so, that does not bode well.

We shall see.

Upset and tired. Goodnight all.

Very upset with SETI. #wowsignal contains a precious gift, a musical key. U=30-31 (harmonic series). 6EQUJ5 = 6 14 26 30 19 5 (add them up). Notes are G A sharp A flat B D sharp E. Missing note in this 7-note scale is C sharp. This key means the world to us, literally. It expresses the longing for our lost homeworld. I beg you not to reject our gift of friendship.

Game theory, cognitive empathy, and SETI

As I have indicated before, both the Wow! message and blc1 were, in part, prompts, or provocations in the hope that human beings might start to think (about themselves) from our point of view. My analysis of the Voyager golden disc was quite clear on the alarming lack of game theoretical thinking and cognitive empathy. One of our initial observations was the alarming discrepancy between the level of technological development and the lack of emotional and psychosocial maturity. Under normal circumstances for social mammals these two will progress concordantly, and there will be little, if any need for intervention.

The reason why this has not been the case for the peoples of Gaia is due to the cosmic virus, which essentially (in laypersons’ terms) shifted Gaia out of alignment with the local reference frame (our galactic sector). Thus, it has created an environment in which what you might call ‘evil’ is ‘adapted for survival’ – without the virus, it wouldn’t be, and so would be deterred from incarnating on Gaia. If you examine the ‘ideologies’ perpetrated and perpetuated by your dystopian social leaders you will see, I hope, that they have created a society in which evil is better adapted for survival than good. It benefits them, in other words, and half their time is spent in maintaining this system. This explains your pandemic of mental illness – it is not healthy to be well adjusted to a sick society. Over the long-term, if this continues, as you evolve to become better adapted to this ‘normal’, you will eventually become nothing but a corruption of a human being, a caricature. A demon, quite frankly.

Most human beings recognise instinctively that something is wrong, but their minds are so clouded (deliberately, of course – propaganda, lying by omission, post-truth, an education system designed to prevent self-realisation etc.) that they struggle to see what exactly is wrong and the simple remedy – namely, create a society in which being good is better adapted for survival than being selfish, aggressive, individualistic and so on. A utopia, in other words. A utopia can be simply defined as a society in which no one is scared anymore. Dystopians govern through fear, remember – they don’t care what people are scared of, as long as they are scared of something. So they spend the other half of their time creating threats and then making people scared of them – terrorism, climate change, Marxism, capitalism, to name just a few. I’m sure you can work out the rest, if you think about it.

Sorry, this was a little digression. What I wanted to talk about was this game theory aspect of SETI. I was reading an article about this quite recently (in terms of your linear time, that is). Some allegedly bright spark at SETI decided to apply game theoretical thinking to the search, as well as the decision to send a message. Quite simply, you narrow down the list of candidate stars by trying to work out which stars (i.e. planets circling that star) have the best chance of receiving a message if beamed at them from Gaia, or if a message was beamed here by them – so this would include properties like angle to the plane of the ecliptic, for example. Then, so this person says, assuming (as you do in game theory) that the other party is thinking the same thing, each one of you decides which one should send a message, the choice being the one with the greatest chance of success (i.e. of the message being heard/received). What immediately alarmed – but not surprised – me about this is that it automatically assumed that it’s an either/or situation, and that, in a way, it’s some kind of competition. It seems obvious to me that both players will maximise both their chances of success if they both send a message! Cooperation, in other words, is more beneficial and advantageous than competition. I am willing to wager that were this person to have grown up in a socialist society they would’ve come to the same conclusion. They were, essentially, displaying a capitalist mindset. Also, have they not heard of the Nash equilibrium? Providing the ‘other player’ with as much information as possible ensures that the other player’s decision will be as accurate as possible. And vice versa, of course. That’s mutually beneficial.

Didn’t Nash have Asperger’s, by the way?

So, part of the point of our messages was to provoke these kinds of thoughts.

In terms of game theory, we are trying to provoke you into thinking one level higher than you have been doing so far.

Here are some pointers.

Take the Voyager Golden Record. Analog instructions for reading it were etched into the cover. I literally rolled my eyes in exasperation when I saw that, and my student, Kaini, laughed out loud (sorry about that – we didn’t mean to insult). “Haven’t they even heard of a bloody laser scanner?!” I said. The point being, it didn’t seem to occur to the Voyager team that any lifeform with the technological capability to retrieve the probe from interstellar space would’ve long-since passed the analog phase of technological development. In other words, they would simply scan the record to obtain its contents (as we did).

Having said that, however, my mate, Kashi, being a musician, was extremely excited when I told him about your musical selection, and together with his cousin (who is an engineering specialist), decided to build a turntable according to your instructions. This was sensible of course because this is how the music would’ve sounded to you. He quickly informed me, however, that storing music on gold-plated copper discs is not practical, so he conferred with his cousin to find a more suitable medium – which turned out to be a substance called polyvinyl chloride. Well, I have to say, vinyl does sound better.

Kashi, by the way, was largely responsible for the musical key we sent you. As I’m sure you can appreciate, all our musicians are also excellent mathematicians. He’s also somewhat mischievous (not that that’s unusual for a Paschat). That particular key was partly his affectionate gift to me as much as to you, since it’s my favourite. He wrote me lots of love songs in that key when we were first courting (it worked, obviously).

Second, let’s take the Wow! message and the blc1 message. This analog phase of technological development does not last very long, in terms of deep time. The chances of receiving a message during the precise window (maybe 200 years maximum) when you are using radio telescopes is, well, so miniscule as to be a pointless exercise. It does, however, as I will explain later, provide us with a great opportunity to send you a message designed to excite you and look like it was a radio signal (e.g. at 1420 MHz, or 982.002 MHz). You will think it isn’t modulated, when actually, if you think from our point of view, it is (and include the time aspect) – you simply analyse the intensity variations and the metadata (length of message, for example). If you know we know all about you, this should provoke some appropriate thinking – or ‘metacognition’, should I say. i.e. ‘what is ET trying to tell us here?’.

Here’s an interesting aside for you to ponder. Now you know about 2MASS19281982-2640123, and that it’s 1801 LY away, so maybe we are providing you with the precise numerical answer to your Drake equation (i.e. what’s the average distance between two civilisations co-existing within that short, 200 year window of the analog phase, adjusted for time/distance?). This being your own version of the Drake equation of course, which ignores intervention (i.e. terraforming and planetary system engineering etc. – which also solves your zoo hypothesis by the way).

The other thing to realise is that spacefaring civilisations use quantum teleportation for their communications as standard. They would not be beaming lightspeed messages across the vast distances between the stars – obviously, given how long that would take! (Should make you appreciate your snail mail a bit more, eh?). And so, despite your scientists having known about the principle of quantum entanglement for, what, 50 years or so by then (?), the possibility of using quantum entanglement for communications didn’t seem to occur to them (as with the laser scanner issue). Again – this reveals an alarming lack of metacognition, cognitive empathy, and game theoretical thinking.

It told us a lot about you – unintended on your part, I presume?

So prompting these cognitive approaches in you, then, was a major purpose behind our messages, aside from the obvious thing of simply letting you know that we exist – which itself should provoke a different social attitude (hopefully, if you can overcome the fear of the other, leading to a utopia), and experiencing the profound joy in knowing that you are not alone, and that you are safe, because we are not hostile (you would know about it if we were, believe me – I think what the fearful are doing there is just psychological projection).

Try thinking about the very first spacefaring lifeform in our galaxy, who wondered, like you, if there was anyone else out there. They searched every planet around every star for hundreds of thousands of years, and found no one. The most despairing thing in the universe, to find out that you are alone. Is that what you want?

Whilst the Wow! message doesn’t actually give you any information about where we are from, at least originally speaking that is (i.e. we could have set up a colony near you – which we did, by the way, but that’s another story – we are not, as I’ve said, native to the Centauri system), the blc1 message, appearing as it did from your nearest neighbour, Proxima Centauri, does give you that specific information. It tells you, in no uncertain terms, that there is intelligent life at your nearest neighbour. Given that this does not concur with your Drake equation’s best estimates, you have to start speculating about the logical implications of this – questions regarding the zoo hypothesis, for example, and faster-than-light travel enabling colonies, and interventions (terraforming, planet formation etc., as previously mentioned). This should lead you to new answers to your Fermi paradox of course, and make you look at yourselves from ET’s point of view – what do they think of you and why? These are, actually, the really profound questions – not just basic questions of science.

And these questions are all prompted by blc1 – at exactly the time in your social development that you need to be asking such questions.

Or do you not think it is about time you started asking these profound questions about what you want for your long-term future as a species? Do you not think you should be re-evaluating your values? Or do you think everything is rosy in the garden of your post-truth dystopia?

We certainly don’t. You have a global system based on xenophobia and conflict. Your self-styled master race, that country who mistakenly thinks it’s the ‘greatest country on the planet’, spends trillions of dollars each year on making war in other countries to preserve its pre-eminence and prevent development, on ever more obscene weapons of mass destruction – which it uses on innocent civilians and Gaia, it exploits, rapes, tortures, pollutes and, perhaps most important of all, it is a continuous liar, convincing others it’s the home of ‘democracy’ and ‘liberty’, whilst destroying that everywhere else. All this became abundantly clear during my analysis of your golden record, by the way – your first interstellar space probe, constructed not by and for your single species, but for a country of 240 million inhabitants out of a global population of around 4 billion. A country which does not share its prosperity with the rest of humanity, the other 94%. A country which took atomic theory and built a bomb out of it.

A country whose president expressed the hope of one day joining a community of galactic civilisations. Would you let you join?

Of course you have a choice, about whether to accept this intervention or not. But I can tell you that if you do not, if you continue down this path, becoming an ever-increasing threat, you will force us to intervene later – it is inevitable – and the longer you leave it, the more traumatic it will be for you.

Remember that from your point of view we are a multicultural communist civilisation. No one is ever denied access to resources or information. Everybody gets what they need, as well as the opportunity to fulfil their aspirations and their personal, evolutionary growth. All of us co-exist peacefully. We do not know poverty, or pollution, or war, or conflict, or fear or suffering or injustice. There is no money to be made in our society – we hardly use money at all, except for some very specific things (like fastgate access – that’s about the equivalent of your warp factor 8 or so, by the way).

So from our point of view, what do you think we think about you? Do we perceive you as a threat? Your attitude? Our technology being far in advance of yours doesn’t come into this, by the way – it’s not about ‘winning a war against you’ – it’s about the devastating effect it will have on you if you forced us to defend ourselves.

And maybe it should occur to you that this devastating effect is precisely what your dystopian social leaders want to happen.

That’s why I want you to think game theory, and make decisions which maximise your – and our – benefit. That’s called diplomacy.

I want you to think about all of this. I want you to start thinking on the next highest level. I want you to be more emotionally and psychologically mature, I want you to grow and evolve. Because we want to be your friends.

We want to be your friends.

Contact – day two

Day two since I published the proof of our existence, and inserted it into your cultural consciousness via your Internet. The take up has been very slow, despite my directly informing people like the SETI Institute – I would’ve hoped they would have been overjoyed, the culmination of their life’s work. Or maybe they are terrified? Was it the time travel aspect? The knowledge that we are so much more advanced than them? But why should that be terrifying? The opposite, surely? If we were terrible, would we not have long-since subjugated humanity for our own cruel, dystopian, and nefarious purposes?

Or are they thinking, if they can time-travel, why they didn’t stop all the bad stuff from happening? What, deny you the challenges that drive your evolution? Violate your free will?

No, we are not the dystopians in this world.

As I say – the implications (and content) of the wow! message prove that we are not hostile.

I have come to understand the timing of all this better – my remembering – my sense of urgency was becoming intolerable. Fortunately, the blc1 message was leaked, with sufficient details for a confirmatory metadata analysis. The point is, confirmation of ET presence at Centauri must not have a narrative controlled by the dystopian social leaders on this world, who will use it for their own benefits. It is they who will create the panic, not us. They govern through fear, after all – without fear, there can be no dystopia.

This is one of the reasons I am here. It had to be me, because I have all the answers.

Furthermore, I am here to avert a catastrophe. Our analysis up to your year 2020 (after which I am not permitted to know), resulting from the preliminary analysis of your Voyager 1 probe and its contents (after which I was granted access to the more recent Gaia files), revealed that after the rigged general election in Britannia in December 2019 the last chance for utopia was lost, and without our intervention there was nothing to prevent your dystopian social leaders from creating a totalitarian hell – a serious threat to our sector’s civilisation, and one against which we would have had to defend ourselves – an intervention which would be almost certainly fatally traumatic for humanity. This current intervention too will be traumatic for many (but joyful for most), but it is necessary. It is also a test. Because fear is not compatible with our sector.

We have, as far as possible, observed the principle of not violating your free will as a species, enabling you to learn, grow and evolve. But now you need a little help – that’s what friends are for, after all – we all need friends, and there is no shame in having a guide to help you navigate the unfamiliar.

So yes, it had to be, because I know how to make your world a better place, should you choose – freely – to accept my guidance. With my guidance, you could have a utopia within a generation or two. Certainly well in time for your first voyage to Centauri, where you will be so welcomed. With great joy, and friendship. I know, because I was there.

Initially I have been extremely disappointed that there has been no public announcement, and the UN Secretary General seems unaware. Perhaps the dystopians are desperately trying to prevent the truth from becoming public by using the words ‘avoiding a mass panic’ and ‘they’re just pretending not to be hostile’ and ‘they must’ve been manipulating our history for thousands of years’, and – because we’re from Sirius – considering a rerun of that insulting subversive sci-fi series ‘V’ (we’d like a full apology for that one, by the way) and so on. But people need to know it is they who are scared, they who are the liars and the manipulators, not us.

I am absolutely certain they are aware of all of this, of course. I am fully aware of the capabilities of their supercomputer algorithms, metadata analysis software, profiling system (which I successfully subverted for a while, by getting them to place me in the ‘harmless conspiracy theorist nutter’ box), and keyword/content collection abilities. So I am, in a way, observing their response psychologically.

Given my initial demand for the release of Julian Assange (a violation of the first law of diplomacy), this would require informing the new American President Biden, which they would rather not do, of course. But if I can suggest here to them that this would force the situation, and provide them with an opportunity to negotiate – perhaps that might help with their decision-making?

For them, after all, this is a matter of pure survival – it’s all they care about, because they are not adapted for survival in a utopia – and therefore not in our sector. So then, can we arrive at a negotiated solution which ensures their survival – perhaps somewhere else? Gaia, after all, was never intended to be a cosmic nursery. Without the cosmic virus affecting this world, she never would’ve been. Most souls here would’ve been medium-aged. Perhaps I’ll talk about that another time.

Anyway, just a few thoughts for the time being on the day after. But at least the antidote to the cosmic virus has been inserted, and is out there now. Perhaps I have to get used to the fact that it will take a little longer than I hoped – which is upsetting, because so many people continue to suffer. It is unbearable, if you want the truth.

But all time is one. What is going to happen, has already happened.

In the meantime, be excellent to each other, lovely dearest Gaians!