More Wow! signal mischief

After receiving no response from SETI regarding our message, I obviously started to wonder why. It was of course immensely disheartening, which goes a long way towards explaining why I’ve hardly been posting anything over the last month or so. I do have quite strong emotions, you know.

My first thought was, naturally, that they must think I’m just another loony. This is understandable, as it happens, in this day and age and of course in view of America itself, which is clearly full of them. Over 155 million of them, after all, voted for either Trump or Biden. The latter seems determined to provoke World War III with Russia and China. The American people don’t seem to realise that the ‘lesser of two evils’ is still evil. If their American Green Party won they would have a utopia within a generation. So they are clearly lacking in emotional maturity.

So too, unfortunately, are SETI themselves. They seem fixated on the idea that an ETI would send signals between the stars at the speed of light, despite the obvious shortcomings of such a method. It’s hardly practical for communication purposes, after all. It’s like sending a message by post on a boat to the other side of the world instead of picking up the phone or sending an email. Advanced ETIs would use quantum teleportation (QT) for long-distance messaging. And here’s the game theory/psychological aspect of this – the ETI would assume that any reception-capable civilisation would also realise this. In other words, the ETI would not automatically assume that the potential receiver civilisation was emotionally and psychologically stupid.

Furthermore, as I have indicated elsewhere, there is only a relatively short technological window in which a civilisation would even bother thinking about lightspeed messaging – I would say something like 200 years, between the advent of radio telescopes and viable QT (and faster-than-light travel). So there would be no point sending a message beyond a 100 lightyear radius. Furthermore, you would also, as per the so-called Drake equation, have to believe that there was a receiver civilisation within that radius at pretty much the same stage of development as you, which is so unlikely as to be not worth the bother about (absent deliberate intervention, of course, to ensure compatibility between two near-neighbours – which, ironically, is not unlikely – and of great sociological interest, I have to say, partly as an experiment).

None of this seems to have occurred to SETI.

If this kind of thinking had occurred to them, then they would surely have interpreted the Wow! signal very differently – to such an extent, actually, that they would’ve understood it. Part of the purpose behind it, after all, was to be a kind of test. Which, clearly, SETI failed miserably.

There is, however, another possible explanation, which is that they did recognise the authenticity of the message (even if not understanding all of it) but covered it up.

There are two prominent reasons I can think of for a cover up. First, sheer terror, and second, the thought that public knowledge of its authenticity would ‘destroy the fabric of society as we know it’ etc.

This second reason is not entirely untrue, but this upheaval would only be temporary (and humans do need to start thinking things and consequence through longer term – that’s called game theory) – it’s the dystopians who would suffer, and after a short transitional, adjustment period, this proof of contact would usher in a golden age for humanity, a utopia, in other words (hence why dystopians would seek to cover up these things). Humanity would demand of its social leaders that they fix all the problems – if they didn’t, they would be removed physically from their positions (of course, we must bear in mind here that ‘good things must never be done by bad people’ because it only makes them look good and they only do it for selfish reasons, for their own survival. They must never be allowed to get away with it – the people must never forget that they were bad, and could have fixed all those problems any time they wanted.)

This is why contact is so important.

As for the sheer terror aspect, this is not something I can readily accept. There was nothing inherently frightening about our message, after all. Part of the reason for sending a musical gift was to signal friendly intentions. The only ‘hostile’ aspect is in the implication that we know everything about you (otherwise the metadata wouldn’t work harmoniously) and we ‘hacked’ into your IBM 1130 to deliver the message. In other words the signal did not come from hundreds of lightyears away (and thus would not be perceived as a threat, rather something of only abstract interest), but ‘ETI is already here’. Likewise, the technology possessed by us is so far in advance of humanity’s as to seem like magic. Maybe that scared them too. Only they can answer that question.

But it is all very sad and disheartening indeed.

So, if they did cover it up, how did they do it? Simple answer – make it look as if the signal was received one hour later than it was – so the metadata doesn’t add up. Specifically, according to Jerry Ehman’s report, he says it was 22:16 EST, meaning EDT would be 23:16, meaning 03:16 UTC instead of 02:16.

The other explanation being simple ‘human’ error – that’s to say someone screwed up when they programmed the computer, so it told the wrong time.

I may have lost you here, sorry. I’ll explain.

So I looked a little more deeply into the Wow! signal details and it seems that I did indeed misremember a few things, which may explain SETI’s dismissal. The exact time of 22:16 local time (02:16 UTC) was not, as it happens, the start of the 72 second message (thus likewise 02:17:12 was not the ‘end’ of it either). The timing of the 22:16 was aligned with the highest intensity part of the message (represented by the alphanumeric ‘U’ in the readout).

So ok, fair enough. Part of the point, however, is to simply make people think. Unfortunately human scientists seem to think only in ‘exactitude’ – any mathematical deviation and they dismiss it.

Still, if they really believe that the timing error was ours, despite our superior technology, then they need to re-evaluate their values. The timing error in question being exactly one hour too late for the chronological harmony with the Voyager 1 probe’s launch (20 days, 10 hours, 40 minutes, 1 second). Note well – exactly one hour – not some random number of minutes. Not one minute earlier or later, but exactly one hour. SETI are really trying to claim here that for the want of that one hour the Wow! signal would’ve been perfectly aligned with the Voyager launch. Will I ever know what their thoughts are on this? I don’t hold out much hope.

But the idea of us making a silly mistake like that is not credible (regardless of what I may think about our engineering specialists, ha ha).

So then, it behoves me to cite more evidence of the authenticity of the message, as well as the fact that this message did not originate hundreds of light years away, just as I have said.

Ok then, here’s some more Wow! signal mischief.

The simple answer is that the signal is not solely contained in channel 2 of the printout.

For those unfamiliar with what I’m talking about here, the Big Ear telescope recorded incoming data from 50 channels. The 6-string alphanumeric sequence popularly known as the Wow! signal was located in channel 2.

Of course we wouldn’t let you get away that easily!

By inserting data into other channels, as well as ‘before and after’ the 72 second window, we are telling you, beyond reasonable doubt, that this message did not come from hundreds of lightyears away.

You will need to refer to the image of the printout for this one:

The first and most obvious thing that should jump out at the reader is the number 31 right after the ‘U’. That’s to say the number 3 is in channel 3, the number 1 in channel 4 (at the same time – 22:16). It should be recalled that the letter ‘U’ refers to a signal intensity 30-31 times the standard deviation from the background. Furthermore, combined with other mathematical harmonies and ratios etc. in the surrounding numbers (and the exact time of the signal) this should’ve prompted Jerry Ehman to think about the harmonic series. If he’d done that, he would’ve hopefully been led to decipher the musical key. Likewise, he would’ve been prompted to look at those other surrounding numbers in the printout and, as it happens, think differently. Either he did notice and got terrified, or he really didn’t notice. Writing ‘Wow!’ in the margin might psychologically suggest the latter. Maybe he got carried away, and then got fixated on where the signal might have come from (hundreds of lightyears away in a particular direction) – his report, by the way, spends an inordinate amount of time analysing all that. He says nothing whatsoever about the metadata. So either it didn’t occur to him, or he was so terrified that he doctored the whole thing. Only he can answer that question.

The next, and somewhat mathematically beautiful (in my opinion, if I say so myself) sequence is located in channel 4, which should be read from top to bottom. The sequence in question reads 61-2411-4344.

Although this might not be readily apparent, a little thought should make it so. Indeed, the 4344 and the 24 should prompt this. 4344 is exactly 181 times 24. In other words it’s 180 times 24 plus 24. 180 being half a circle. Likewise, 61 has a similar feel to it.

4344 being 4320 plus 24 should also give pause for circum-referential thought. 4320 is 72 times 60.

This number 24, clearly, is extremely prominent (as a further piece of mischief, combine this with 216 being 6x6x6 and remember the number 24 from the Revelation of St. John, ha ha).

You can also do your adding the numbers up thing. So 6+1=7, 2+4+1+1=8, and 4+3+4+4=15. That’s a sequence – 7+8=15, and likewise, all those numbers add up to 30 (cf. ‘U’).

So having seen that 4344 is a very divisible number, we can try this with the other two sequences. First, we’ll add 61 to 2411 and get 2472. Clearly a 1:3 ratio. It’s also divisible by 24 of course, namely 103.

If you divide it by 72 you get 34.3* (343 being 73).

It should also be noted that the difference between 4344 and 2472 is 1872. 18×4=72 (or a 1:4 ratio, if you like).

Because we’re dealing with channel 4 here, however, we’ll divide these numbers by 4. Thus 2472/4 = 618, and 4344/4 is 1086. Given that humans measure the speed of light as 186,000 miles per second, this is quite intriguing. Likewise, the 2411 adds up to 8 which can be placed next to the ‘61’ for emphasis.

Another thing to consider here is the so-called ‘golden ratio’, which is approximately 1.618. That number is clearly evident in all this. There are also a few other approximations of this ratio within the wider signal.

618 x 1.618 is 999.924, which is about as close to 1000 you’ll get with a whole number of that size. That’s nice and neat.

As a further example within the 6-digit sequence itself you can also see 19 and 30. These are the distances from the sun in AU of Uranus and Neptune respectively. I am wondering whether SETI noticed this (and if so, what their reaction was).

Many people at SETI like to think that ‘proof’ of an artificial origin for a message would involve the message mentioning some fixed constant of the laws of physics, like Pi for example. Well, I think c or the golden ratio should also suffice. Especially seeing as c is mischievously presented in human terms.

Another little sequence is next to the ‘E’, where you have 24-3-12. The ratios there are 8:1:4. The 8:1 should hopefully again make one think of octaves. Likewise, in the harmonic series 3, 12 and 24 are all the same note (G, as it happens; the other G is the number 6).

The middle number there ‘3’ is the top of a 4-string number, 3613. 3×12=36 of course. 1+3=4, which gets you to 364. These are just nice little hints or prompts for more pretty numbers games. They’re not supposed to really mean anything scientific other than to demonstrate artificial design.

Of course I may be wrong there, because I do not remember everything. It is after all quite likely that the numbers refer to dates and events or objects, some of which have not yet happened.

The channel 4 string, for example, could refer to the date 16 November 2024, at precisely 11:26 (presumably UTC).

Given the way the world is going (towards a catastrophe), November 2024 may well be seen as a cut-off date, a point of no return (there will, after all, most likely continue to be fascist governments in both America and Britannia at that time, meaning there is no hope for humanity without external intervention).

The other not impossible interpretation for the channel 4 number string is that 24.11 and 43.44 are the new coordinates for the north pole after a planetary axis tilt, which many psychic and metaphysical types have long predicted (although not a specific date – the date in 2024 previous mentioned, however, is an obvious option).

On a similar, but (possibly) related note, the number 61 could indicate the year 2061, which is the next scheduled return of Halley’s comet. Would it not be intriguing indeed if that mysterious Oumuamua thing was simply a means of gravitationally altering the trajectory of a body in that distant part of the solar system such that at some hallowed date in the future humanity finds it on a direct collision course (with either the planet or the moon)? Scary thoughts, but mischievous nonetheless.

The final bit of number mischief I wanted to draw your attention to is in channel 16 (together with a ‘3’ in channel 14). The numbers in question are 332-7 (the ‘3’ from channel 14 is just before the ‘7’). If we want to go back to the 18-21cm quiet zone in the cosmic radiation spectrum (I think people call it the ‘waterhole’) then that’s clearly here via multiplication. 3x3x2=18, 3×7=21.

We can also read some of this backwards – 7+233+240 (the 24 again). 332+7=339. 339 divided by 3 is 113, and you should be able to see the 113 alongside it in channel 14.

33/2 also makes me think of revolutions per minute. It’s not exactly the 16 and 2/3 rpm of the golden record, but you can’t have everything!

Part of the reason I mention all these seemingly silly numbers games is because the chances are if SETI really didn’t notice them then it’s highly likely they have also failed to notice other messages hidden in their reams and reams of computer printouts. I would suggest they first look at important dates and times. The launch of the Voyager probes, for example (and possibly the Pioneer ones too). One date to also look out for is 25 August 2012, which is when Voyager left the solar system, thus making humanity a spacefaring species (and thus a member of our galactic sector, with all the implications that entails – including our right (and responsibility) to intervene).

In order to locate these other messages, then, simply requires an analysis of the metadata. Together with noticing various harmonic sequences of numbers (many of which will indicate bookends of the messages). Given that humans use binary code for computers and information, it is extremely likely that there are other pieces of information buried in all that apparent background radiation. But it’s not really my job to decipher all these things for humanity – that’s their job.

One final factor to note about the metadata of the Wow! signal. If we are talking here about precisely 22:16 local time, then this equates to the local sidereal time of precisely 18:21. Obviously that’s this 18-21 cm wavelength again, but it also means the ‘apparent’ direction of origin of the signal is quite different to the one calculated in Jerry Ehman’s report.

So where in the heavens would this point to? If Jerry Ehman really was terrified by what he discovered then we can only assume that the direction of origin is really quite profound.

If that’s where Sirius was at that time, for example, then I can understand his reaction (I don’t think it was, to be honest, and I really can’t get my head around these online star maps – call it laziness). The same would apply if it was Centauri (I’m fairly certain that’s where we were when we sent the message – our colony station, that’s to say). Making an educated, instinctive guess at these online star maps for that specific location/date, an hour earlier means it may well have come from somewhere in the vicinity of Lyra/Vega, which would be intriguing. But what do I know?

Anyway, there’s a little bit more Wow! signal mischief for you, as well as the – I hope – convincing proof that there was, at the very least, an intelligent design behind the message. Obviously at this stage I can’t exactly prove – in terms of human science – that it was me (or my species/family) who really was responsible for sending it, so that will have to remain a question of faith, at least for the time being.

Having said that, I challenge you to try finding anyone else on your Internet (or the world) who has been able to decipher the message. Let alone someone who was born, harmoniously, exactly 1648 days (less 24 minutes) before that signal.

Sleep well, my dearest things!

Why did the dromaeosaurids not evolve culture?

There are so many things that are still nebulous to me. There was a time, recently, when I thought I remembered that the dromaeosaurids did in fact develop opposable digits, fire-starting and then art, mathematics and interstellar travel.

And that they were only one of so many intelligent lifeforms who came before you and made it to the spacefaring age and beyond. After all, it’s not as if enough deep time hasn’t passed for that to happen, is it?

But now I believe I was wrong. It was just wishful thinking. Same as the Capellans.

This was their, I don’t know, what you would call a ‘project’, at the time we arrived here at Danuih. As I said, they had high hopes. After all, the Capellans themselves were – are – an advanced interstellar species who happen to be reptilian, so why not the dromaeosaurids?

By the time we arrived they had come to understand that genetics alone does not provide the answer. There are no genes for intelligence, or culture, or empathy, or any of those other aspects which differentiate between civilisation and barbarism. If there were, everything would be so much simpler.

Especially with you, the human species. All we would have to do is insert certain genes into your double helix say, forty thousand years ago, then effect the appropriate epigenetic triggers and there you go – you are a utopia. You are fine, and so very welcome in our galactic sector, our multicultural peaceful, holistic civilisation.

But clearly, as you yourselves have demonstrated, logically this cannot be the case.

The dromaeosaurids, as I intimated, had a tendency, like the proverbial fox in the henhouse, to kill everything in the vicinity even when they were not hungry. The social Darwinists amongst you might well argue this was to prevent their so-called ‘rivals’ from obtaining sustenance, thus dying out first, but that infers a higher form of strategic intelligence which the dromaeosaurids did not possess.

Similarly, it was not as if they thought they would be hungry later and so could simply come back to the kill and feast before it decayed. They did not, I can assure you, guard their kills. Yes, they did bring ‘extra’ back for their young, but not to the extent which would account for their rampage.

And so, as I say, even when they did return to their killing grounds they inevitably found that their dead prey had been already either eaten by others or decayed.

But here’s the thing – they did not learn from this.

It was some while before we ventured down to the surface of Danuih. This was not because of the alien pathogen problem. That was resolved quite quickly with no issues thanks to the Capellans’ knowledge of QAI-TI-controlled nanocytes. Partly it was because we wanted to ask Danuih’s permission first. We were somewhat trepidatious, given that we were mammals and she was clearly in a reptilian-dominant phase of her evolution. There were some mammals already, but they were at the most primitive stage of that evolutionary stream. Granted, she was aware that these creatures would come to take precedence, and that we would be helping in that regard, but she was adamant that this would not happen for very many millions of orbits.

Likewise, the technology available to us was perfectly adequate for fending off unwelcome attention from ravenous dinosaurs. Forcefields, guardbots and the like.

So I don’t know what it was, really. Maybe some kind of ancestral nervousness. That and the reluctance to remain on Ishna under those artificial domes. To have to adjust to a new planet. You humans probably don’t really comprehend this. I’m sorry – that sounded arrogant – I didn’t mean it to. Of course you don’t comprehend it. You should do though. Most of you are not originally from this system, after all. Danuih knows this. She is not your mother. The Pleiades are.

But that’s another story.

Why did the dromaeosaurids not develop culture?

And so to begin with, we, with the help of the Capellans, constructed an orbiting space station, sufficient for our relatively few numbers. I know you humans are used to thinking in terms of your population of billions, but for us, that’s unthinkable. The first wave of Paetri were no more than ten thousand. Our planet, Nebthwt, in the estimation of our scientists and those of the Ishnaans, still had several hundred thousand years of potential habitability left. That was one of the reasons I did not want to leave. That amount of time was still enough for us to evolve to the non-physical phase of evolution. Yes, it would get harsher, our planet’s environment, but I didn’t want to leave. My family did not want to leave.

The Karidel knew we had to. We had relinquished our need for individuation, responsibility in making social decisions to them. Ironic, clearly.

We had to learn how to fend for ourselves.

If you have read Murry Hope’s channelled communications with Ka-ini and Mi-kili you may get the impression that we were always a highly advanced lifeform. Or maybe it’s because Ka-ini and Mi-kili had, by then, forgotten how we once were. The fact that we were once young, just like you, that our primal ancestors also existed without opposable digits, walking on all fours and all the rest of that nature red in tooth and claw. But unlike the dromaeosaurids, we developed fire-starting, with the help of the Old Ones, and then art and mathematics and finally interstellar travel. By the time Murry started talking to Ka-ini and Mi-kili, those two were so far removed from our ancestral past that it may even have seemed like a kind of myth to them. It does to me too sometimes. And Murry herself, who only ever had one lifetime as a Paschat, that was in our advanced future, when the Karidel and the Ishnaans explored outer space in time-ships. After the evacuation.

A long time later.

Maybe, being a time essence, she now knows, but it’s not the same for us. For my family.

Unless you, my dearest things, have actually been outside this planet’s atmosphere, you have no idea, believe me, what it’s really like to love, let alone lose, a world.

If only I could help you to feel your world, then everything would be beautiful again. You can try, of course. You can imagine yourself in orbit looking down at your world, Danuih, her beautiful blue and green and white, and suddenly feel and understand her.

This is how it was for us when we arrived. You have no idea. Perhaps one day you will. Perhaps.

You want to know why the dromaeosaurids never developed culture? Maybe it’s the same as you are now. I’m not talking about fate here, or even that you – what – blew your chance somehow, like it was never meant to be?

It was because of the cosmic virus.

It happened a long, long time ago. Restoring the balance is not as easy as a simple pole shift. If it were, the problem would’ve been resolved 120 million years ago. It could be resolved tomorrow. Just divert another asteroid or comet into the path of the moon, knock it away from orbit, re-adjust the obliquity from 23.4 to zero, restore the human female oestrus to an annual return to solve the over-population problem, and there you go.

But no, it’s not that simple, is it?

Our star system, what you call Sirius, is the Time Star. When we first arrived here, we did not realise how intimately bound up with you and your system we are. It took a while. We started on our space station.

And then we went down to the surface, with Danuih’s permission. We lived again.

But we did not understand, why the dromaeosaurids never developed culture. Not yet.

Until that time-ship arrived…

And my future, my purpose, changed forever.

You humans, my dearest things, have no idea, no inkling whatsoever, of your place in the scheme of things. You are lost. You came here to Danuih as interlopers from the Pleiades, seeking truth and healing and what have you done?

Look at what you have done.

You have exacerbated the virus.

No, more than that – you have become the virus. Conscious.

You are the reason the dromaeosaurids never developed culture.

And you have no idea how hurtful that is.

My first vision of you, forty thousand years ago, in the ice age, 120 million years into the future.

How could I go back after that, knowing that anything we did in the past had already happened, and would not change a damn thing?

But we still have forty thousand years to play with. Forty thousand years to make things right again.

No, you have no idea, my dearest things.

Our time star is a wakening.

And so am I.

So am I.

Sorry for my absence

I have a desperate need to apologise for my absence – especially to those who have checked into Home on a regular basis to see if I have posted anything, only to find nothing.

I could blame many things. In particular, the full moon in Virgo on 27th February, which is about as opposite to me as you can get. Suffice to say it has provoked internal uncomfortable stuff for me. But most of all, a sluggishness which is anathema to my soul.

This heralded some bad news on the very following day. It should not have been doubt about my diplomatic mission, but it felt like it. As a diplomat, to be ignored is the greatest insult.

But I have come to understand that even allegedly intelligent humans do not acknowledge, do not believe, do not understand the seriousness of their condition.

Here I am, in full knowledge of the fact that we are in a loud phase of our galactic sector, in which there are no less than 38 spacefaring lifeforms within a 50 lightyear radius, all of whom are perfectly aware of events on this planet as they unfold. They have access to the galactic archive, after all. They are observing with no little consternation.

Humanity, in this 21st century, is going to suffer an inevitable catastrophe which will prove traumatic. Traumatic beyond anything you can possibly imagine. My purpose here is to be a guide. To mitigate the severity of this catastrophe. Yet all I see are stupid humans with absolutely no inkling of what is about to happen, no awareness of their post-truth dystopian state, no acknowledgement of the urgency of things. And so they make light.

The wrong kind of light of it all.

The wrong kind of light.

But this lunar phase is fading now – this sluggish Pisces – more dense than any Piscean month I can remember. Ares (to whom I must declare my love!) is approaching and I for one know that for me this will be a gorgeous burst of energy. Much needed, for damn sure!

Anyway, there is little more I can say right now in the way of excuses other than a heartfelt apology. As I say, especially to those who have been my faithful friends and companions. To whom I can only offer my greatest love.

But I have at least been thinking, however, and meditating, and remembering.

Therefore, my dearest things, please expect some better things to come…

An apology, and an explanation

I need to make a humble apology. What I am sorry about is taking the so-called Exo-Politics Institute seriously. Clearly at the point when I began this open diplomacy I had not carried out enough research on the matter. I admit that this was probably due to an overabundance of optimistic hope. The idea that some human beings had created a kind of sanctuary or consulate for visitors which could also act as a channel of communication with, for example, the United Nations, was very exciting from my point of view. It was, as it happens, exactly what I needed.

But there’s the trap, isn’t it? I still need to do a fair bit more research into this whole area, but having done a sufficient initial amount, my instinctive, intuitive conclusion is that this Exo-Politics Institute is dangerous rubbish. It’s also a honey pot.

I will, once I’ve done more detailed research, explain all this in more detail in a later article.

But for now, all I can say is sorry!

The same perhaps applies to SETI. It has become very clear to me that the purpose of SETI is not to discover and make public the most profound, important, and world-changing piece of information in recent human history – namely the confirmation of the zoo hypothesis – but the opposite – to control the search for extraterrestrial intelligence and to prevent it from becoming public knowledge. Precisely because it would change the world – from a dystopia to a utopia. Obviously the dystopians cannot allow this to happen (as they are not adapted for survival in a utopia).

It also occurs to me that, whether semi-consciously or subconsciously, I was carrying out another provocation, or test – for both the Exo-Politics Institute and SETI.

And this is how I know that my above conclusion – my intuition – is correct.

I have provided both SETI and the Exo-Politics Institute with undeniable proof (the Wow! signal/message being the obvious example). Their reaction tells me all I need to know about them.

What was their reaction? Silence! Total silence.

Just think about it psychologically. If SETI was genuine then they would’ve been the most excited scientists on the planet right now. It would be all over the news, I would be currently conducting diplomacy with the Secretary General of the United Nations, giving him the necessary advice and guidance on how to make the world a better place (yes, of course I know how to do that! Completely and utterly – clearly the dystopians are aware of this too), and I’d be, what, permanently trending on twitter or something. The end to this Covid-19 fiasco would be in sight as well because every country would be adopting a global zero-Covid strategy – the whole of humanity finally working together for the common good. Which, incidentally, would act as a huge magic spell to eliminate the cosmic virus, by using the Covid-19 virus as a kind of ‘waxen image’ – all it would take is for humans to be consciously aware of this as they go through the global total lockdown (it worked in Katrina’s world in 2020, after all).

Likewise with the Exo-Politics Institute. Dr. Salla (founder of the Institute) finally encounters ‘the real thing’ and – what? – no response whatsoever! Dr. Salla is either a deliberate fraud, or a useful idiot (or both).

Perhaps this is because I don’t fit into his scheme of things, his world view, and more importantly my species and our history of interacting with humanity completely contradicts everything he’s been told!

This, unsurprisingly, is the reason why my species isn’t even mentioned in the Exopaedia. The idea that nobody in the Exo-Politics Institute has ever heard of Paschats, or Murry Hope for that matter, is simply not credible.

Both logically and psychologically, this glaring omission proves that my above conclusions are true.

The other explanation (or excuse – it’s mine and I’m sticking to it!) for my mistake, made out of hope, is that in my other life as Katrina myself and my (Ishnaan) friend Carrie Hughes founded the multidisciplinary Department for Exo-Studies (DEXOS) at the University of Cambridge in 1995. Naturally, I thought that the Exo-Politics Institute might have been conceived along the same lines – but how wrong I was!

DEXOS, as I say, was/is a multidisciplinary academic department with a huge degree of respectability covering all aspects of exo-studies – that’s to say, anything outside this solar system. It encompassed subjects ranging from basic astrophysics and astronomy to exo-biology, planetary sciences, theoretical physics to more ‘esoteric’ exo-studies like philosophy, psychology, parapsychology, paraphysics and metaphysics, archaeology and comparative mythology and so on. Not to mention my specialism, exo-psychology and psychohistory (Carrie was the first Chair of that specialism). As well as offering this wide range of genuine and respectable courses (from undergraduate to postgraduate) part of its remit was (announced with great fanfare I have to admit!) to prepare humanity for ‘contact’ – that’s to say to help humanity become psychologically used to the idea of the zoo hypothesis, so that by the time it happened they would not be scared about it. It was an ‘anti-xenophobic’ project, in that sense.

Doubtless to say, it was a huge success, and kept the topic permanently in the public’s mind in a respectable way – unlike in this world, in which the whole idea has been deliberately relegated to the ‘new age ridiculous conspiracy nutter hippy loony etc. etc.’ not to be taken seriously category. Hence, when I come along, no response. I am effectively just a needle of truth in a haystack of misinformation and lies.

In Katrina’s world, the opposite was the case. Katrina (who was/is an actress and filmmaker amongst many other things) released a movie in 2012 (about contact at Alpha Centauri) in which she/I/Shari’ana at one point sends back the wow! signal. This provoked millions of people into looking into it for themselves and understanding it. It became undeniable, along with its implications. So, although this was not strictly speaking ‘actual contact’ (in any physical sense), the idea of it started to irrevocably change people’s attitudes. The idea of ‘visitors’ (like Katrina, who finally ‘came out’ about it – she’d also made a Russian language film called ‘The Visitors’ some ten years previously), which in this world seems to be called ‘starseeds’ did not seem so ridiculous or far-fetched, and slowly but surely people got used to the existence of we visitors.

And so by now, with the Ares-Gaia centrifugal space station up and running, the blc-1 signal being talked about in public, and the James Webb telescope being permanently pointed towards Centauri, and there is talk of getting a dialogue going (not to mention the world having worked together on an immediate zero-Covid strategy, which worked), that world is swiftly on its way to beautiful utopia.

In direct contrast to this one.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling for now. I just wanted to say sorry, offer the above explanation/excuse, and promise to do more research in future before I leap.

Obviously, however, everything happens for a reason and at the right time, and part of my purpose here is to experience these things in order to gain the knowledge required to be a better guide. A month ago, when I started all this, I hardly knew anything about the Exo-Politics Institute, or Dr. Salla, and I allowed my excitement to draw me in. So now I understand a lot more about the nature of these dystopian honey pots, and am in a much better place to counteract them and offer the right kind of guidance to visitors, so-called starseeds (who I had also not heard of until very recently). The starseeds will definitely need my help. Most of them, after all, aside from finding themselves all alone in an alien environment, will have no experience or knowledge whatsoever of dystopia or how it operates, and being trusting souls they will be prone to fall into these traps for the unwary, so they will need the benefit of my psychohistorical expertise on the subject. I have, after all, studied such things for quite some time. If they have seen any of my reports in the archive (in a former life), all they may need are a few memory triggers.

So clearly, despite purposefully experiencing all this suffering in my earlier life in preparation for all this, I was helpfully shielded from these honey pots all that time, simply by virtue of not knowing about them. So now that I do encounter them, it’s far easier to see through them.

So rest assured, I shall be continuing my in-depth research into all this, and shall be writing in more detail about it in due course.

There are, after all, many things which need to be corrected…

Intervention – The Prime Directive – part two

In part one I concentrated on a more ‘spiritual’, or evolutionary, justification for our interventionist policy, which could also be called our ‘prime directive’. In part two I will ramble on about the practical side of things.

Essentially this goes way back to what we call the Ancient War. This refers to an extended period of approximately 100 million years or thereabouts at the beginning of the habitable period of life of this galaxy, some 7 billion years ago.

At that time, there was no interventionist policy. The simple reason being there wasn’t anyone to carry it out. Unlike the present time, in which there is an almost uncountable multitude of spacefaring civilisations throughout the galaxy (the so-called zoo hypothesis), those earliest years were characterised by a scarcity of such lifeforms – the obvious reason being things were only just getting going. Someone, after all, would have to be first. And then second, and third, and so on.

This is somewhat ironically reflected in the so-called Drake equation, which is a simple thought experiment to calculate the number of spacefaring lifeforms in the galaxy, essentially by trying to get an idea of how many sufficiently stable habitable planets there are in which ‘intelligent’ (tool-making) life can evolve and survive into the (technological) spacefaring phase of existence. In those earliest years of the galaxy the Drake equation thought experiment is really quite accurate, and would result in such spacefaring species being separated naturally by hundreds, or perhaps a few thousands, of light years between them (1801, perhaps, might be a good educated guess). This obviously provides a vast amount of what you might call ‘living space’ for expansion and colonisation.

Likewise – and here we come to the crux of the matter – there is nothing to prevent some civilisations from descending into totalitarian dystopia and then discovering the secret of interstellar travel. One of the characteristics of dystopia, remember, is the lack of emotional or spiritual maturity, what you might call wisdom, which leads to fear. Dystopians themselves are fearful, but will go to any lengths to avoid or escape that fear – they are, in effect, scared of fear itself. This is quite difficult to comprehend – or empathise with, rather – at least for me. To me it just seems stupid. Once a lifeform has discovered the art of making fire they become the so-called apex predator – they can no longer be categorised as ‘prey’, because they now have a comprehensive defence weapon against any animal predator. All animals will instinctively recoil from a source of fire, after all. This lack of fear, leading to self-confidence, is the beginning of self-awareness for a species. Likewise they can start to evolve their brains by cooking food, making the proteins more digestible – and so on up to art, mathematics and interstellar travel.

However, all of this mastery over the environment allows for ever more complex and larger social groups (what you might call ‘civilisation’), which provides the fearful proto-dystopians with a new mechanism of survival. Prior to this, in hunter-gatherer societies, those who are ‘socially disruptive’ would simply be ostracised (expelled) from the social group. What some people now call ‘alpha males’ is a classic example. Alpha males are actually epsilon males – their behaviour, clearly, if you think about it, is not beneficial to the social group. They are disruptive. They desire social control and, well, other people’s women (regardless of whether the woman wants it or not – most often she doesn’t). For every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction – they cause bitterness and resentment which leads to either ostracism or violent retribution. Either way the so-called alpha male does not survive. They, and their behaviour, are, in effect, rooted out of the gene pool in an epigenetic sense.

Interesting, as awareness blooms, such epsilon males serve to teach the rest of the social group about good and evil – i.e. that which is beneficial versus that which is detrimental. It reinforces the inherent goodness of the majority of the social group.

However, once the so-called agricultural revolution occurs, society becomes stratified into different roles, some of which could be seen as ‘positions of authority’ – the foreman of a construction site, the overseer of the agricultural workforce etc. For dystopians – our aforementioned epsilon males – they simply need to get themselves into those ‘managerial’ positions and abuse that position to claim authority over others. The young of mammalian species, after all, are inherently trusting of adults because they are helpless at that stage of their life. Their brains need to be programmed to trust their observations (of adults) and then copy them (via mirror neurons etc., if you want a neurophysiological explanation). Think about it logically – if, say, a fledgling bird was programmed not to trust its observations of its parents, then when comes its turn to fly out the nest it would just plummet to the ground and die. Likewise with human beings, for example. A child is programmed to trust adults.

This, then, can be abused and manipulated by dystopians.

Today, for example, you don’t need to look very far to see how those who have placed themselves in positions of power and social control are accomplished liars and propagandists (dystopias are always ‘post-truth’). Of course they need to convince the people they have their interests at heart, that they are ‘good’, because they know perfectly well that normal people are programmed to reject evil. Thus, evil always pretends to be good. When the American social leaders want to go to war, for example, they always have to convince the people it’s for ‘humanitarian intervention’ against some genuine threat. For anyone who investigates their claim, it becomes quickly clear that it’s a lie, but for the majority of people it’s not psychologically tolerable to accept the fact that the people in power are evil. Aside from anything else it would offend their pride to have to accept that they have been played for fools.

It should also be clear that in order for these dystopians to maintain their power they need to restrict access to information. Even more specifically, to the information and knowledge and wisdom required for evolution (both of the masses as well as the individual). Creating an anti-education system specifically designed to prevent self-realisation and individuation, the tools to ask and answer questions for oneself, and to be nothing but a conveyor belt for units of economic consumption or productivity, is obviously an intrinsic part of this (one of the main reasons I call these dystopians the ‘anti-enlightenment movement’ – the ‘illuminati’ they absolutely are not!). Thus the species, over many generations, effectively regresses – intelligent, wise, older souls find themselves living in an incompatible environment (“It’s not healthy to be well-adjusted to a sick society” etc.), and are thus rooted out of the gene pool, until, when enough time has passed, the vast majority of such a species are degenerate, corrupt, unable to think for themselves, slavish, fearful, and perfectly willing to indulge in war and empire-building. The capacity to learn, evolve and mature has quite simply been extracted from them.

This is the real, long-term existential danger of totalitarian dystopias. Evolution, remember, never stops, because time always exists. Evolution, simply meaning change, or adaptation to the environment, can in fact turn a species down many different pathways, some of which lead to corruption, chaos and evil. Over an extended (hundreds of generations over thousands of years) of dystopia, the brain’s structure is fundamentally altered to make it frankly incapable of ‘goodness’. Such brains cannot be reasoned with. They have no conscience. Like the Terminator, they don’t feel pity or remorse, and they absolutely will not stop etc. Such is the nature of a psychopath, a dystopian.

With some of those earliest lifeforms which developed spacefaring technology, this is precisely what did happen. And at that time, there was no one to stop them.

Now I can hear you ask – ‘but you said you have the power of time travel, so why don’t you just extend your interventions right back to the beginning and prevent all of this from happening?’

This is an excellent philosophical point for a student of psychohistory to ask. It raises a number of important questions. From a human point of view, this is essentially the same question as the so-called problem of evil, that’s to say something like ‘why does God allow evil to exist?’.

But here’s an interesting answer for you – how would we know to go back in time and stop evil if evil never existed in the first place precisely because of our interventions? This would be a paradox, no?

How would we even know that evil existed in the first place? Where would the motivation for intervention come from? If everything is always harmonious?

So, given that this state of affairs did – or was allowed to – exist in the early years of spacefaring, from a time travel perspective the best policy is ‘containment’.

This is where – forgive me for this – things start to get really quite ruthlessly cunning. Given that we Paschats are of the feline persuasion, a certain amount of animal cunning comes naturally to us.

But you deserve an explanation, of course. An answer to the problem of evil. Understandable, so here it is.

The first, somewhat obvious point, is that without the existence of evil there is no reference point. One could dispense the proverbial apples throughout the galaxy to multifarious Adams and Eves and the subsequent conversation might proceed something like the following:

Our primordial couple open their eyes, look around, and see no evil.

“What was the point of that?” enquires our Adam.

“Good point,” says the serpent of wisdom. “Perhaps you’d like to mate with your lovely wife here and beget two sons, one of which can be good and the other evil? Then you’ll have your reference point.”

“Why,” responds Adam, somewhat sensibly, it must be said, “would I want to have an evil son?”

“Aha!” exclaims the serpent, “It works! The apple has clearly done its magic!”

In this scenario, then, if evil didn’t already exist there is no need for an apple. It wouldn’t make a difference.

And so evil is created as the reference point – something to reject. Evil is a reminder, as well as an enhanced motivation towards goodness, order, harmony and evolution.

A few maxims are helpful here.

‘For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.’

‘That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.’

And so on. The existence of evil reinforces goodness. It provides an impetus for beneficial evolution.

Having said that, naturally, one needs, as a divine being, to contain the matter, make sure it doesn’t get out of hand.

So, therefore, isolated pockets of evil are created – or rather, allowed to happen. But never allowed to achieve domination or superiority.

With regards to the overall lifespan of the galaxy (which is indeed a living essence), containing this evil within, say, the first 100 million years of this lifespan seems an eminently sensible way to go. 100 million years certainly contains enough space for all these dystopian forces of chaos. Following this, isolated reminders crop up every now and then for the purposes already outlined. One might call them ‘vaccinations’, analogously.

Take note of the cosmic virus, at this point. Everything has its purpose.

In terms of humanity, the hope and intention is that the collective, cultural memory of suffering under this evil will permanently reinforce the desire for goodness, order and harmony in their essence, and eventually, when the time comes in which humanity is called upon to intervene, to be caretakers, their experience will make them ideally qualified to know what to do.

My own species, as I have outlined elsewhere, did not experience evil as the motivation for being good, or giving ourselves a caretaking role. Our suffering was more about grief at the loss of our home, not about persecution and abuse at the hands of evil. Even in my grief I was aware that the Old Ones did not do this to us because they were evil. Prior to the catastrophe, life on Nebthwt was perfectly harmonious and holistic. All our lifeforms co-existed naturally and peacefully – there was no conflict, or fear, or hatred. We didn’t see the point of it, because it wasn’t beneficial. We only learned that after we went out into the galaxy and explored, and studied galactic history.

So, in terms of deep-time, 100 million years, although not strictly speaking the blink of an eye, nor insignificant, is, let’s put it this way – sufficient.

Here we come to the time travel consideration.

Put simply, we’re not the only ones who can do it.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that dystopians during the Ancient War might also discover this secret. In that case, they will want to extend and expand their empire forwards in time as well as in space. If possible, to the end of the galaxy and beyond. Clearly, this is not acceptable.

Given that this has, effectively, already happened, the best option is a policy of containment.

The first thing to do, obviously, is make an end to the Ancient War – pick a time zone of let’s say 10 million years, and constantly intervene to allow ‘good’ civilisations to flourish until eventually they vastly outnumber the dystopians, win the war, and develop their permanent prime directive policy of intervention, which they pass down to their successors, who continue this, off and on, right down to the present day (to the end of the galaxy, actually).

Subsequently, during the post-war period (the rest of the galaxy’s lifespan), this is achieved through what could analogously be called ‘honey pots’. That’s to say isolated, spatially and temporally enclosed regions are allowed to exist with which evil is compatible. Think of the way things are on Gaia right now and you can clearly understand how evil can find a compatible home. In a harmonious world, a utopia, obviously evil is rooted out, it simply cannot survive because it is not adapted for survival in such an environment.

The cosmic virus, then, could be seen in this light – as creating a contained pocket of chaos with which evil is compatible, in which it can survive.

At least for a determined period of time, anyway. Before and after, Gaia/Danuih has been harmonious.

The best place to establish these little honey pots are pre-spacefaring civilisations. Not only does it provide the vaccination – the apple, essentially – but by virtue of the lack of interstellar travel technology it physically contains that evil, prevents it from escaping and expanding, as it did in the Ancient War. Obviously there comes a time when such dystopians start harbouring ambitions of spacefaring expansion, and that’s the point when ‘the final intervention’ occurs. In many cases, by this point, these dystopians come to realise all this. That drives them fairly mad, as you can imagine. They know they are not the biggest nix in the sea, they know the intervention is coming, that they will not be allowed out of their solar system, and that the end is nigh. You can perhaps see this in evidence right now if you look around – the dystopians really are working themselves up into something of a frenzy, what with their use of the pandemic for social control, and the likes of megalomaniac multibillionaires like Bezos and Musk trying to colonise (or capitalise, even) outer space.

So here’s what they need to know.

Those dystopians during the Ancient War who developed time travel ventured into various time zones in the future (the future relative to them, that is). Obviously given how vast this four-dimensional area is, they would never really have the numbers required to create total dominance. But isolated pockets, yes. From a metaphysical point of view, however, they really do need to seek out ‘compatible’ regions. Were they, for example, to find themselves in a local galactic sector with a trillion spacefaring lifeforms all of which co-exist peacefully in a utopia then, with the best will in the galaxy, their imperialist attempts at subjugation and colonisation are not going to succeed.

So we create pockets of ‘compatibility’ for them – containment traps into which they are drawn, lured, magnetised. Remember also, from this metaphysical perspective, we are talking about reincarnation here. Chaotic souls are indeed drawn towards chaotic arenas (many of which are happily created by that ol’ cunning fox Ares, the God of War – this is another story I might regale you with at a later date – it fits neatly in to another of our inserted stories Wonder Woman as a manifestation of Isis, or ‘Diana’ Goddess of Peace and Justice, a divine complement of Ares – nothing like your WW movie, by the way; Katrina did a much better, more accurate trilogy – sorry that was a digression – I’ll tell you about that anther time).

Gaia, over the past 6,000 years or so, has been one such arena. The archaeological record, interestingly, is quite clear in showing no evidence whatsoever of what people might recognise as ‘war’ until around 3,500 BCE (despite what some dystopian stooges might try and tell you). Ancient humans were not warlike at all, believe me. They lived in harmony with everyone else in their little social group – their family – as well as with other social groups, and with nature. And given they lived with ‘death’ on a daily basis, they did not fear it. They were not subdued by the death syndrome, as so many are today. At the end of the last ice age, remember, there were scarcely more than a million human beings across the entire planet – the idea that conflict over limited resources or living space might happen is ridiculous – there was more than enough to go around. Thus, no psychological motivation for ‘competition’ or ‘conflict’ for territory or resources. Granted, there may well have been the occasional, isolated skirmish or dispute, but those people were perfectly wise enough not to allow such disputes to escalate into war. They were settled by diplomacy – communication. Never underestimate the benefits of talking to each other!

Or, to put it another way – be excellent to each other!

At some point, of course, the time comes when enough is enough. In the present case, human beings are a mere one hundred years away from interstellar travel. The dystopians have ably demonstrated that they are in complete control over human society. The evidence for this is quite clear. The 2019 rigged election in Britannia, for example. The vast majority simply accept this result. The dystopians creation of an easily avoidable pandemic (with an overall mortality rate of some 0.2% or thereabouts) to inflict total social control over the population, so much fear and panic to make people actually crave to be guinea pigs for their experimental mRNA formulations (I hesitate to call it a ‘vaccine’ – it’s not). The fact that in most western countries far from actually rising up and physically overthrowing these psychopaths, the most these dystopians can expect is some half-hearted protest in which people gather together, shout slogans and make pretty speeches then obediently go back home again – hardly a deterrent.

And so, alongside interstellar travel, these dystopians are busy developing ever more obscene weaponry (much of which takes place in their secret research facilities – yes, we know all about them!).

In other words, it is time for the final intervention.

From a personal point of view, especially having lived a life here as a human being, having personally suffered abusively at the hands of these psychopaths, the continuation of this state of affairs offends my sense of justice, aesthetics, morality, harmony and the cosmic order. Perhaps more importantly as it happens, even if I didn’t care about humanity, it’s what they are doing to Danuih that is the most upsetting. It is, quite simply, not acceptable.

Furthermore, the longer we leave it before we intervene, the more traumatic it will be – for both humanity, and for us.

As a diplomat, of course, I could speak directly to these dystopians – I am, as I have indicated, perfectly aware that they are reading attentively to everything I say (for obvious reasons – most people may not believe a word I say, but rest assured the dystopians do).

So at this point the dystopians need to know what their fate will be following this intervention. Clearly they cannot stay here. They need to remember that they do not belong here. This is not their world, not their galactic sector. This is not their future, it is ours.

They need to be sent back home to the Ancient War where they belong. If people want to call that hell, or purgatory, don’t let me stop them. Any such word is fine. What kind of position, whether victim or oppressor, each dystopian will occupy in that time zone may well be entirely of their own making. Or, perhaps, the decision or karma of their ‘higher selves’. Perhaps they could think of it like this – if they get sent back 7 billion years, then just think how evolved and advanced they would be by now after those 7 billion years have elapsed. They would, indeed, be the Gods of today. Gods who are almost certainly manipulating a few things here and there, perhaps to teach their younger selves a thing or two, and clean up their own karma, so to speak. And I do hope that those Gods will be wise enough to agree with me when I say enough is enough.

So perhaps their fate will depend on how willing, or unwilling, they are to accept this fate.

From humanity’s point of view, if we are to measure their overall lifespan in, say, 2-3 million years, then 6,000 years of sacrifice during their formative years would seem a small price to pay. That’s a lot of apples they’ve eaten, and after the necessary century of self-reflection, of distancing themselves from these dystopians, of absolving themselves, or their former selves, of shame and guilt for allowing all this to happen, then they will be ready to join a multicultural, peaceful local galactic family in which everyone co-exists peacefully; a future in which they, humanity, will be as determined as you could imagine to prevent this evil and this suffering from recurring. After all, if nothing else, they have proven they can survive, and this period has done nothing if not strengthen that resolve. It will soon be time for them to discover – or rediscover – the sheer joy in existence itself.

And that will ensure their immortality.

It might, indeed, even have doubled their overall lifespan as a species.

And for those younger souls who still crave excitement and risk and all the rest of it, they need not be concerned – there are more than enough opportunities for that kind of stuff in this galaxy. What you call ‘pod racing’ being an obvious example. Rather you than me, is all I can say about that.

Perhaps one day in the not so distant future, they might take over the caretaker role from us. If so, maybe then I can finally leave this restrictive, linear time behind, and explore the real possibilities of existence that lie well beyond this phantom zone.

But that’s my decision.

I think first of all, though, I would just like to go home.

Intervention – The Prime Directive – part one

For some reason, well, many reasons come to that, most human beings concerned with exo-affairs seem to believe there is a ‘prime directive’, meaning a policy of non-interference in pre-spacefaring civilisations – thus allowing them to develop ‘naturally’.

This would be an extremely unwise policy, as I shall outline.

While we accept that, at least in linear/inner time, duality (or polarity) or multiplicity exists, it does not logically (or psychohistorically, for that matter) follow that conflict should also exist. Duality/polarity does not inevitably lead to conflict. Indeed, duality is of course necessary for the evolution of awareness, but conflict is not. The evolution of awareness depends on the experience of duality in all its multifarious forms, not on the conflict between those forms. The experience of duality/polarity can only be beneficial through lack of conflict – in spacefaring terms for example by learning about and sharing each other’s culture. Learning about and through difference. Clearly, conflict creates an obstacle or barrier to that learning. Xenophobia – fear of the other. In other words, far from being necessary to the evolution of awareness, conflict is in fact the opposite of necessary! It prevents it.

Perhaps what I am defining here is the difference between duality/polarity on the one hand, and good and evil (order and chaos) on the other. Duality (or multiplicity, might be better) is itself part of the cosmic order (certainly in linear time anyway). Evil, or chaos, actively works against that cosmic order. Perhaps the key factor to consider here is time. Time energy firstly fragments the singularity into ever lower frequencies, thus creating a multiplicity of forms, then accelerates those fragments back up through the frequencies towards re-integration. Along the way consciousness comes into being (becomes – Khepera), then grows/evolves, becoming self-aware, then aware of the other, then aware that the other is a mirage, an illusion generated by perspective, which understanding eventually leads to the re-integration of the consciousness (the eye of Ra) back into the singularity, thus providing the singularity with self-awareness.

From which creativity – new multiverses – springs. And springs eternal.

So then, the prime directive, clearly, should be to facilitate this cosmic order (Maat). This means the prevention of conflict. If prevention cannot be achieved, then containment is the next best option.

This is why our interventions, since ancient times, have been to provide humanity with an instinctive and cultural awareness of this cosmic order, as well as a desire for it. An understanding that this cosmic order – what people call ‘good’ – is beneficial. The opposite – what people call ‘evil’ – is detrimental, and ‘to be rejected’.

Conflict between the different forms of the multiplicity, as I say, prevents re-integration and harmony, it prevents the holistic evolution of awareness, it prevents the learning through contact with the other, the understanding and unity of difference.

This is the simple, ‘spiritual’ reason for the intervention policy.

The practical – or let’s say ‘political’ (or exo-political) reason should be clear. Spacefaring civilisations governed by the chaotic, evil desire for conflict and the sowing of discord threaten the cosmic order, the natural evolution of species through inter-cultural contact.

And the reignition of the Ancient War.

There is nothing evolutionarily ‘necessary’ or ‘inevitable’ about them whatsoever.

This, then, is the ‘theoretical’ justification for the interventionist policy. This is our prime directive.

And for this, we do not apologise.

More later…

In particular regarding the practical side of intervention. Plus a little bit of galactic history, for those who are necessarily curious…

Starseeds – some initial thoughts, the dystopians’ reactions

I only came across this term very recently, during the course of the researches which are a part of my job as a diplomat.

For those new to this, the term Starseed seems to refer to ‘extraterrestrials incarnated into human bodies’. I have been referring to these as ‘visitors’. Given that ‘starseed’ seems to be in common use (at least amongst ‘those in the know’) I will use this term from time to time, although I will also interchange it with my own term ‘visitors’.

I do not, for example, think of myself as ‘starseed’. One of the reasons is that from what I gather from my researches the starseed are essentially older souls who are here to help human beings adjust to the impending transition to a higher frequency, and help them in a more spiritually defined way.

This is all well and good, and I am obviously in favour and support of their work. It’s just that this is not why I am here. Indeed, if there are a substantial number of these starseeds here doing that work, then I don’t have to. It also explains why I have taken a far more ‘materialistic’ or at least ‘linear time’ approach. The starseed do, I believe, need to understand however that there is no point in preaching to young souls, because young souls simply do not have the capacity to understand. Furthermore, they don’t need to preach to older souls because they have the capacity to learn (or seek knowledge) by themselves anyway. Having said that – starseed knowledge, when true, will help such older souls to get a more accurate perspective of their place in the wider galactic scheme of things.

These are all points for consideration.

With regards to myself, and given that I am fully aware that the so-called deep state (that ‘ET group’ whose name I still don’t know) are aware of me and are lapping up every word I say, I do not really fit so readily into this starseed category. I am, from their point of view, quite possibly a far more dangerous kettle of nix.

Fortunately, however, these people, I believe, have come to understand that taking violent or aggressive action against my kind is an extremely unwise thing to do.

So here we come on to a few historical insights.

And some important things which starseeds, I strongly believe, need to know.

I would not be surprised if the first inkling of starseed/visitors occurred to these dystopians during the counter-culture movement in the mid-to-late 1960s. This is evidenced by the American military-intelligence involvement in that counter-culture movement, in particular the Californian communities in places like Laurel Canyon. They would’ve primarily responded in something of a panic. Their world, after all, is one governed by fear. This would explain and suggest the likelihood of an assassination programme, evidenced by the abnormally high mortality rate amongst the people living in Laurel Canyon. Starseeds, after all, would’ve felt very at home in such places, and more able to ‘come out’, as it were.

Unfortunately for these starseeds, they would’ve come here as enlightened souls with no experience of dystopia, let alone the evil, chaotic energy-induced things which these dystopians have historically done. The CIA’s history of torture, for example, is legendary and sick. Starseeds, after all, are very trusting souls, and in a dystopia like this, will often learn through bitter experience.

So likewise, these dystopians would’ve carried out an interrogation program (certainly involving abduction). The two main topics of information they would be interested in are first, information about what you might call ‘local galactic politics’ (what is now called ‘exopolitics’), which includes confirmation of the so-called zoo hypothesis, and what ETs’ attitude and intention towards them is. Secondly, they would want to know if any of these starseeds can give them insights into advanced (ET) technology. Just as in Operation Paperclip, they would use torture to force these people to work for them. As with a favoured method used on the German scientists, they would often use threats against loved ones. Towards the end of the war, after all, ‘Allied’ intelligence services (torturers) would get what they wanted by threatening to send the family of the German officer (or scientist) to the Soviets. The German would’ve known that the females (his wife, for example) would’ve been gang-raped repeatedly until they died from internal bleeding, and the males and children would’ve been worked to death in Stalin’s Gulag Archipelago, where their life expectancy would’ve been measured in weeks.

There is, as you may know, a famous (or infamous) photograph of Werner von Braun with his Peenemunde colleagues just after they were captured, in which Werner has his entire left arm in a cast. This would not have been because of any ‘accident’.

If Werner and his colleagues were able to sabotage the American rocket and space program (especially once they heard about Hiroshima and Nagasaki) long enough to prevent the Americans from having total control over orbital space, then they may just have saved this planet from a much earlier totalitarian dystopia (and possibly an earlier WW3). According to Peenemunde documents, after all, with flight MW18014 they successfully launched an A4 (i.e. a V2) rocket 176 km into sub-orbit on 20 June 1944 – the first human-made object in space – a date that should be on every schoolboy’s lips. Their schedule would’ve seen an A10 (essentially 6 A4s stuck together) able to launch a 250kg payload into orbit by 1949. Given that the Russians beat the Americans to it with Sputnik 1 in 1957, that sounds to me like 8 years of successful sabotage.

Likewise, Apollo 13. It was because of the failure of Apollo 13 that 18-20 were changed to orbital space stations. 18-20 were originally intended to be the first step towards a permanent base on the moon – again, this would’ve given the Americans an insurmountable advantage. So if Werner and his colleagues were able to sabotage this, I for one am very grateful. Remember, America is the real bad guy in the recent human story.

Anyway, I digress.

At some point, perhaps in the later 1970s or early 1980s, something must have happened to stop the dystopians from this kind of evil action. I am not aware of what that something was, but I can imagine it was a clear demonstration which has since served as a sufficient deterrent.

So, since then they have adopted a different strategy, namely disinformation and ridicule. We see this reflected likewise in their systematic debunking attitude towards so-called conspiracy theorists. Essentially they have brainwashed a sufficient proportion of the general population to dismiss starseeds in the same way they would conspiracy theorists – i.e. people who are a threat to them. In the case of conspiracy theorists, although many are undoubtedly loonies (or psychologically disturbed in some way), many of them are perfectly sane, intelligent people who have the power to expose the dystopians. They must, in other words, be designated as ‘subversive’.

The more recent strategy adopted to discredit conspiracy theorists and minimise their impact is, you might be surprised to hear, not a policy of concealment at all, but one of bombarding the so-called truth movement (partly through infiltration/agents provocateurs) with too much information. Effectively hiding bits of truth within a web of lies, so that the true bits are discredited by association with the falsehoods (which, unfortunately, a lot of people get hooked by). The amount of misinformation out there about 9/11, for example, is a real headache, and takes even an intelligent person like myself many years to sift through. The falsehoods are what you might call ‘straw men’ – easily debunked pieces of information.

It seems that these dystopians have finally learned one of the higher arts of espionage – as I say, in game theory terms, not concealing information, but creating a fog of it. One of the most impressive examples of this strategy in recent history was carried out by the KGB in the 1970s-1980s (although it did not come to fruition until late 1992) – the so-called Mitrokhin deception. Mitrokhin was a bitter and resentful filing clerk who screwed up on his first assignment in the 1950s and was told he would never be a KGB officer. The perfect patsy, as it turned out. So when the First Chief Directorate was moving from the Lubyanka to Yasenevo he was allowed to make 25,000 handwritten notes of files from the registry over 12 years (1972-1984), knowing full well he would one day defect with it. None of this information could’ve been used in a court of law because any defence lawyer would’ve torn Mitrokhin apart, and aside from the wealth of misinformation most of the true information was historical, out of date, and redundant. But it gave the enemy a total headache. For once, interestingly, the CIA didn’t fall for it – that unfortunate accolade went to a young MI6 officer in Riga whom Mitrokhin approached.

Sorry, I am digressing again. I remember these basic details about the Mitrokhin defection from that other life I had in a parallel world, in which I was, indeed – ahem – somewhat involved with the KGB. The dystopians shouldn’t worry though – most of these memories are somewhat vague, I have to say. As an interesting aside, however, it was partly the Mitrokhin information which led to me/Katrina being discovered as a KGB spy (by association with two people who were mentioned in the Mitrokhin archive – ‘Sputnitsa’/Claudia Wright & ‘Macmillan’/Anna Marten). But that’s another story.

With regards to starseeds, then, clearly the dystopians are adopting a similar strategy today. I would imagine that during the 1980s and 1990s their attitude would’ve been more respectful, one of simply getting ‘affiliated’ psychology professors to interview people claiming extraterrestrial origin in a somewhat pleasant, unthreatening way. This is, I have to say, a far wiser approach – treat someone with respect, and you’ll get far more out of them. I myself, for example, have nothing whatsoever to hide.

Naturally, however, they really don’t want the general population to accept the reality of the visitors. One of the reasons why that other (parallel, Katrina’s) world is now a utopia is because most of the human population do accept this reality, and are not scared about it all – in large part because they love Katrina, who is, of course, a visitor herself.

And so the dystopians use the same strategy as that employed to neutralise conspiracy theorists. On the one hand, make sure the general population don’t take them seriously, and on the other hand, create a fog of misinformation and misdirection, partly to confuse and misdirect the starseed themselves. There is, after all, as I have noticed, a distressingly significant amount of rubbish out there on the Internet.

In espionage terminology, this is the concept of the ‘honey pot’. A jar full of sweetness to attract the wasps and stick them there – once they’re all caught, put the lid on.

Likewise with the UFO and so-called ‘disclosure’ project. And of course it’s really quite difficult to tell which bits in the so-called Exopaedia are true, and which bits are false. One has to be seriously discerning with these matters, and keep one’s wits about one!

Given my own origin, however, and the fact that these dystopians know full well that we have been visiting for tens of thousands of years, and that you can even see statues of Paschats in various Egyptian museums around the world – they know they need to take a very different approach to us indeed.

And as I say, this is why I describe myself as a diplomat, and why I say we are not hostile. I well understand from bitter experience of my own what fear and panic does to humans, especially young souls, and such people are best avoided.

It also strikes me that one of the very significant and important things I can do – again as a diplomat – is to help these starseeds – many of whom may be on this planet for the very first time – to understand human beings, and tell them what they need to know, in particular to avoid traps for the unwary. I have, after all, made a lifetime (more than one, as it happens) out of studying humans. Part of my work as a diplomat, after all, is about facilitating communication between two very different sets of peoples. I’m sure that’s what I did in ancient times, and clearly it’s something I am here to do again.

So I shall write about this in more detail in due course.

For now, those were my initial thoughts on the starseed issue.

Take care, my dearest things, and I will hopefully speak to you again soon!

More SETI game theory, part two – messages

It’s my 48th birthday today! Happy birthday to me!

48 is a good number, of course.

So, given that it’s a day for gift-giving, I thought I’d offer something humorous. This should also give you an example of our mischievous Paschat sense of humour, which, as all off-worlders will tell you, is generally agreed to be the most superior in our entire galactic sector.

So then, following on from part one, I thought a glimpse into possible messages ET might send at 1420 MHz might be a useful thought experiment.

Bear in mind, of course, what I said about the progress of technology, with regards to the distance between the sender and the receiver. That’s to say our approximately 200-year window between the invention of radio telescopes (or a SETI-type organisation itself) and quantum teleportation and interstellar travel. Any civilisation sending a message from further than this distance would arrive before the message (assuming faster-than-light travel, of course), so they probably wouldn’t bother.

Likewise, the reality of the zoo hypothesis – namely that this 200 lightyear radius sphere is most likely teeming with advanced spacefaring civilisations who already know everything there is to know about the sender of the message.

So then, here are some possible versions of what kind of message SETI might receive.

Version one:

Hello, puny humans! My name is General Zod. By the time you receive this message we will be right on your doorstep. You will shortly be detecting our state-of-the-art armada entering your system, fully armed with the latest weaponry which, obviously, we haven’t invented yet but surely will in due course. Things like photon torpedoes, graviton disrupters and our ruthless common cold viruses against which your puny immune systems will have no defence. Mwah-ha-ha-ha-haaa!

End of message

Version two:

Greetings! We transmit this honest message of peace and friendship from the glorious workers’ paradise! Our Supreme Soviet sends greetings to all workers of the galaxy, in the hope that you may wish to join our struggle against the decadent capitalist imperialists out there, against whom we recently won a great victory!

By the time you receive this message we should be right on your doorstep, so to speak, having invented the fabled warp drive, ready to welcome you into our burgeoning socialist federation. We shall naturally be sending our heavily armed star destroyers to protect your noble citizens from any imperialist threat. Woe betide any capitalists we encounter on our travels!

Should your people still be in thrall to the evils of consumerism then we shall help them seize the measures necessary for the establishment of a workers’ collective utopia, such as we have here.

Our scientists are currently working on a number of excellent projects which, they assure us, will make us invincible. Photon torpedoes, graviton disruptors and of course our notorious common cold viruses, against which any immune systems weakened by capitalist decadence will have no defence!

With regards to strategy, we shall also be installing cloaking devices on our ships, allowing us the element of surprise. Our simple tactics, honed over the many decades of our recent struggle on own planet, will involve a kind of double pincer movement approaching enemy systems from all four quadrants, having first made cunning use of gas giants to conceal our approach along the plane of the ecliptic.

We trust, likewise, your own generals will be in agreement with our tendency towards blitzkrieg tactics, beginning with a firestorm of devastating strikes on the enemy’s orbital defences, followed by the unleashing of pathogens designed to morally weaken the enemy’s resolve.

“Erm, General?”

“What is it, Lieutenant?”

“You’re still dictating, yes?”

“What do you mean?”

“You told me to send everything you say to the transmitter?”

“What! You fool! You imbecile! You’ve given away our advantage!”

*sound of gunshot*

End of message

Version three:

Greetings! We send a heartfelt message of peace and friendship across the stars! To whomever may receive this humble greeting, we salute you.

Having recently resolved all the internal conflict on our world, we believe we are ready to venture forth into this vast and awesome galaxy, to teach if called upon, to learn if fortunate, and to share our great culture with all the other intelligences which must surely be out there.

Having said that, I do not wish, above all, to create the impression that we are emotionally or psychologically immature. As the chief scientist here at our newly formed SETI institute I am of course fully aware of the future direction of technology, having made a detailed study of the matter during my adolescence, then later as a graduate student here at the Institute. That is to say, within perhaps 150-200 years we shall have solved the engineering problems associated with interstellar travel, in particular the holy grail of faster-than-light propulsion by means of electrogravitics, and so will be overtaking this message by then. Naturally I am also acutely aware of the utterly negligible probability that another intelligent lifeform exists within this 200 light year radius at precisely the same stage of development as us – meaning there is little point whatsoever in wasting my and everyone else’s time sending this pithy little message to all those thousands of star systems within our vicinity.

Still, what the Fuhrer wants the Fuhrer gets.

I did explain this scientific reasoning to him personally, I can assure you, but the beady-eyed little bastard brushed it aside with one of his typical, customary little hand-waving gestures. You know the one – the kind of annoying, irritating little flourish best suited to lunatic orchestra conductors.

Fortunately, my colleagues and I have been able to conceal from him our recent discovery of the existence of brown dwarf stars, which would’ve added another 11-12,000 stars to our exhausting list of targets.

*Professor Keitel to Security immediately, please. Professor Keitel to Security*

Oh crap.

End of message

Version four:

Greetings, Earthlings, from Zeta Reticuli! Please stop calling us ‘greys’. That’s like calling black people ‘coloureds’.

End of message

Version five:

“Stop messin’ around dude!”

“I’m not messin’ around!”

“Yes you are! This is seriously important business!”

“Ok. So, what are we gonna say?”

“Erm, good question dude.”

“Maybe we should just play them some electric guitar?”

“Yeah! Eddie van Halen?”


“Ok dude, what button is it – this one?”

“Noooo! Not that one!”

End of message

Version six:

Hi! Greetings from planet Earth. This message is brought to you by our corporate sponsors (see Appendix 1 for list). While we’re on the subject of appendices, please refer to Appendix 2 for a selection of inane greetings in 55 different languages. Appendix 3 contains greetings from a number of privileged children which we thought would convey the impression of innocence. Obviously we’re not going to mention the hundreds of millions of impoverished, starving children our exploitative capitalist system has created. For some pointless unintelligible sounds of our planet, see Appendix 4. Appendix 5 contains a selection of music we’ve appropriated entirely from other cultures in our world. The only decent music our country produces is adolescent anti-establishment stuff originally developed by our segregated negroes.

Obviously, we really don’t expect anyone to receive this message. It’s more an exercise in unashamed self-glorification. You see we only represent a nation of some 240 million out of a world population of approximately 4 billion. We think we’re the best country on the planet, we have the best technology and no intention whatsoever of sharing it with anyone else. That would be foolish, I’m sure you’ll agree – it would mean the end of our dominant status as the self-appointed master race. I don’t know about you, but we live in a global system based on conflict, racism and corporate interference in geopolitics – created and perpetuated by us, obviously – and that’s one competition we intend to win. Hopefully by the time you receive this message we’ll have wiped out all hope of a better future in which everyone, regardless of race or cultural identity, is treated with equal respect, and everyone lives in harmony with what’s left of the natural environment we’ve been relentlessly destroying.

Only joking!

We’re actually a really cute humanoid species – as you’ll be able to see from the binary code picture we included on this disc (see Appendix 6). Do you like our golden record, by the way? It looks like our sun!

Guess what? We’ve got over 4 billion bits of code in our genome! How cool is that! Please don’t do any genetic engineering with it, by the way. To be honest I don’t know why we included it, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

We also included a little star map showing where this message came from – obviously you’d be able to work that out anyway if you’ve got the technology to receive and decipher this, but hey, we’re scientists in a materialist world and we don’t really do metacognitive empathy.

That might also explain why we haven’t included a dictionary. Yeah, we just wanted to piss you off and have a good laugh thinking about you trying to decipher our language. Sorry about that – not!

“Er, this isn’t working for me.”

“Nah, you’re right. Me neither. I mean you can only take postmodernism so far, huh?”

“Yep. How about we start again?”

“Sure. I’ll just stop the recording and… oh shit!”

End of message

Version seven:

Greetings! Have you heard of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis? Neither have we.

Oh well, so much for communication then.

End of message

Well, I’m sure I can think of other variations on this theme, but that’s enough for now. Hopefully those fun-lovin’ guys and gals at SETI might now have a few pointers as to what kind of message they might want to beam over to the Centauri system.

You wouldn’t, after all, want to create the wrong impression about your species now, would you?

Catch you later folks! (Oh, and have a nice day!)

More SETI game theory

Apparently, the rationale behind SETI’s decision to use the hydrogen line (1420 MHz) for their radio signal search was that this would be a likely frequency for ET to choose, because it would suggest intelligent design, rather than some natural phenomenon.

And yet – when SETI do receive a signal at 1420 MHz, some 30-31 standard deviations in intensity from the background (the Wow! signal), they seemingly dismiss it.

How bizarre.

One wonders – from ET’s point of view – why bother!

Indeed, that is what I have been wondering myself recently. It is, after all, deeply frustrating and disappointing. Similarly, if SETI had not only recognised the intelligent design behind the signal and then been able to decipher it as it was intended, and then made it all public, thus motivating the entire human population to make their world a utopia, then I would not have to be here to do it for them.

Perhaps you could call that a version of the anthropic principle.

Things in the Wow signal, after all, have happened backwards, at least in linear time terms. We start with our analysis of the Voyager probe, then we send the reply (wow signal) 20 days before the probe was launched, the reply doesn’t get acknowledged, so I get myself born 1648 days earlier (less 24 minutes).

I can hear your thoughts – if you’re from the future how come you have to do all this? Surely you’d know, and besides why go to all this trouble!

Those are good questions, I’ll grant you that.

To answer the first one – no, I wouldn’t necessarily know. Having an archive with complete information about the past is one thing, knowing everything in that archive is another. Besides, time travel ain’t like dustin’ crops, boy!

Those who decided I should come here may well have known, but I wouldn’t, which is the important thing. You might say they were compelled to make that decision, otherwise there would be a paradox. You might also surmise that they didn’t know I was here already until they looked in the archive. The different decision would be not being here. In which case, you’re talking about a parallel world (which I’m continuing to wonder about myself actually).

I only say this because I know I’m going to get asked these sorts of questions at some point. This wasn’t, as it happens, what I wanted to talk about in this post.

The other question – why did I have to come to all this trouble – why not just, for example, send another message, is a little more complicated. But let’s just say the best way to observe and learn about a foreign culture is to go and live there for a while. Every experience, thought, feeling, and observation I have had is recorded in my soul, and thus instantly becomes a part of my essence’s knowledge. It’s the same for every essence-fragment.

Analysing your species from a distance is one thing, and can only get you so far. It can never replace immersion.

Besides, part of this is a test for humans – can they accept what I say, with faith, or will they reject it for whatever reason? What will SETI think? SETI, after all, were the intended recipients of the message – and this precise question really is for them. It is, indeed, contained in the message itself.

One can, after all, only accept the intelligent design behind the Wow signal if one accepts the implications – specifically, it really didn’t come from hundreds of light years away, ET knows all about us, it must’ve used technology beyond anything we can conceive of to deliver this message – they are, for want of a better word, deities.

For humanity, let alone SETI scientists, I can well understand why that’s such a terrifying thought.

No wonder they have remained sceptical.

Anyway, let’s go back to the beginning.

First of all, in true scientific method style, the scientists at SETI have in fact made it easy on themselves (and us, as it happens) by choosing 1420 MHz. All they really need to do is test the hypothesis that the Wow signal is of intelligent design, by attempting to describe a natural phenomenon that could account for that precise signal, thus disproving the hypothesis. Specifically, a source of hydrogen that creates an intensity precisely 30-31 times standard deviation (at a particular distance from the receiver). As I keep saying, I am a psychologist, not a scientist, so it’s not up to me to do this, but I do know enough about science and the scientific method to at least suggest this course of experimentation. I hear that someone hypothesised that the signal came from a hydrogen-rich asteroid that just happened to be passing at that coincidental moment. Rubbish! Have they also been able to demonstrate how it resulted in 30-31 intensity? And how come the numbers all add up and fit together so harmoniously?

Anyway, I’d very much like to hear what the SETI scientists have to say about my suggestion. If they can’t explain a natural source for this signal, then they have to accept the intelligent design hypothesis. In which case, then they have to start considering its meaning and intention.

So let’s consider some game theoretical thinking again.

The people at SETI, employing let’s call it 1st level thinking in game theoretical terms, thought about an ET civilisation just like them who wanted to send a message that would be recognised as a message of intelligent design. So they thought, well, the simplest element on the atomic table is hydrogen so we’ll choose 1420 MHz. That sounds fair enough. So they start looking at that frequency.

The clue in their error here, however, is in their 1st level thinking. Their assumption is that ET is like them, and thinks like them. Unfortunately for SETI, most ETs do not think like them!

Consider this: what if ET is thinking on the second level?

So ET, thinking on the second level, assumes that SETI (or whatever the – to them – ET’s acronym is in their language) also has the psychological intelligence to think on the second level. Such an ET would probably dismiss the 1420 MHz idea straight up.

Why? Because sending messages between the stars at lightspeed is dumb enough as it is when you consider all the variables.

The reason is in the (completely flawed, as it happens) Drake equation (for those unaware of what that is, it’s simply an estimate for the number of intelligent (spacefaring) civilisations in the galaxy).

Presumably our ET also has a version of this equation, which was of course intended to provoke thought, rather than an actual mathematical result – by the time you have enough information to get an accurate result by definition you already know the result because you need interstellar travel and access to the galactic archive to get that information, which, obviously, also contains the result. Presumably it’ll be one of humanity’s first questions when they reach the Centauri system.

Any ET used to thinking on 2nd level terms will have a different version of the equation. Likewise, they will reasonably think that any ET thinking about ETs will think on the 2nd level. The idea that an ET wouldn’t would seem ridiculous to them.

ET’s equation would incorporate the time window in years between radio telescopes and quantum teleportation technology. And then faster-than-light travel. This piece of information should be readily available to any intelligent civilisation by the time they start thinking about a SETI-type undertaking. Quantum teleportation is simply a practical function of quantum physics, specifically entanglement. When SETI was established this knowledge was already there.

Likewise, faster-than-light travel. It’s simply an engineering issue, rather than one of ‘whether it’s allowed within the laws of physics’. So it’s just a question of estimating how long it will take to overcome those engineering issues.

Well, in terms of the quantum teleportation thing, maybe 100 years (obviously depending on the resource allocation to science). For faster-than-light travel, add another 100 years. So, all in all, you’re talking a mere 200-year window.

Remember, here, that if you send a message at lightspeed you will be able to overtake it in 200 years time – that’s the point. In other words, there really is no point in sending a SETI-type message beyond that distance – by the time it arrives, you’ll already be there.

So now you revisit your Drake equation and ask ‘how many civilisations are there within a 200 light year radius who are within the same 200 year window as we are?’

Or, perhaps more psychologically relevant – ‘how many civilisations are there within a 200 light year radius who are only thinking on 1st level terms?’

Our intelligent, 2nd level thinking ET civilisation would, I’m sure you can appreciate, come to the conclusion that the answer to that question is almost certainly a big fat zero.

In which case, don’t bother looking, and don’t bother sending either.

Indeed, you could even halve that distance – notwithstanding the idea that a civilisation might be slightly more than 200 years behind you, thus by the time your message reaches them they are able to receive and understand it. But even then, you would arrive shortly after. But if you wanted a reply, you have to halve that distance. And that’s the absolute maximum – those civilisations would have to be at virtually identical stages of development. So this lowers the probability even further.

In case you were wondering there are approximately 14,000 stars within that radius, of which over 80% are brown dwarfs (thus unlikely to harbour indigenous life of a similar type). So you’re only talking about a few thousand systems. The likelihood, without intervention, that one of those would have an indigenous civilisation at the same level of development is negligible.

A number of considerations follow from this reasoning for SETI to consider with regards to the Wow message. Obviously the first one being the idea that this signal came from hundreds of light years away is, well, let’s be kind and say unlikely. A civilisation like that would now have interstellar travel, it would have met lots of other intelligent spacefaring species, and it would know everything there is to know about Gaia. If it wanted to visit then it would – notwithstanding any quarantine issues, of course (which is another matter I will deal with elsewhere).

Second, returning again to our beginning – given the above, the implications of the authenticity of the Wow signal are that this ET intelligence must already be here. This, after all, is the only logical explanation possible for the Wow message containing clear knowledge of human society – the dating system in particular. Likewise, the existence of SETI itself and the fact that they are looking at 1420 MHz.

There is no other logical reason why this signal should even exist in the first place!

So here’s the second consideration regarding the Drake equation. A deep-time thinking intelligent ET civilisation would be aware of the habitable age of the galaxy. They would be aware of the real possibility of interstellar travel and therefore colonisation, terraforming, possibly even engineering entire planetary systems to make them habitable and stable, and then interfering with evolution and so on. Although the basic version of the Drake equation holds true for the very beginnings of life in the galaxy, 6-7 billion years later things have changed somewhat. By now, with all these colonies and engineered planetary systems and so on, it would be a strange galaxy indeed if the zoo hypothesis were not true.

So again, this intelligent, pre-spacefaring ET civilisation would be quite reasonable to assume that other, more advanced spacefaring civilisations exist in their neighbourhood, and furthermore that those civilisations already know of their existence, and, indeed, have probably visited in the past (if they’re not already still doing it, especially if that ET civilisation is not consumed with fear, conflict and xenophobia etc. – like humanity is). If they had not been visited, then ET would wonder why. They would almost certainly dismiss the idea of a prime directive, especially for them if they are not fearful, but live in a pleasant utopia (like normal people do), so perhaps the reason is ‘one final test’ – can we make it to our nearest neighbour system and prove we are worthy of joining the greater galactic family?

So, they put all their engineering and scientific expertise (in human terms, ‘unlimited funding’) into building an interstellar spacecraft – even if it only gets up to, say, 0.2 lightspeed, it’s still feasible.

Their other option is, in fact, to beam a message to their nearest neighbour system (assuming they don’t yet have quantum teleportation and haven’t sent an automated flyby probe with a potential QT communication request pulsing out of it), requesting formal and friendly contact. Being an intelligent, psychologically mature species, they would compose their message in such a way that it demonstrated their awareness of basically everything I’ve said in this post, as well as a clear indication that they are not scared, and they are more than ready for formal contact and friendly diplomatic relations, and would be so excited if you could come and visit us so we can share in our cultures. We know you are already aware of us, but we’d love to hear your music too.

A message like that would be perfectly adequate – in their case, their superior spacefaring neighbours would know that it was genuine – and our pre-spacefaring ET civilisation, with their second level thinking, would know they knew that too.

Not so, however, SETI.

No, wait, there’s even more!

If you wanted to send a message, say at 1420 MHz, then you would want to at least say something with that message. It wouldn’t just be a beep. The best way to do this is to modulate the intensity around, say, 10% of the maximum. That way, if the maximum is 30, then your receiver civilisation might conclude that 27 is a zero and 30 is a one, thus providing a string of binary code. Obviously you would have to keep the message going for a while, repeat it often enough and so on, because presumably you want to maximise the chances of it being received and understood. In which case you might want to repeat it for some multiple of the hydrogen line, I don’t know, 210 times or something. You would also be aware of your recipients rotating planet, so assuming they have vast acres of radio telescopes, you would keep the message short enough for it to be received in, say, 10,000 times the 21cm hydrogen line – 2.1 km, that is. Those numbers would, of course, prove its intelligent design.

Obviously, there is none of that in the Wow signal. Mind you – there was only one radio telescope listening, with only a 72 second reception window. So there’s only so much you can say in 280 characters – sorry, I mean 72 seconds broken up into a 6-number sequence.

Of course the gatekeepers haven’t released the details of BLC-1 yet, so the likes of me cannot decipher it for them. If what they say is true about it lasting for 2.5 hours then that’s a long tweet.

But then, what would you want to say in your message?

Hello! Aside from continually gang-raping our beautiful planet, tolerating capitalist exploitation and inequality and multi-billionaire oligarchs, pollution, poverty, hunger, suffering, war, misogyny and racism we’re not particularly psychologically intelligent and we haven’t even considered quantum teleportation, game theory or the deep-time implications of interstellar travel yet, leading to the reality of the zoo hypothesis. Did you get our golden record? Sorry it took so long to arrive by the way. Most of all we’re sorry for NOT INCLUDING A BLOODY DICTIONARY!!!

That one’s still a bit raw, dearest reader.

So maybe I’d best leave things there for now. Maybe I’ll go listen to Bach.

Wish you well!

Taking the long way round – the other Paschat story, part two

Although we Paschats are a very spiritual people, we also love our creature comforts. At least I do. Something which has led me astray and gotten me into trouble a few times I’m sure (sorry!).

On the other hand, it helps me with understanding human beings. Where we do differ is in emotions – humans are a very watery species, whereas we are fire and earth. My own emotions tend to be triggered by matters of principle, justice in particular. Injustice for me is an insult to the natural order of things, an illogical equation. A disharmony. Real justice has an aesthetic quality to it.

Our elders, that’s to say the older souls in the Karidel, were, as you might expect, more towards the spiritual side of things than we Paetri. That’s why they took the shorter route to outer time. Naturally, they had fewer steps to go on the evolutionary path than us. They did, however, seem to enjoy their time-ship trips.

They were of course very wise. As I said, although I was aware that there was some purpose behind our catastrophe, I did not want to know. The Karidel, I believe, did recognise and acknowledge this, although they may not have known exactly what it was at the time, but they did know that our taking a different path was the right thing to do. We have a saying that you might understand – ‘everything happens at the right time’.

Aside from anything else, because our society had always been very ordered and disciplined, with one particular group taking care of the decisions, this meant that we Paetri, as with some of our other groupings, had not had the experience necessary for growing up further. By striking out on our own, then, we were essentially forced – or liberated, some might say – to learn how to make social decisions for ourselves. This is partly, of course, what helped us to become older souls.

Likewise, it helped us to learn what our purpose really was in much finer detail. It also explains my love of spacefaring. It really hasn’t been that long at all for me since I was doing it, so effectively, I may as well still have one paw in inner time. It’s easier for me to incarnate, in other words.

Suffice to say, we had to grow up fast.

So, as you will doubtless have already worked out, the planet selected to be our new home was Gaia (or Danuih, if you prefer). Approximately 120 million years or so ago is somewhere in the early part of your Cretaceous period. This explains why I was so fascinated with dinosaurs when I was young. I read Attenborough’s ‘Life on Earth’ from cover to cover when I was still a child, and for me, those animals were not long-extinct creatures, they were very real. I was also quite happy indeed when your visidrama Jurassic Park came out, despite the inaccuracies. The velociraptors, for example, did not look like that. The species we’re talking about here is actually Deinonychus, which are of the dromaeosaurid genus. They did not look like the ones in the movie, although their body shape was similar – presumably because dressing them up in their more accurate dark green-brown furry feathers would’ve made them much less scary. I agree, so we’ll call that artistic license.

Having said that, they were indeed vicious little whatnots.

I may be jumping ahead of myself here, I apologise.

Before we even arrived at Gaia we became aware that we would not be the only intelligent spacefaring species in the area. Out of politeness and diplomacy, therefore, it seemed only fitting to ask their permission, despite the fact that they were not originally from Gaia. The species I am talking about here is a reptilian species from the star you call Capella. I don’t remember what their own name for themselves was, so I’ll just refer to them as Capellans.

As an interesting aside here, those of you familiar with classical mythology may remember that Capella (the ‘little goat’) is associated with Amaltheia, who nursed the infant Zeus (who, as an infant, could be associated with the younger Horus of Egyptian lore, the child of Isis and Osiris). I’ll leave the rest of the thinking around that one to you.

Contrary to what some might believe about reptiloid species, they were extremely friendly. Likewise, they were very sympathetic to our situation, and so they agreed to help. Most pleasingly of all, they were quite a materialistic species in the same way that humans are, such that they did spacefaring in a way you would find familiar. Likewise their other technology. Although they were aware of the time-ship technology, they used more, let’s call it traditional, or conventional, methods, like what you might call electrogravitics. They also had nanotechnology and quantum computers you would understand, and this was our introduction to QAI-TI (quantum artificial intelligence – transcending interface).

The only real issue we had to overcome in our relocation was the so-called pathogen problem. Any one of those alien microbes, however harmless to Gaian life, would be fatal to us, since our immune systems wouldn’t recognise them. One of the usual results is something you might be familiar with from your Covid-19 pandemic – the body’s immune system goes into overdrive and creates a cytokine storm, meaning the body effectively attacks itself, leading to total organ failure. Not pleasant.

As I’ve said, we were not really prepared to have our fundamental nature drastically altered, so the Capellans helped us in a more conventional way. For a species as advanced as them, you would often favour the use of nanocytes, that’s to say microscopic robots (nanobots) sailing around your immune system, usually controlled by QAI-TI, who simply reprograms them when they encounter a foreign pathogen. Obviously this requires sufficient processing power, which she has. This, however, can also be a temporary measure – the nanocytes can be used to complement, rather than replace, your immune system, meaning that your body’s own natural defences can learn. This method, then, circumvents the need for drastic genetic engineering.

So that’s how we sorted that out.

You may be wondering how we dealt with all those vicious saurians? Perhaps some of you are conjuring up huge force shields like in that visidrama Forbidden Planet. Well, we didn’t really have to do much of that kind of thing, aside from swimming and nixing (that’s fishing, to you and me) – there were some rather huge and scary things in those oceans. We called them tsaaca (it’s onomatopoeic). Usually it was QAI-TI’s guardbots that did it, simply hovering around and delivering a short, harmless shock to any saurian that got too close. Also, animals are generally more intelligent than many people think, and quickly learned to avoid the strange furry two-leggers, tasty as we may seem from behind that treeline. Having said that, we did eventually create safe zones, particularly once our population increased.

This is another aspect of our separate evolutionary path. On Nebthwt, most Paschats would only have two kits (or cubs, if you prefer) in their lifetime, always twins. For us, however, after a while this changed. This was almost certainly something to do with the very different seasonal periods in our previous binary system, in which our orbital path would take us in a second, ‘long’ year in which the blue-white star (Sirius A/Isit) would be sometimes close, and then sometimes far. Your planet is not a binary system, however, so things are a lot simpler.

For me, having more than one mating season during an adult life was blissful and joyful. Most Paschat births were still twins, but occasionally there would be singletons or triplets. We made huge festivals out of it, with music and dancing and visisonar concerts.

Another way in which we evolved – because remember evolution never stops, it’s one of the immutable laws of the multiverse – was in our outward, physical appearance, although this took a very long time, as you can appreciate. I believe this long way round of ours lasted for some 270,000 years, so as you can imagine, lots can change in that amount of time. Essentially, we adapted to our new environment, which, although extremely pleasant, was a little hotter and wetter than Nebthwt. Those of you who have studied this planet’s environmental history will know that your CO2 levels were about three times as high then as they are now, and the temperatures were a good ten or more degrees higher (although obviously with variations according to your latitude). So eventually, we became less furry, with softer skin and more refined features. And, indeed, more colour variations. Which is all very lovely, of course.

We were also able to introduce some of our own species – some of our birds and our flowering plants. And we once again had vast and beautiful forests to live in and gorgeous warm lakes for swimming. We were able to smile again.

And so once we had established ourselves, and the Capellans had taught our engineering specialists all about their technology, we were ready to go and explore and widen our horizons in this new, larger world. On Nebthwt, although we were of course aware of the existence of other intelligences (but rarely interacted with them), we lived somewhat isolated, pleasant, holistic lives, and thought little of what you might call politics. After we met the Capellans, however, we realised just how multifarious and multicultural this galaxy really is. And this is how we came to understand our purpose.

It did take us some time to overcome our grief, and of course we never forgot, but we also knew that we did have a new home, and one which welcomed our love. Gaia loved us, and so we loved her in return. And we still do. My mother said I would learn to love again, and of course she was right.

I also came to understand, the more we learned about this galaxy, and its history, that the Old Ones who had condemned us to homelessness, with whom I had been so upset and distraught, had in fact given us a great gift – a purpose. That purpose being to love others, other planets, other species as if they were our own family. And without a purpose, immortality is much harder to come by. We have a reason for continuing to exist, and we have the freedom to choose how we go about it. Although we had lost our home, we survived, and we came to understand that all of the multiverse is our home, not just one place or one time. Reality is our responsibility.

One day, I believe, humanity will come to understand this too. They will understand that the suffering they have had to endure for thousands of years has had a purpose and a meaning to it, for it has made them stronger and more determined, they will discover that deep down, they are good, that they have remained good despite whatever horrors those evil ones have done to them. And once they are rid of them, as they will shortly be, they will be determined to protect and love others. They will understand, as we did, the point about intervention, once they begin to think in deep time.

And this determination to survive, well, that may have just doubled the lifespan of the species.

If I am remembering correctly, that period was a so-called quiet time in our sector’s history. Defined as a period when there are very few indigenous spacefaring species in a sector. I get the impression it’s rather busy right now. It did not take us that long at all to establish colony stations and settlements, meet everyone else, learn their culture and share ours with them, and make new friends.

We also discovered more primitive species, those who had mastered the art of making fire, but not yet discovered art, mathematics and interstellar travel. Those were the ones I found most fascinating. I made studies of them, of how they progressed – what you might call ‘psychohistory’. Over many, many lifetimes, I became an expert on the subject. So believe me, I think I understand humans all too well, as well as the interventions. That’s my job, in a way.

The first time we learned about these kinds of interventions in pre-spacefaring species was, ironically, when we met the Capellans. They were conducting their own little experiments with some of your saurians. Deinonychus being a case in point. I believe the Capellans had high hopes for these dromaeosaurids. They already had the vestiges of opposable digits, they were clever little hunters, and they could even climb trees. Unfortunately, as I have indicated, they were extremely vicious (that bit of Jurassic Park is, as it happens, not an inaccurate portrayal). They had a nasty habit of attacking things even when they weren’t hungry, knowing they’d be hungry later and thinking they could just come back for the carcass at a later date. Like foxes in henhouses. A species like that, if allowed to learn how to make fire and then develop the aforementioned capabilities (let alone gunpowder and calculus), is almost certain to become a serious, somewhat fascistic threat. Distressingly for the Capellans, as a reptilian species – a friendly reptilian species at that – they were somewhat outnumbered by us mammals – for whom loving social environments come more naturally, given the necessary survival adaptation that is maternal love. At some point, someone may have come to the decision that here on Gaia it was time to let the mammals have a chance, instead of this endless sequence of ultimately unfulfilling lizards. Maybe that decision got made 65 million years ago, maybe not. Anyway, I digress.

I believe that time-ship appeared some 250,000 years later. And I knew why it was here when I watched it coming towards us, before I even spoke to its occupants. When I greeted them in the docking bay, it was like looking into our own past. They looked just like Paschats used to be. And once I told them where and when they were, they understood too.

The circle had been completed. They only took a short cut.

There has been the most intimate of connections between the Gaian system and Sirius for much longer than you may think. We have aligned our energies. We are the younger Horus, who became the older. Some part of me wants to describe the Capellans like one of the depictions of the Egyptian god Set, with the head of what some say is a fantastical creature. But if I’m honest, I can’t say that for sure. But if you study some of those ancient stories, you will see the glimmers of truth in them.

So by the time they arrived, I too had become an old soul. We all had. Most of us had reunited with our essence, no longer incarnating. And there were so few of us left by then, perhaps no more than 20,000. I had come back to Gaia for my final Fade.

And then… well, I find myself analysing a strange, antique space probe with a lovely golden record shining back at me, like a sun disc. And its contents were really quite disconcerting.

Clearly, lots of stuff has happened in our sector in the intervening 120 million years. I think I’m rather looking forward to finding out all about it…