Further thoughts on false flag alien encounters

Having thought more about this little issue – that’s to say the dystopians faking some kind of ETI contact situation, it strikes me what a remarkably intelligent move it might seem to them. At least, it does so on first consideration.

Were they to, say, deliver the kind of message I have been doing, namely that humanity has been issued with a ‘dystopian isolate’ status, and is thus quarantined, then this would be their brilliant excuse to ‘unify’ the species against this ‘threat’ and thus usher in their beloved one world government (i.e. totalitarianism and all the rest of it). Naturally, this would mean they would be sacrificing the long-term, given that they could never hope to leave the system or encounter genuine ETIs because then the truth would emerge. But then again, if they already know – which they do – that they will never be allowed to leave anyway, then from their point of view they may think they have nothing to lose.

They would also be able to ‘cancel’ people such as myself for spreading ‘harmful disinformation’ and ‘alien propaganda’ and so on. There would obviously be ‘dissidents’ who know perfectly well it was a false flag (i.e. a deepfake thing – they would have to manufacture some damn fine ‘evidence’, for sure – which they are more than capable of doing), but such dissidents would be few and far between. So that wouldn’t be a problem for them. This might also mean censoring (or prohibiting) the kind of ‘science fiction’ which casts the ETIs in a better light. Likewise, all the ‘starseeds’ would need to be arrested and incarcerated somewhere awful for being ‘alien spies’. Either that, or the incessant propaganda will make the brainwashed, fear-inspired masses do the violent deeds themselves.

So all in all, this option must be something the dystopians are considering extremely seriously. They would need to get it absolutely right, though. But given how much planning they do, indeed, put into their schemes, one can assume that’s a given.

With regards to the scheduled date for their doing this, a preferred option would perhaps be before Event Day (16/11/2024 at 11:26 UTC), so that anything which did happen on that day would simply reinforce their narrative (or, if it makes the ETI look good, presented as a deception). I think their major problem here is that they don’t know what exactly will happen.

All the elements are, however, in place.

From our point of view, on the other hand, I think we would just roll our eyes and sigh in an exasperated manner.

Our response would be based on two considerations. First, we think long-term, and second, we would be concerned with Danuih’s wellbeing.

Thus, the following:

1/ Maintain the quarantine

2/ Sabotage technological development likely to constitute a threat (weapons of mass destruction, interstellar travel, etc.)

3/ Disable nuclear weapons (in order to protect Danuih, unless she can take care of that one herself, of course). If humans want to kill each other with ‘conventional’ killing machines then I don’t think we would bother interfering.

Ultimately, these parasites, these dystopians, cannot survive in the long-term. They know it, and we know it. Good human souls, the older ones, will survive. If not here, on this world, then somewhere else. Even the younger ones will move on. To the Pleiades, perhaps.

But the dystopian ones? I think a trip to the Phantom Zone (the area immediately surrounding the supermassive black hole at the centre of the galaxy), or back in time to the Ancient War. Perhaps they came from there in the first place. In which case, that would be the best place for them. To echo their own racist rhetoric, back to where they came from.


In the long-term, life goes on.

If this kind of thing comes to pass, then what will I do? I shall continue to observe, and record. And I will rest here in this beautiful little part of Danuih’s nature, and mind my own business, so long as they do not mind it either.

Having rained hard all day here, now, Heliona is out once more. Bright sunshine, and there are birds and insects and spring flowers blossoming. All of these things will still be here, long after humanity has become nothing but a curiosity in the galactic archive. Danuih will be at peace again.

Life goes on. Always.

So do your silly false flag, your silly games, by all means. It will only last so long. In the end, you are nothing but dust.

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