False flag alien invasions, good vs. bad ETI, and an introduction to Event Day

I recently came across this article, speculating on the possibility of a false flag alien invasion. Given that I’m interested in both subjects, it appealed to me.

Interestingly, it also mentioned a quote by Dr. Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14 astronaut) who quite rightly stated that “our non-violent ETI will not tolerate any forms of military violence on Earth or in space.” With similar opinions voiced by the likes of Carol Rosin (who worked with Werner von Braun, and has been working on a treaty to prevent weapons in space – naturally, the Americans would ignore such a thing). Quite insightful, then, for a human.

Another idea expressed here (in the comments, as it happens) is that a false flag alien invasion (or even just incident) would be used to condition people into thinking that ETI is a threat. Bad guy aliens, in other words. More projection, naturally. This would mean that if/when good guy aliens come along, the people will automatically believe whatever the human bad guys say. Like ‘they’re not really carrying a message of peace – haven’t you seen V?’. Etc. (or any number of their other visidramas, for that matter).

Which is the case in point – they (dystopians again, Deep State and all that) have already been doing this for decades. The miniseries V is one of the most notorious. The ETI in that series being from Sirius and turning out to be thinly disguised Nazis. The ridiculous Exopolitics Institute has likewise spun out some stories about dark forces from Sirius – again, there is clearly a social conditioning agenda here. Given the importance of Sirius to, for example, the Egyptians, one could say this kind of anti-Siriun propaganda has been going on for more than three thousand years. Osiris and Isis and Atlantis and so on.

One does, indeed, get the impression the dystopians already know who we are and where we are from and what our attitude and intentions are, and wish to turn the masses against us. Predictable, to be sure.

The fact that this is predictable, from a game theory perspective, means they won’t win. Even without our time travel advantage!

On another note, as we get closer to ‘The Event’ (as I have come to call it), with a virtual certainty that the dystopians are aware of it, they will need to do something. In particular because they don’t know what The Event is going to be. They can only make guesses, attempting to think from our point of view.

You may be confused, sorry – I haven’t mentioned this before, I don’t think. It’s another Wow! signal thing. If you look at channel 4 (take 3 as well if you like) then you see the 16-11-24 sequence, which can be translated as a date, 16 November 2024. The exact time would be 11:26 UTC. 11:26 comes from the 4344 sequence further down channel 4. Divided by that channel number, 4, equals 1086 (reinforced by the base 7 ‘3111’ sequence in channel 3 next to it).

Don’t ask me exactly what’s going to happen at this specific time and date, because I haven’t been given that information (yet). I can think of my own possibilities, though – likewise my own suggestions.

If we’re talking some human-initiated event, then false flag alien invasion would be right up there. They could then cite this Wow! signal reading to help people believe. It would also serve to debunk anything the likes of me have said. That would be extremely helpful to these dystopians, for sure, and if I were them I’d be thinking seriously about that option. They certainly have the CGI to do it, what with all those deepfakes and so on. Not to mention sufficient control over the media.

Another option would be a human event initiated by people in positions of power who are not aware of ‘Event Day’. A false flag nuclear attack blamed on Russia in order to initiate World War Three, for example. Or some other nefarious thing (they seem to be coming thick and fast these days, for sure). Mind you, I think we (or Danuih) might have something to say about a nuclear war. That kind of thing crosses the line, in my view. It shouldn’t be allowed.

From an ETI perspective, one of my top suggestions would be shutting off the power to both Voyager and Pioneer probes simultaneously. It would take a while for the control centre down here to work out the precise time at which they all shut down (ceased communication – I believe they’re approaching one light day away – correct me if I’m wrong there) but – in a mischievous way – imagine the looks on their faces when they calculate that they did, indeed, all shut down at the same time. Way beyond coincidence, that one. This would be a nice, harmless message, too – something like ‘you’re not allowed beyond this point’. That would, one hopes, be clear.

A bolder approach really would be a ‘visitation’ – given how fearful the masses have been conditioned to be, however, as suggested above – this might not be a good idea. I’ve seen The Day the Earth Stood Still too. I was still only a child when I first saw it, but it resonated deeply even then. I haven’t bothered with the remake, though. So, personally, I don’t think a visitation would be a viable or likely option.

Other options – yet another SETI kind of message. With no opportunity for passing off as radiofrequency interference, this time, please.

The exact time of former President Carter’s death, perhaps. Or announcing the Alpha Centauri biosignature detection, is another option.

Another interestingly little piece of information I also came across today was that the planned Artemis II mission (sending four astronauts around the moon) is planned for November 2024 (Artemis I, by the way, did launch on 16 November, in 2022, at 06:47 UTC – maybe they do know?). Now that would definitely be an opportunity too good to pass up on! Nevertheless, I wish them well. We like spacefaring, obviously, and I personally would not want anything bad to happen to them. Perhaps something will go wrong, but we’ll look after them. Thus, essentially, likewise pre-empting their ‘we ETI are the bad guys’ meme. Mind you, knowing the dystopians, they’d probably say we’re deceivers, that it was us who made something bad happen on the mission, to then make us look like the good guys by saving the astronauts. Well, perhaps we’ll let the people decide that one.

Other options are available, naturally.

Something, however, at that time on that date, should definitely happen. That much I do know.

It does, therefore, behove us to mention it sufficiently in advance, and to pre-emptively debunk any manufactured false flag ‘we ETIs are the bad guys’ incident.

Not that many people will ever read this. But at the very least, it’s important to have it out there. On the record, so to speak.

And as a final disclaimer, I will point out that if something does happen, it may either not be noticed at that precise time, or once again, predictably, it shall be covered up. I think we’ll have to pre-empt that one, too.

So there it is for your diary – #EventDay, 16 November 2024, 11:26 UTC. The clock is ticking.

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