An ‘other’ love

I’ve heard it hypothesised that these people who seem to exercise all the social control in the human world are not in fact human at all. That rather they are some kind of demonic alien force. There is a certain truth in this, of course – if we take the word ‘alien’ in its literal sense of ‘other’. For they are definitely not ‘normal’.

As I have suggested, they are ‘aberrations’. They too have evolved and adapted until now, whatever inhuman mess takes place inside their heads cannot be called human anymore. They simply don’t think like the rest of us.

As a result, for many, despair sets in. The idea that these types are far more cunning and ruthless and lacking in conscience and therefore have the decisive advantage over humanity, and that humanity is simply not sufficiently intelligent nor strong to defeat them. Well, certainly without solidarity humanity is not strong enough. The aberrations know this, naturally, and spend much of their time pitching humans against other humans. The old divide and conquer strategy – for they have learned, with history, that it works. Any out-group will do to misdirect attention and prevent this necessary solidarity. Socialism, after all, has become a dirty word.

The further suggestion, then, is that in view of this it will take nothing short of a miracle to save humanity from these psychopaths. Well, if we could replace ‘miracle’ with something like ‘external intervention’ then we may be onto the right lines. On the other hand, it is certainly the case that humanity needs to learn to resolve its own problems. This, perhaps in a nutshell, is the problem of evil.

So that places we external interventionists in something of a quandary!

Still, as I sit here in the brightening spring sunshine in the beautiful fresh, clean air and clean skies amidst all the greenery I see how obviously oblivious nature herself is to all of this human issue. The birds go about their business as they have done since humans never existed and will do long after they are gone. Everything else in nature, the same. The trees just sway in the soft wind, the cat snoozes and stretches itself in the midday sun and the bees, happily, flit from flower to flower immersing themselves in the sweet pollen.

Danuih herself, then, continues to breathe and perhaps, chooses not to pay attention to the small-minded, petty machinations of humanity and its aberrations.

Notwithstanding, naturally, the localised areas of damage these aberrations continue to cause. All that chemical-spraying and geoengineering chemtrails and deforestation and plastic-pollution and all the rest of it. Perhaps she will decide to evolve a new set of microbes capable of breaking it all down. She has time on her side, after all. And she also knows that humanity, despite its pretensions to power, does not have the capability of destroying her body. All so tiresomely anthropocentric, these foolish humans.

And perhaps she knows that, perhaps sooner than many believe, this external intervention – this miraculous alien love for her – will be arriving well before it is too late.

We will see.

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Writer, translator, exopsychologist...

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