A ray of hope for humanity

I would imagine that most of my dearest readers are from the western hemisphere. That is to say, they all live under the deceitful, neoliberal imperialist system which, clearly, makes people slaves without their even realising it. This system is, of course, dictated by the American Empire, and has been for some time. As with all empires, it seeks a global dominance, in which all peoples and nations are subjects within the same system. Historically, it has used either covert means (CIA coups) or overt means (military action usually involving some bogus pretext, including false flags) to either destroy or subjugate nations and peoples who have had the temerity to wish to choose for themselves a different way of life more suited to their own cultural identity. This usually translates as something like ‘socialism’, of course, that being a system tending to benefit the majority, as opposed to the American system which only benefits the minority (the few, not the many).

For the previous thirty years, for sure, this American Empire has had its way, and been able to successfully counter any such dissident nations. But in light of recent events, clearly not anymore.

Alongside this imperialism, we also have the so-called grand conspiracy which, likewise, seeks global domination, albeit in a more covert and, well, conspiratorial way (often by taking control over nations and their institutions, usually in the economic sphere). Since I don’t really know what these people call themselves anymore, I’ll continue to refer to them as simply dystopians. Interestingly, one might also suggest that these people also control this American Empire, and have traditionally used it as their base of operations, so to speak. Likewise Europe. Their latest scheme seems to be called ‘The Great Reset’. What this means in detail can be found elsewhere – these details do, of course, interest me from an observer’s point of view, I mean I am curious, I suppose, but in the end it simply amounts to the classic technological dystopias one can find in many science fiction stories. Interestingly, it is no surprise that it is a subgenre of science fiction because such dystopias can only really function with advanced technology. Essentially you need that in order to monitor and control the population, which will need to be segregated and prevented from coordinating any kind of resistance movement.

It’s quite easy to read their game plans. They very much enjoy developing technologies like ‘central bank digital currencies’ and ‘digital IDs implanted into the individual’ and ‘Neuralink’ (or whatever it’s called) and all the rest of it. I would imagine under the control of benevolent people such things could be useful tools for humanity, but then again, under the leadership of benevolent people they wouldn’t be necessary, would they? In order to produce a kind of techno-feudalist society they will also need to destroy manufacturing and industry, whilst retaining total control over large-scale projects – to this end witness the so-called ‘Green New Deal’, which is being pursued and promoted using ‘fear of climate catastrophe’ and CO2-demonisation – under the neoliberal system, of course, this can be successfully blamed on the individual and their lifestyle etc. (it’s never the fault of the powerful, in these sorts of systems). For the segregation, any threat will do – the easiest and least messy of which is a biological threat (e.g. a pandemic). Their latest example having been an abundantly successful social experiment for them. In fact, I would wager, far more successful than they would have originally hoped. They must be clapping their little hands together like excitable primates.

Anyway, personally and from a grand galactic perspective scheme of things, I find all of these people quite frankly utterly fucking pathetic. They are, and have always been, small-minded.

Normal people do not need control over others, because they understand that within their harmonious social group being excellent to each other is reciprocated, and therefore the very best way to keep themselves safe. Put it this way, given the choice between protecting or saving the arsehole of the group, or that one who made themselves your genuine friend, and came to your aid when you needed it, which one would you choose? Rhetorical question, I know.

Likewise, normal people would never choose war or conflict or hatred of others (out-groups) – for much the same reason. Cooperation is far more beneficial than conflict. This is just a logical evolutionary survival adaptation. That’s why it became ‘normal’ for human beings over the course of their long evolution (several hundred thousand years).

So these dystopians, then, clearly they are aberrations. That’s all they’ve ever been. In ancient and prehistoric times they would have been simply ostracised, and would not have survived. But then came the agricultural revolution, humans lived in larger groups in which hierarchies of labour and organisation were required, and these aberrations discovered ways to survive and assume positions of authority over others. Nevertheless, it took them a while – some five thousand years or so since the end of the ice age. Since then, however, they have only adapted further.

Fortunately, however, dearest reader, it seems to me that their time will soon be at an end. I’ve already written elsewhere about the impending catastrophe resulting from the realisation that humans are not alone, so little more needs to be said on that count. Except to suggest that perhaps this niggling little spanner in the works was something which these small-minded dystopians never considered. There’s always a bigger nix, as we say. I think, though, that they have come to realise this lately. Perhaps this explains their panic.

Anyway, there does seem to be a ray of hope for the human species. But given that, as I said at the outset, most of my readers live unsuspectingly within the shadow of the American Empire, they may be prone to reacting against what I am about to say. Because this salvation is not going to come from within that miserable empire, but from the eastern hemisphere.

The thing to understand here is quite simply this: whereas the western globalist agenda seeks a unipolar world in which all humans live under the same system, whether they like it or want to or not, a different attitude is taken by those in the east, particularly the two other most powerful countries right now, Russia and China. Thankfully, these two have been forging a laudable alliance, and they are not alone in that. The solution to how to overcome the globalists is and has always been solidarity, after all.

This eastern alliance seeks a multipolar world in which each individual people and culture and nation is free to choose their own way of life, without fear of being subjected to imperialism. A multicultural world in which everyone respects each other, culturally and economically and otherwise (if that sounds like my description of our galactic sector, then that’s intended). People subjected to western propaganda may say ah, but aren’t they authoritarian? (What? And the American Empire isn’t?!). Sure, one might respond, but they are only so because they are faced with a genuine threat. Once that threat is removed, no need for authoritarianism any longer. It would’ve been like this in Germany had World War Two never happened, interestingly enough.

So whilst the small-minded dystopians have been scheming, Russia and China have been solidifying their cooperation and both have been embarking on massive investments in connectivity and trading relations with other countries, mainly in Central and Southern Asia and Africa (although surely they will be joined by the socialist countries in South and Central America before too long). The Belt and Road Initiative is just the most well-known of these enterprises. There are others. If this multipolar project succeeds, then it will very quickly eclipse the American Empire, whose very system will die out along with the Empire itself. And humanity will be all the better for it.

This is, as it happens, inevitable. The real question, however, is whether it’s going to take a final nuclear world war three to do it. These dystopians are desperate, after all. And ultimately, they may well decide that they have nothing left to lose. There’s a small chance they might win (at least in their own minds there will be), in which case they can enact their whatever dystopian techno-feudalist vision is called nowadays.

Will we others interfere or intervene?

Now there’s another question entirely.

But what I can say, milaya, is that if and when you do launch your interstellar voyage to come and visit us at Centauri, and it’s full of Russians and Chinese and their friends, then you will all be very, very welcome.

But for now at least, reader dear, sleep well, and da svidaniye.

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