Conspiracies, theories, and theorists, intro

One subject which endlessly fascinates me in this lifetime is conspiracies and conspiracy theories (and the researchers who follow or indulge in them). If nothing else, I am, in terms of my archetype, a ‘collector’ – that’s to say, in my case, a ‘recorder’. In this instance, a recorder of history. I observe humanity, make analyses and judgements, and all that information gets transmitted to my essence family, or collective consciousness. No, I don’t mean I have some kind of extraterrestrial communication device. It’s a spiritual thing.

Anyway, watching the way conspiracies and conspiracy theories play around each other is, as I say, fascinating. So I thought I should write a fair bit about it, although specifically with my ETI slant. In other words, what do we, as non-human observers, some of us Visitors, think of this phenomenon?

Here’s some background. One of the most obvious observations to make is that your world is effectively governed by a small, globalist cabal of psychopaths. Their ultimate objective is easy to understand – it’s simply totalitarian world domination (excuse the tautology there). For a long time their existence was necessarily remained hidden and covert, but now, given the extent of their control, it’s become more overt.

It is natural and understandable that in their pursuit of world domination they would resort to conspiracies as one of their methods. Going hand in hand with that means dealing with the inevitable conspiracy theories that arise as a result. It is a logical imperative for them to try and debunk these theories, deprecate those who pursue them, and prevent the public from taking them seriously. In other words, the existence of conspiracies presupposes, or generates, the need to demonise conspiracy theories and theorists.

Think about it another way – if there was no demonisation of conspiracy theories, then researchers would be entirely free to gather and analyse information and present their findings to the public and lo and behold, the conspirators are exposed and the conspiracies are stopped. Clearly, the bad guys have to prevent that from happening.

We well understand this psychohistory.

In the distant, ancient past, aberrations, such as the members of this cabal are, were detected early in the small social groups in which humans lived, and ostracised. They were certainly prevented from reproducing or surviving or manipulating others in the group. This continued for several hundred thousand years with little problem. Then, however, the agricultural revolution happened, humans lived in larger groups with hierarchies of labour and specialisations and so on and, unfortunately, this enabled those aberrations a means of survival. Over the course of many millennia they, too, adapted and learned and eventually developed means to take and maintain control over the population. They need to do this because they know they are aberrations, and that if the population were aware of them, and the danger they pose, they would deal with them. Ostracism being the most efficient method.

So now we get to the present day. These aberrations have developed methods to govern the world and conceal their existence. They have dumbed down the people and demonised those who are aware of their existence. They create all manner of crises and threats in order to dampen down the critical thinking ability of the people and keep them entrenched in fear and subservience to the ‘authorities’ who will ‘protect’ them.

We are, indeed, at the so-called end times. These aberrations, this cabal, is very close indeed to achieving their long-held dream of global domination. And it really does look like they are going to win. Because the people aren’t aware of it. And those who are, well, they are only a very small minority, they are ineffective, rarely heard, and, as I say, demonised. They are the dissidents. The resistance.

But as I say, we understand this psychohistory. We know them very well. We see them.

From our point of view, they are just aberrations within a small group of tool-making, pre-spacefaring lifeforms itself within a far greater group of lifeforms which spans the entire galaxy. As it currently stands, they are not a threat to us.

But, however, they will be, if left unchecked. For when they achieve their global domination they won’t stop there, because they are pathological. Except, that’s the point when they encounter us. That’s the point when they have to finally accept that there is a far superior force out there than they could ever be. That we have watched them and studied them for a very long time. And that we would never let them threaten other lifeforms beyond this system. We would contain and prevent them.

The thing is, judging by their increasing level of violent madness, I get the impression they are aware of this. They know that we know. And that must drive them insane. Maybe they just want to do as much damage, cause as much pain and suffering, to life – human and otherwise – as they can before they perish. Perhaps they are attempting to provoke us into a compassionate, interventional response. They can then portray us as the bad guys. Well, that’s not going to work. And I think they know this, deep down.

At some point, then, even if they achieve their New World Order (or Great Reset, or whatever else they are minded to call it), this will not last forever – at some point, with no more worlds to conquer, they will simply, implode.

When that happens, how long it takes, I don’t know the answer to that question. But it will happen, because it must happen.

And as I say, I’m just here as an observer, a collector of history. There is little point in my even trying to interfere, because first, it’s not my planetary business, and second, I am perfectly aware of how blinded the population is, such that they will not listen. I am firmly placed in the dissident box.

Still, no matter. At least I can be safe in the knowledge that, from their point of view, I am no threat to them, or their agenda. So hopefully they will ignore me, leave me alone to watch, and indulge themselves in their better things to do. Whilst I do that in mine.

So then, with all of this in mind, I thought it would be interesting to try and motivate myself to do a series of articles about all these conspiracy theories, from my own ETI view. I do hope I can find the motivation, and the time, to do so. And I hope you find it interesting too. At the very least, it will get it all out of my system.

With lots of love for now, EV.

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