It has been precisely one year since I started this website, so it’s birthday time. I had to write something, even though, depressingly, I can’t think of much to say. The ‘depressingly’ is quite apt there, as that’s probably the reason.

Despair also enters into the mix. I am still of the opinion that the world is somewhat doomed. Things will get much worse before they get better, if they ever do. It is quite clear that the dystopians in power have ‘sufficient’ control, such that resistance has become increasingly futile. And they’re clearly hellbent on WW3. It’s just one false flag away from blaming Russia and China (neither of whom want it, of course). China’s Belt and Road Initiative will be overtaking America by the end of this decade, and if America (or those who control/use it) wants to retain its hegemony, then, well, WW3 it will have to be. Then there’s this Great Reset thing. Ultimately pathetic, of course. The petty machinations of petty little despots. I sense desperation.

So this is now a purgatory world.

Although there’s a theory worth mentioning. Multiversal Molecule Theory (MMT). A standard definition would be something like ‘universes with the same laws of physics are entangled, they connect up to form molecules; those molecules connect with others to form the multiverse.’ You could then add that ‘what that looks like is a question best left to the philosophers’.

Given that I am a firm believer in reincarnation, one might also speculate that this explains the heaven and hell and purgatory idea. That’s to say, some of these worlds are utopias (heaven), some are dystopias (hell or purgatory, depending on how bad they are). Which one you end up in for your future life depends on how you conduct yourself in this one. The trick in surviving a purgatory world being to hold on to your goodness despite whatever they throw at you, despite resistance being futile. That’s virtue, that is.

Well, I still have no memory of what it was I did, that was so wrong, that I should deserve such punishment. But I shall do my penance.

Then again, I am more of a sleeper, and refuse to abandon all hope.

MMT probably solves a lot of the problems and anomalies in the Standard Model (of physics). Perhaps that’s for another post, however.

I’m not keen on New Year’s resolutions, but if I did have one it would be to write more, to be more systematic, and to come up with some kind of plan. Or schedule, rather. I have long-since come to accept that I am useless at marketing and self-promotion, however. But that’s largely because I like obscurity – humans frighten me and I am happy to be left alone. I have nature here, and solitude. And companionship.

That’s all a girl needs, in the end.

Whether anyone of importance ever listens, well, I don’t seem to have any say in that matter. But as I say, I am like a sleeper. The important thing is to write it all down and ensure that it’s there, inserted into the archive, for future reference. At some point, it will wake up and realise its relevance and its effect.

Anyway, perhaps another resolution would be to stop apologising for not writing often enough, and to not deliver promises to try and write more. No point in putting unnecessary pressure on oneself. If it happens, it happens.

Besides, talking to oneself, rather than being a sign of madness, should perhaps be seen, instead, as a sign of self-awareness.

This time last year I started off with such high hopes. I thought I had found my vocation and I knew how to make the world a better place. I had something vitally important to say – still do. But unfortunately, I was rebuffed. I have, for certain, definitely decided not to engage with SETI – my conclusion is they exist not to find evidence of ETI or facilitate contact and the awakening and revolution of the human species into a larger world, but quite the opposite – to prevent it. So I shall not be bothering with them again. Likewise that so-called Exo-Politics Institute – I knew far too little about that this time last year – now I know they’re just a part of that US misinformation programme, more concerned with so-called disclosure of UFOs and the like. Well, that’s not my business. As far as I am concerned, this planet has been under strict quarantine (no visitations) for much longer than the UFO phenomenon has been around. That phenomenon is probably more to do with German technology stolen during Operation Paperclip anyway, and the whole UFO aliens thing is the smokescreen. My understanding of this galactic sector is very different indeed to the narrative from the Exo-Politics Institute. So no more engagement there, either.

I like the Ancient Aliens people though. Much more open-minded.

Anyway, that’s just a little customary ramble for my anniversary. 850 words suggests that, actually, even when I think I can’t, I can write something worthwhile.

There’s hope in that.

Lots of love, as usual, my dearest things…

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