Spiritual Evolution & The Fermi Paradox

It might seem a strange way to initiate another take on the so-called Zoo Hypothesis/Fermi Paradox, but I am well aware of my flaws. Perhaps most importantly I neglect my spiritual development. I live too much in the material world and the truth is I hate it. Sometimes I tell myself I do not have a choice, that it’s external factors beyond my control. It is certainly true that people like me should be able to live in a utopia, in which every material necessity is provided for free at the point of use, leaving me to maturely just get on with whatever I feel I need to do, with no stress or anxieties. It is another one of those obscene lies that capitalism tells that people need to be somehow forced into doing something productive, that left to their own devices, in a socialist system people would just be lazy. It’s a lie because human beings are not like that – they do want to do something useful for themselves and their community.

So what am I rambling on about now? I tell myself that the reason I have to live in this material existence is because that’s my purpose – I’m not here to be free to ignore everything and, in a kind of self-indulgent way, focus only on my own spiritual evolution. I also tell myself, perhaps as an excuse for procrastination, that in part I have already done a lot of spiritual evolution (in previous lifetimes) and secondly that I will have the opportunity to resume that path in the lifetimes to come, once I have fulfilled this purpose. Sure, there is a lot of truth in that, of course – my sensibilities, determined life experiences tell me so. If those experiences weren’t there for a reason then they would not have happened – my life circumstances would be different – I would live in some comfortable way with no anxieties and I would just focus on my own spiritual evolution. So it’s logical.

But there is also a great truth in the idea that one can’t just sit around waiting for some external good fortune or positive change to happen and only then can one move forward. In the interconnectedness between the self and the outer world we have to understand that change starts with the self, and then reverberates into the external circumstances – the external changes for the better when the individual does.

In my case, if I was being a little psychological about this I might say something like I am still a child and I just want to go back into a different childhood with a mother who loved me and made me feel safe and warm and took care of everything for me. But as an adult, one has to make one’s own decisions. So I can’t use that as an excuse.

Anyway, here is another answer to the so-called Fermi Paradox (as a reminder that’s simply the idea that if there are loads of intelligent lifeforms in this sector then where are they and why don’t we see them etc.). Well, there is a spiritual reason for this. The spacefaring phase of a lifeform’s existence isn’t necessarily that long. After a while, once you know what’s out there you don’t need to see anymore. You find a nice, quiet and tranquil place and you focus on your spiritual evolution.

Like I am fairly sure that I’ve already done a fair bit of exploration over the course of so many other lifetimes. I met lots of other lifeforms and made friends and learned about how life works within linear time (Psychohistory). And now I take it upon myself to use that knowledge to maintain the peace. I think it’s the same for many Paetri. I believe that once we, my family, have done what we need to do in your timezone we will be able to go back to your cretaceous period again, rejoin our larger family and focus on our own evolution as a species until we leave linear time behind forever. Perhaps just a few more lifetimes until we know everything will be peaceful and can feel safe. And we will be able to do this knowing that humanity will never threaten us.

In that sense, we will hardly think of ourselves as a spacefaring species anymore. We will begin to focus more and more on the exploration of outer time, in preparation for our non-linear existence. At that point I would imagine we would reintegrate with our Karidel cousins (they would probably let us have some of their timeships for the purpose, uh-oh). They might say we should’ve stayed with them, although at the same time I’m sure they knew it was something we felt we needed to do.

For my own part, I grow increasingly tired and emotionally exhausted being here, being forced to live in this increasingly horrendous dystopia. Clearly it is difficult for so many human beings to realise that’s what it is – a horrendous dystopia. Although many, I am also sure, do at least have a sense that ‘something isn’t right’. They might not understand it clearly, as I do, let alone the reasons, but they know something needs to change. Unfortunately, the evil ones also know this, and will put themselves in charge of that ‘something is going to change’ – it will be presented as a salvation and lamentably the vast majority will believe them, partly because they are so desperate, and just sleepwalk into it. They won’t realise, until it’s too late, that they have simply exchanged one dystopia for another.

So, in summary, perhaps we could cite two other kinds of intelligent lifeforms here to explain our Fermi Paradox. First, there are the pre-spacefaring lifeforms, some of which, unfortunately, do exist in varying degrees of dystopia and therefore must be prevented from spacefaring; the other kind are the utopian types who are more than mature enough to cope with advanced technology without hurting anyone. Such are the wiser ones, some of whom, like us, maintain this state of affairs, act in a sensitive manner towards pre-spacefaring dystopias in direct knowledge of those species’ xenophobia. Humanity would be terrified, as they are right now, were they to be confronted with other lifeforms. And so we don’t do it – at least not overtly, anyway.

You may have noticed how I have studiously avoided the whole ufology debate. This is partly because there is so much misinformation and disinformation out there such that sifting through the whole thing to find the truth amounts to a lifetime of study. And I don’t have the time to do that. So I don’t think of myself as an expert on the subject. For what it’s worth, however, I can offer this little essay as a hypothetical explanation. I have spoken before many times about nanosurveillance – when you have a quantum artificial intelligence (QAI-TI) controlling swarms of nanobots then you really don’t need to visit places with spaceships. You would certainly need to monitor lifeforms like humans, but visiting them in person at this time is bound to end in tears. It’s not safe, quite simply. So I really don’t buy into a lot of this contact and disclosure stuff, because it doesn’t make mature, logical sense – we spacefaring species simply wouldn’t do it, and we wouldn’t allow it to happen, either – there would be a quarantine warning, as I have also stated elsewhere. Sure, one might make contact with the American Deep State in order to spy on them from the inside, but that’s so convoluted and unnecessary, in my view, that it wouldn’t be worth the hassle. Knowing what those people are like, one would be constantly mindful of the risk of them shooting first and torturing you later. So I am sceptical about it.

Others might disagree, of course. Like I say, I do not claim to be an expert on the matter.

So anyway, that’s enough for now – I have also become a little more mindful of not making these ramblings overlong – so I promise that from now on I will at least try to keep them short and sweet!

Lots of love for now xx

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