Quick note about my book promo

As the heading suggests, this post is just a quick note to inform my dearest readers that I decided to make my book (see the Books page) free at the point of use for a limited period, like a kind of promo. Specifically, until 9/11/21. So you have plenty of time.

Here is the link: Smashwords – Rejected Messages – a book by Evelyn K. Brunswick

Even if I am poor it’s still important to me that people get to read what I have to say. Plus of course, the hope is that word of mouth will do the rest of the promotional work for me, such that people will still want to buy it once the price goes back to normal (4.99).

Of course when I say I’m poor I mean only in terms of money. In many other ways I am rich and fortunate indeed – I have a beautiful old house here in La France profonde, and a beautiful garden which is a necessity for my soul. And I have a companion, and those semi-feral felines. We have fresh air and calm and peace and quiet, and that’s worth more than money. And I also have my own mind – that, too, is priceless.

So yes, I am not going to complain selfishly about living at the poverty line, because many others are far worse off than I am. I just wish it was possible to wave a magic wand, make all the bad people go away, and create a utopia in which there is no poverty anymore, and everyone can live in peace and happiness and aspiration. I would call that liberal socialism, of course.

The problem is, too many humans would disagree with me on that point…

Take care my dearest readers, and if you do decide to get your free promo copy of my first book, and manage to read it all the way through, then I just hope you really enjoy it. Feel free to leave reviews and feedback (e.g. on my Books page – but also on the site itself and social media and all the rest of it; word of mouth and all that).

I wish you well.

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