Sorry for my absence

I have a desperate need to apologise for my absence – especially to those who have checked into Home on a regular basis to see if I have posted anything, only to find nothing.

I could blame many things. In particular, the full moon in Virgo on 27th February, which is about as opposite to me as you can get. Suffice to say it has provoked internal uncomfortable stuff for me. But most of all, a sluggishness which is anathema to my soul.

This heralded some bad news on the very following day. It should not have been doubt about my diplomatic mission, but it felt like it. As a diplomat, to be ignored is the greatest insult.

But I have come to understand that even allegedly intelligent humans do not acknowledge, do not believe, do not understand the seriousness of their condition.

Here I am, in full knowledge of the fact that we are in a loud phase of our galactic sector, in which there are no less than 38 spacefaring lifeforms within a 50 lightyear radius, all of whom are perfectly aware of events on this planet as they unfold. They have access to the galactic archive, after all. They are observing with no little consternation.

Humanity, in this 21st century, is going to suffer an inevitable catastrophe which will prove traumatic. Traumatic beyond anything you can possibly imagine. My purpose here is to be a guide. To mitigate the severity of this catastrophe. Yet all I see are stupid humans with absolutely no inkling of what is about to happen, no awareness of their post-truth dystopian state, no acknowledgement of the urgency of things. And so they make light.

The wrong kind of light of it all.

The wrong kind of light.

But this lunar phase is fading now – this sluggish Pisces – more dense than any Piscean month I can remember. Ares (to whom I must declare my love!) is approaching and I for one know that for me this will be a gorgeous burst of energy. Much needed, for damn sure!

Anyway, there is little more I can say right now in the way of excuses other than a heartfelt apology. As I say, especially to those who have been my faithful friends and companions. To whom I can only offer my greatest love.

But I have at least been thinking, however, and meditating, and remembering.

Therefore, my dearest things, please expect some better things to come…

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