An apology, and an explanation

I need to make a humble apology. What I am sorry about is taking the so-called Exo-Politics Institute seriously. Clearly at the point when I began this open diplomacy I had not carried out enough research on the matter. I admit that this was probably due to an overabundance of optimistic hope. The idea that some human beings had created a kind of sanctuary or consulate for visitors which could also act as a channel of communication with, for example, the United Nations, was very exciting from my point of view. It was, as it happens, exactly what I needed.

But there’s the trap, isn’t it? I still need to do a fair bit more research into this whole area, but having done a sufficient initial amount, my instinctive, intuitive conclusion is that this Exo-Politics Institute is dangerous rubbish. It’s also a honey pot.

I will, once I’ve done more detailed research, explain all this in more detail in a later article.

But for now, all I can say is sorry!

The same perhaps applies to SETI. It has become very clear to me that the purpose of SETI is not to discover and make public the most profound, important, and world-changing piece of information in recent human history – namely the confirmation of the zoo hypothesis – but the opposite – to control the search for extraterrestrial intelligence and to prevent it from becoming public knowledge. Precisely because it would change the world – from a dystopia to a utopia. Obviously the dystopians cannot allow this to happen (as they are not adapted for survival in a utopia).

It also occurs to me that, whether semi-consciously or subconsciously, I was carrying out another provocation, or test – for both the Exo-Politics Institute and SETI.

And this is how I know that my above conclusion – my intuition – is correct.

I have provided both SETI and the Exo-Politics Institute with undeniable proof (the Wow! signal/message being the obvious example). Their reaction tells me all I need to know about them.

What was their reaction? Silence! Total silence.

Just think about it psychologically. If SETI was genuine then they would’ve been the most excited scientists on the planet right now. It would be all over the news, I would be currently conducting diplomacy with the Secretary General of the United Nations, giving him the necessary advice and guidance on how to make the world a better place (yes, of course I know how to do that! Completely and utterly – clearly the dystopians are aware of this too), and I’d be, what, permanently trending on twitter or something. The end to this Covid-19 fiasco would be in sight as well because every country would be adopting a global zero-Covid strategy – the whole of humanity finally working together for the common good. Which, incidentally, would act as a huge magic spell to eliminate the cosmic virus, by using the Covid-19 virus as a kind of ‘waxen image’ – all it would take is for humans to be consciously aware of this as they go through the global total lockdown (it worked in Katrina’s world in 2020, after all).

Likewise with the Exo-Politics Institute. Dr. Salla (founder of the Institute) finally encounters ‘the real thing’ and – what? – no response whatsoever! Dr. Salla is either a deliberate fraud, or a useful idiot (or both).

Perhaps this is because I don’t fit into his scheme of things, his world view, and more importantly my species and our history of interacting with humanity completely contradicts everything he’s been told!

This, unsurprisingly, is the reason why my species isn’t even mentioned in the Exopaedia. The idea that nobody in the Exo-Politics Institute has ever heard of Paschats, or Murry Hope for that matter, is simply not credible.

Both logically and psychologically, this glaring omission proves that my above conclusions are true.

The other explanation (or excuse – it’s mine and I’m sticking to it!) for my mistake, made out of hope, is that in my other life as Katrina myself and my (Ishnaan) friend Carrie Hughes founded the multidisciplinary Department for Exo-Studies (DEXOS) at the University of Cambridge in 1995. Naturally, I thought that the Exo-Politics Institute might have been conceived along the same lines – but how wrong I was!

DEXOS, as I say, was/is a multidisciplinary academic department with a huge degree of respectability covering all aspects of exo-studies – that’s to say, anything outside this solar system. It encompassed subjects ranging from basic astrophysics and astronomy to exo-biology, planetary sciences, theoretical physics to more ‘esoteric’ exo-studies like philosophy, psychology, parapsychology, paraphysics and metaphysics, archaeology and comparative mythology and so on. Not to mention my specialism, exo-psychology and psychohistory (Carrie was the first Chair of that specialism). As well as offering this wide range of genuine and respectable courses (from undergraduate to postgraduate) part of its remit was (announced with great fanfare I have to admit!) to prepare humanity for ‘contact’ – that’s to say to help humanity become psychologically used to the idea of the zoo hypothesis, so that by the time it happened they would not be scared about it. It was an ‘anti-xenophobic’ project, in that sense.

Doubtless to say, it was a huge success, and kept the topic permanently in the public’s mind in a respectable way – unlike in this world, in which the whole idea has been deliberately relegated to the ‘new age ridiculous conspiracy nutter hippy loony etc. etc.’ not to be taken seriously category. Hence, when I come along, no response. I am effectively just a needle of truth in a haystack of misinformation and lies.

In Katrina’s world, the opposite was the case. Katrina (who was/is an actress and filmmaker amongst many other things) released a movie in 2012 (about contact at Alpha Centauri) in which she/I/Shari’ana at one point sends back the wow! signal. This provoked millions of people into looking into it for themselves and understanding it. It became undeniable, along with its implications. So, although this was not strictly speaking ‘actual contact’ (in any physical sense), the idea of it started to irrevocably change people’s attitudes. The idea of ‘visitors’ (like Katrina, who finally ‘came out’ about it – she’d also made a Russian language film called ‘The Visitors’ some ten years previously), which in this world seems to be called ‘starseeds’ did not seem so ridiculous or far-fetched, and slowly but surely people got used to the existence of we visitors.

And so by now, with the Ares-Gaia centrifugal space station up and running, the blc-1 signal being talked about in public, and the James Webb telescope being permanently pointed towards Centauri, and there is talk of getting a dialogue going (not to mention the world having worked together on an immediate zero-Covid strategy, which worked), that world is swiftly on its way to beautiful utopia.

In direct contrast to this one.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling for now. I just wanted to say sorry, offer the above explanation/excuse, and promise to do more research in future before I leap.

Obviously, however, everything happens for a reason and at the right time, and part of my purpose here is to experience these things in order to gain the knowledge required to be a better guide. A month ago, when I started all this, I hardly knew anything about the Exo-Politics Institute, or Dr. Salla, and I allowed my excitement to draw me in. So now I understand a lot more about the nature of these dystopian honey pots, and am in a much better place to counteract them and offer the right kind of guidance to visitors, so-called starseeds (who I had also not heard of until very recently). The starseeds will definitely need my help. Most of them, after all, aside from finding themselves all alone in an alien environment, will have no experience or knowledge whatsoever of dystopia or how it operates, and being trusting souls they will be prone to fall into these traps for the unwary, so they will need the benefit of my psychohistorical expertise on the subject. I have, after all, studied such things for quite some time. If they have seen any of my reports in the archive (in a former life), all they may need are a few memory triggers.

So clearly, despite purposefully experiencing all this suffering in my earlier life in preparation for all this, I was helpfully shielded from these honey pots all that time, simply by virtue of not knowing about them. So now that I do encounter them, it’s far easier to see through them.

So rest assured, I shall be continuing my in-depth research into all this, and shall be writing in more detail about it in due course.

There are, after all, many things which need to be corrected…

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