Intervention – The Prime Directive – part two

In part one I concentrated on a more ‘spiritual’, or evolutionary, justification for our interventionist policy, which could also be called our ‘prime directive’. In part two I will ramble on about the practical side of things.

Essentially this goes way back to what we call the Ancient War. This refers to an extended period of approximately 100 million years or thereabouts at the beginning of the habitable period of life of this galaxy, some 7 billion years ago.

At that time, there was no interventionist policy. The simple reason being there wasn’t anyone to carry it out. Unlike the present time, in which there is an almost uncountable multitude of spacefaring civilisations throughout the galaxy (the so-called zoo hypothesis), those earliest years were characterised by a scarcity of such lifeforms – the obvious reason being things were only just getting going. Someone, after all, would have to be first. And then second, and third, and so on.

This is somewhat ironically reflected in the so-called Drake equation, which is a simple thought experiment to calculate the number of spacefaring lifeforms in the galaxy, essentially by trying to get an idea of how many sufficiently stable habitable planets there are in which ‘intelligent’ (tool-making) life can evolve and survive into the (technological) spacefaring phase of existence. In those earliest years of the galaxy the Drake equation thought experiment is really quite accurate, and would result in such spacefaring species being separated naturally by hundreds, or perhaps a few thousands, of light years between them (1801, perhaps, might be a good educated guess). This obviously provides a vast amount of what you might call ‘living space’ for expansion and colonisation.

Likewise – and here we come to the crux of the matter – there is nothing to prevent some civilisations from descending into totalitarian dystopia and then discovering the secret of interstellar travel. One of the characteristics of dystopia, remember, is the lack of emotional or spiritual maturity, what you might call wisdom, which leads to fear. Dystopians themselves are fearful, but will go to any lengths to avoid or escape that fear – they are, in effect, scared of fear itself. This is quite difficult to comprehend – or empathise with, rather – at least for me. To me it just seems stupid. Once a lifeform has discovered the art of making fire they become the so-called apex predator – they can no longer be categorised as ‘prey’, because they now have a comprehensive defence weapon against any animal predator. All animals will instinctively recoil from a source of fire, after all. This lack of fear, leading to self-confidence, is the beginning of self-awareness for a species. Likewise they can start to evolve their brains by cooking food, making the proteins more digestible – and so on up to art, mathematics and interstellar travel.

However, all of this mastery over the environment allows for ever more complex and larger social groups (what you might call ‘civilisation’), which provides the fearful proto-dystopians with a new mechanism of survival. Prior to this, in hunter-gatherer societies, those who are ‘socially disruptive’ would simply be ostracised (expelled) from the social group. What some people now call ‘alpha males’ is a classic example. Alpha males are actually epsilon males – their behaviour, clearly, if you think about it, is not beneficial to the social group. They are disruptive. They desire social control and, well, other people’s women (regardless of whether the woman wants it or not – most often she doesn’t). For every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction – they cause bitterness and resentment which leads to either ostracism or violent retribution. Either way the so-called alpha male does not survive. They, and their behaviour, are, in effect, rooted out of the gene pool in an epigenetic sense.

Interesting, as awareness blooms, such epsilon males serve to teach the rest of the social group about good and evil – i.e. that which is beneficial versus that which is detrimental. It reinforces the inherent goodness of the majority of the social group.

However, once the so-called agricultural revolution occurs, society becomes stratified into different roles, some of which could be seen as ‘positions of authority’ – the foreman of a construction site, the overseer of the agricultural workforce etc. For dystopians – our aforementioned epsilon males – they simply need to get themselves into those ‘managerial’ positions and abuse that position to claim authority over others. The young of mammalian species, after all, are inherently trusting of adults because they are helpless at that stage of their life. Their brains need to be programmed to trust their observations (of adults) and then copy them (via mirror neurons etc., if you want a neurophysiological explanation). Think about it logically – if, say, a fledgling bird was programmed not to trust its observations of its parents, then when comes its turn to fly out the nest it would just plummet to the ground and die. Likewise with human beings, for example. A child is programmed to trust adults.

This, then, can be abused and manipulated by dystopians.

Today, for example, you don’t need to look very far to see how those who have placed themselves in positions of power and social control are accomplished liars and propagandists (dystopias are always ‘post-truth’). Of course they need to convince the people they have their interests at heart, that they are ‘good’, because they know perfectly well that normal people are programmed to reject evil. Thus, evil always pretends to be good. When the American social leaders want to go to war, for example, they always have to convince the people it’s for ‘humanitarian intervention’ against some genuine threat. For anyone who investigates their claim, it becomes quickly clear that it’s a lie, but for the majority of people it’s not psychologically tolerable to accept the fact that the people in power are evil. Aside from anything else it would offend their pride to have to accept that they have been played for fools.

It should also be clear that in order for these dystopians to maintain their power they need to restrict access to information. Even more specifically, to the information and knowledge and wisdom required for evolution (both of the masses as well as the individual). Creating an anti-education system specifically designed to prevent self-realisation and individuation, the tools to ask and answer questions for oneself, and to be nothing but a conveyor belt for units of economic consumption or productivity, is obviously an intrinsic part of this (one of the main reasons I call these dystopians the ‘anti-enlightenment movement’ – the ‘illuminati’ they absolutely are not!). Thus the species, over many generations, effectively regresses – intelligent, wise, older souls find themselves living in an incompatible environment (“It’s not healthy to be well-adjusted to a sick society” etc.), and are thus rooted out of the gene pool, until, when enough time has passed, the vast majority of such a species are degenerate, corrupt, unable to think for themselves, slavish, fearful, and perfectly willing to indulge in war and empire-building. The capacity to learn, evolve and mature has quite simply been extracted from them.

This is the real, long-term existential danger of totalitarian dystopias. Evolution, remember, never stops, because time always exists. Evolution, simply meaning change, or adaptation to the environment, can in fact turn a species down many different pathways, some of which lead to corruption, chaos and evil. Over an extended (hundreds of generations over thousands of years) of dystopia, the brain’s structure is fundamentally altered to make it frankly incapable of ‘goodness’. Such brains cannot be reasoned with. They have no conscience. Like the Terminator, they don’t feel pity or remorse, and they absolutely will not stop etc. Such is the nature of a psychopath, a dystopian.

With some of those earliest lifeforms which developed spacefaring technology, this is precisely what did happen. And at that time, there was no one to stop them.

Now I can hear you ask – ‘but you said you have the power of time travel, so why don’t you just extend your interventions right back to the beginning and prevent all of this from happening?’

This is an excellent philosophical point for a student of psychohistory to ask. It raises a number of important questions. From a human point of view, this is essentially the same question as the so-called problem of evil, that’s to say something like ‘why does God allow evil to exist?’.

But here’s an interesting answer for you – how would we know to go back in time and stop evil if evil never existed in the first place precisely because of our interventions? This would be a paradox, no?

How would we even know that evil existed in the first place? Where would the motivation for intervention come from? If everything is always harmonious?

So, given that this state of affairs did – or was allowed to – exist in the early years of spacefaring, from a time travel perspective the best policy is ‘containment’.

This is where – forgive me for this – things start to get really quite ruthlessly cunning. Given that we Paschats are of the feline persuasion, a certain amount of animal cunning comes naturally to us.

But you deserve an explanation, of course. An answer to the problem of evil. Understandable, so here it is.

The first, somewhat obvious point, is that without the existence of evil there is no reference point. One could dispense the proverbial apples throughout the galaxy to multifarious Adams and Eves and the subsequent conversation might proceed something like the following:

Our primordial couple open their eyes, look around, and see no evil.

“What was the point of that?” enquires our Adam.

“Good point,” says the serpent of wisdom. “Perhaps you’d like to mate with your lovely wife here and beget two sons, one of which can be good and the other evil? Then you’ll have your reference point.”

“Why,” responds Adam, somewhat sensibly, it must be said, “would I want to have an evil son?”

“Aha!” exclaims the serpent, “It works! The apple has clearly done its magic!”

In this scenario, then, if evil didn’t already exist there is no need for an apple. It wouldn’t make a difference.

And so evil is created as the reference point – something to reject. Evil is a reminder, as well as an enhanced motivation towards goodness, order, harmony and evolution.

A few maxims are helpful here.

‘For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.’

‘That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.’

And so on. The existence of evil reinforces goodness. It provides an impetus for beneficial evolution.

Having said that, naturally, one needs, as a divine being, to contain the matter, make sure it doesn’t get out of hand.

So, therefore, isolated pockets of evil are created – or rather, allowed to happen. But never allowed to achieve domination or superiority.

With regards to the overall lifespan of the galaxy (which is indeed a living essence), containing this evil within, say, the first 100 million years of this lifespan seems an eminently sensible way to go. 100 million years certainly contains enough space for all these dystopian forces of chaos. Following this, isolated reminders crop up every now and then for the purposes already outlined. One might call them ‘vaccinations’, analogously.

Take note of the cosmic virus, at this point. Everything has its purpose.

In terms of humanity, the hope and intention is that the collective, cultural memory of suffering under this evil will permanently reinforce the desire for goodness, order and harmony in their essence, and eventually, when the time comes in which humanity is called upon to intervene, to be caretakers, their experience will make them ideally qualified to know what to do.

My own species, as I have outlined elsewhere, did not experience evil as the motivation for being good, or giving ourselves a caretaking role. Our suffering was more about grief at the loss of our home, not about persecution and abuse at the hands of evil. Even in my grief I was aware that the Old Ones did not do this to us because they were evil. Prior to the catastrophe, life on Nebthwt was perfectly harmonious and holistic. All our lifeforms co-existed naturally and peacefully – there was no conflict, or fear, or hatred. We didn’t see the point of it, because it wasn’t beneficial. We only learned that after we went out into the galaxy and explored, and studied galactic history.

So, in terms of deep-time, 100 million years, although not strictly speaking the blink of an eye, nor insignificant, is, let’s put it this way – sufficient.

Here we come to the time travel consideration.

Put simply, we’re not the only ones who can do it.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that dystopians during the Ancient War might also discover this secret. In that case, they will want to extend and expand their empire forwards in time as well as in space. If possible, to the end of the galaxy and beyond. Clearly, this is not acceptable.

Given that this has, effectively, already happened, the best option is a policy of containment.

The first thing to do, obviously, is make an end to the Ancient War – pick a time zone of let’s say 10 million years, and constantly intervene to allow ‘good’ civilisations to flourish until eventually they vastly outnumber the dystopians, win the war, and develop their permanent prime directive policy of intervention, which they pass down to their successors, who continue this, off and on, right down to the present day (to the end of the galaxy, actually).

Subsequently, during the post-war period (the rest of the galaxy’s lifespan), this is achieved through what could analogously be called ‘honey pots’. That’s to say isolated, spatially and temporally enclosed regions are allowed to exist with which evil is compatible. Think of the way things are on Gaia right now and you can clearly understand how evil can find a compatible home. In a harmonious world, a utopia, obviously evil is rooted out, it simply cannot survive because it is not adapted for survival in such an environment.

The cosmic virus, then, could be seen in this light – as creating a contained pocket of chaos with which evil is compatible, in which it can survive.

At least for a determined period of time, anyway. Before and after, Gaia/Danuih has been harmonious.

The best place to establish these little honey pots are pre-spacefaring civilisations. Not only does it provide the vaccination – the apple, essentially – but by virtue of the lack of interstellar travel technology it physically contains that evil, prevents it from escaping and expanding, as it did in the Ancient War. Obviously there comes a time when such dystopians start harbouring ambitions of spacefaring expansion, and that’s the point when ‘the final intervention’ occurs. In many cases, by this point, these dystopians come to realise all this. That drives them fairly mad, as you can imagine. They know they are not the biggest nix in the sea, they know the intervention is coming, that they will not be allowed out of their solar system, and that the end is nigh. You can perhaps see this in evidence right now if you look around – the dystopians really are working themselves up into something of a frenzy, what with their use of the pandemic for social control, and the likes of megalomaniac multibillionaires like Bezos and Musk trying to colonise (or capitalise, even) outer space.

So here’s what they need to know.

Those dystopians during the Ancient War who developed time travel ventured into various time zones in the future (the future relative to them, that is). Obviously given how vast this four-dimensional area is, they would never really have the numbers required to create total dominance. But isolated pockets, yes. From a metaphysical point of view, however, they really do need to seek out ‘compatible’ regions. Were they, for example, to find themselves in a local galactic sector with a trillion spacefaring lifeforms all of which co-exist peacefully in a utopia then, with the best will in the galaxy, their imperialist attempts at subjugation and colonisation are not going to succeed.

So we create pockets of ‘compatibility’ for them – containment traps into which they are drawn, lured, magnetised. Remember also, from this metaphysical perspective, we are talking about reincarnation here. Chaotic souls are indeed drawn towards chaotic arenas (many of which are happily created by that ol’ cunning fox Ares, the God of War – this is another story I might regale you with at a later date – it fits neatly in to another of our inserted stories Wonder Woman as a manifestation of Isis, or ‘Diana’ Goddess of Peace and Justice, a divine complement of Ares – nothing like your WW movie, by the way; Katrina did a much better, more accurate trilogy – sorry that was a digression – I’ll tell you about that anther time).

Gaia, over the past 6,000 years or so, has been one such arena. The archaeological record, interestingly, is quite clear in showing no evidence whatsoever of what people might recognise as ‘war’ until around 3,500 BCE (despite what some dystopian stooges might try and tell you). Ancient humans were not warlike at all, believe me. They lived in harmony with everyone else in their little social group – their family – as well as with other social groups, and with nature. And given they lived with ‘death’ on a daily basis, they did not fear it. They were not subdued by the death syndrome, as so many are today. At the end of the last ice age, remember, there were scarcely more than a million human beings across the entire planet – the idea that conflict over limited resources or living space might happen is ridiculous – there was more than enough to go around. Thus, no psychological motivation for ‘competition’ or ‘conflict’ for territory or resources. Granted, there may well have been the occasional, isolated skirmish or dispute, but those people were perfectly wise enough not to allow such disputes to escalate into war. They were settled by diplomacy – communication. Never underestimate the benefits of talking to each other!

Or, to put it another way – be excellent to each other!

At some point, of course, the time comes when enough is enough. In the present case, human beings are a mere one hundred years away from interstellar travel. The dystopians have ably demonstrated that they are in complete control over human society. The evidence for this is quite clear. The 2019 rigged election in Britannia, for example. The vast majority simply accept this result. The dystopians creation of an easily avoidable pandemic (with an overall mortality rate of some 0.2% or thereabouts) to inflict total social control over the population, so much fear and panic to make people actually crave to be guinea pigs for their experimental mRNA formulations (I hesitate to call it a ‘vaccine’ – it’s not). The fact that in most western countries far from actually rising up and physically overthrowing these psychopaths, the most these dystopians can expect is some half-hearted protest in which people gather together, shout slogans and make pretty speeches then obediently go back home again – hardly a deterrent.

And so, alongside interstellar travel, these dystopians are busy developing ever more obscene weaponry (much of which takes place in their secret research facilities – yes, we know all about them!).

In other words, it is time for the final intervention.

From a personal point of view, especially having lived a life here as a human being, having personally suffered abusively at the hands of these psychopaths, the continuation of this state of affairs offends my sense of justice, aesthetics, morality, harmony and the cosmic order. Perhaps more importantly as it happens, even if I didn’t care about humanity, it’s what they are doing to Danuih that is the most upsetting. It is, quite simply, not acceptable.

Furthermore, the longer we leave it before we intervene, the more traumatic it will be – for both humanity, and for us.

As a diplomat, of course, I could speak directly to these dystopians – I am, as I have indicated, perfectly aware that they are reading attentively to everything I say (for obvious reasons – most people may not believe a word I say, but rest assured the dystopians do).

So at this point the dystopians need to know what their fate will be following this intervention. Clearly they cannot stay here. They need to remember that they do not belong here. This is not their world, not their galactic sector. This is not their future, it is ours.

They need to be sent back home to the Ancient War where they belong. If people want to call that hell, or purgatory, don’t let me stop them. Any such word is fine. What kind of position, whether victim or oppressor, each dystopian will occupy in that time zone may well be entirely of their own making. Or, perhaps, the decision or karma of their ‘higher selves’. Perhaps they could think of it like this – if they get sent back 7 billion years, then just think how evolved and advanced they would be by now after those 7 billion years have elapsed. They would, indeed, be the Gods of today. Gods who are almost certainly manipulating a few things here and there, perhaps to teach their younger selves a thing or two, and clean up their own karma, so to speak. And I do hope that those Gods will be wise enough to agree with me when I say enough is enough.

So perhaps their fate will depend on how willing, or unwilling, they are to accept this fate.

From humanity’s point of view, if we are to measure their overall lifespan in, say, 2-3 million years, then 6,000 years of sacrifice during their formative years would seem a small price to pay. That’s a lot of apples they’ve eaten, and after the necessary century of self-reflection, of distancing themselves from these dystopians, of absolving themselves, or their former selves, of shame and guilt for allowing all this to happen, then they will be ready to join a multicultural, peaceful local galactic family in which everyone co-exists peacefully; a future in which they, humanity, will be as determined as you could imagine to prevent this evil and this suffering from recurring. After all, if nothing else, they have proven they can survive, and this period has done nothing if not strengthen that resolve. It will soon be time for them to discover – or rediscover – the sheer joy in existence itself.

And that will ensure their immortality.

It might, indeed, even have doubled their overall lifespan as a species.

And for those younger souls who still crave excitement and risk and all the rest of it, they need not be concerned – there are more than enough opportunities for that kind of stuff in this galaxy. What you call ‘pod racing’ being an obvious example. Rather you than me, is all I can say about that.

Perhaps one day in the not so distant future, they might take over the caretaker role from us. If so, maybe then I can finally leave this restrictive, linear time behind, and explore the real possibilities of existence that lie well beyond this phantom zone.

But that’s my decision.

I think first of all, though, I would just like to go home.

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