Intervention – The Prime Directive – part one

For some reason, well, many reasons come to that, most human beings concerned with exo-affairs seem to believe there is a ‘prime directive’, meaning a policy of non-interference in pre-spacefaring civilisations – thus allowing them to develop ‘naturally’.

This would be an extremely unwise policy, as I shall outline.

While we accept that, at least in linear/inner time, duality (or polarity) or multiplicity exists, it does not logically (or psychohistorically, for that matter) follow that conflict should also exist. Duality/polarity does not inevitably lead to conflict. Indeed, duality is of course necessary for the evolution of awareness, but conflict is not. The evolution of awareness depends on the experience of duality in all its multifarious forms, not on the conflict between those forms. The experience of duality/polarity can only be beneficial through lack of conflict – in spacefaring terms for example by learning about and sharing each other’s culture. Learning about and through difference. Clearly, conflict creates an obstacle or barrier to that learning. Xenophobia – fear of the other. In other words, far from being necessary to the evolution of awareness, conflict is in fact the opposite of necessary! It prevents it.

Perhaps what I am defining here is the difference between duality/polarity on the one hand, and good and evil (order and chaos) on the other. Duality (or multiplicity, might be better) is itself part of the cosmic order (certainly in linear time anyway). Evil, or chaos, actively works against that cosmic order. Perhaps the key factor to consider here is time. Time energy firstly fragments the singularity into ever lower frequencies, thus creating a multiplicity of forms, then accelerates those fragments back up through the frequencies towards re-integration. Along the way consciousness comes into being (becomes – Khepera), then grows/evolves, becoming self-aware, then aware of the other, then aware that the other is a mirage, an illusion generated by perspective, which understanding eventually leads to the re-integration of the consciousness (the eye of Ra) back into the singularity, thus providing the singularity with self-awareness.

From which creativity – new multiverses – springs. And springs eternal.

So then, the prime directive, clearly, should be to facilitate this cosmic order (Maat). This means the prevention of conflict. If prevention cannot be achieved, then containment is the next best option.

This is why our interventions, since ancient times, have been to provide humanity with an instinctive and cultural awareness of this cosmic order, as well as a desire for it. An understanding that this cosmic order – what people call ‘good’ – is beneficial. The opposite – what people call ‘evil’ – is detrimental, and ‘to be rejected’.

Conflict between the different forms of the multiplicity, as I say, prevents re-integration and harmony, it prevents the holistic evolution of awareness, it prevents the learning through contact with the other, the understanding and unity of difference.

This is the simple, ‘spiritual’ reason for the intervention policy.

The practical – or let’s say ‘political’ (or exo-political) reason should be clear. Spacefaring civilisations governed by the chaotic, evil desire for conflict and the sowing of discord threaten the cosmic order, the natural evolution of species through inter-cultural contact.

And the reignition of the Ancient War.

There is nothing evolutionarily ‘necessary’ or ‘inevitable’ about them whatsoever.

This, then, is the ‘theoretical’ justification for the interventionist policy. This is our prime directive.

And for this, we do not apologise.

More later…

In particular regarding the practical side of intervention. Plus a little bit of galactic history, for those who are necessarily curious…

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