Starseeds – some initial thoughts, the dystopians’ reactions

I only came across this term very recently, during the course of the researches which are a part of my job as a diplomat.

For those new to this, the term Starseed seems to refer to ‘extraterrestrials incarnated into human bodies’. I have been referring to these as ‘visitors’. Given that ‘starseed’ seems to be in common use (at least amongst ‘those in the know’) I will use this term from time to time, although I will also interchange it with my own term ‘visitors’.

I do not, for example, think of myself as ‘starseed’. One of the reasons is that from what I gather from my researches the starseed are essentially older souls who are here to help human beings adjust to the impending transition to a higher frequency, and help them in a more spiritually defined way.

This is all well and good, and I am obviously in favour and support of their work. It’s just that this is not why I am here. Indeed, if there are a substantial number of these starseeds here doing that work, then I don’t have to. It also explains why I have taken a far more ‘materialistic’ or at least ‘linear time’ approach. The starseed do, I believe, need to understand however that there is no point in preaching to young souls, because young souls simply do not have the capacity to understand. Furthermore, they don’t need to preach to older souls because they have the capacity to learn (or seek knowledge) by themselves anyway. Having said that – starseed knowledge, when true, will help such older souls to get a more accurate perspective of their place in the wider galactic scheme of things.

These are all points for consideration.

With regards to myself, and given that I am fully aware that the so-called deep state (that ‘ET group’ whose name I still don’t know) are aware of me and are lapping up every word I say, I do not really fit so readily into this starseed category. I am, from their point of view, quite possibly a far more dangerous kettle of nix.

Fortunately, however, these people, I believe, have come to understand that taking violent or aggressive action against my kind is an extremely unwise thing to do.

So here we come on to a few historical insights.

And some important things which starseeds, I strongly believe, need to know.

I would not be surprised if the first inkling of starseed/visitors occurred to these dystopians during the counter-culture movement in the mid-to-late 1960s. This is evidenced by the American military-intelligence involvement in that counter-culture movement, in particular the Californian communities in places like Laurel Canyon. They would’ve primarily responded in something of a panic. Their world, after all, is one governed by fear. This would explain and suggest the likelihood of an assassination programme, evidenced by the abnormally high mortality rate amongst the people living in Laurel Canyon. Starseeds, after all, would’ve felt very at home in such places, and more able to ‘come out’, as it were.

Unfortunately for these starseeds, they would’ve come here as enlightened souls with no experience of dystopia, let alone the evil, chaotic energy-induced things which these dystopians have historically done. The CIA’s history of torture, for example, is legendary and sick. Starseeds, after all, are very trusting souls, and in a dystopia like this, will often learn through bitter experience.

So likewise, these dystopians would’ve carried out an interrogation program (certainly involving abduction). The two main topics of information they would be interested in are first, information about what you might call ‘local galactic politics’ (what is now called ‘exopolitics’), which includes confirmation of the so-called zoo hypothesis, and what ETs’ attitude and intention towards them is. Secondly, they would want to know if any of these starseeds can give them insights into advanced (ET) technology. Just as in Operation Paperclip, they would use torture to force these people to work for them. As with a favoured method used on the German scientists, they would often use threats against loved ones. Towards the end of the war, after all, ‘Allied’ intelligence services (torturers) would get what they wanted by threatening to send the family of the German officer (or scientist) to the Soviets. The German would’ve known that the females (his wife, for example) would’ve been gang-raped repeatedly until they died from internal bleeding, and the males and children would’ve been worked to death in Stalin’s Gulag Archipelago, where their life expectancy would’ve been measured in weeks.

There is, as you may know, a famous (or infamous) photograph of Werner von Braun with his Peenemunde colleagues just after they were captured, in which Werner has his entire left arm in a cast. This would not have been because of any ‘accident’.

If Werner and his colleagues were able to sabotage the American rocket and space program (especially once they heard about Hiroshima and Nagasaki) long enough to prevent the Americans from having total control over orbital space, then they may just have saved this planet from a much earlier totalitarian dystopia (and possibly an earlier WW3). According to Peenemunde documents, after all, with flight MW18014 they successfully launched an A4 (i.e. a V2) rocket 176 km into sub-orbit on 20 June 1944 – the first human-made object in space – a date that should be on every schoolboy’s lips. Their schedule would’ve seen an A10 (essentially 6 A4s stuck together) able to launch a 250kg payload into orbit by 1949. Given that the Russians beat the Americans to it with Sputnik 1 in 1957, that sounds to me like 8 years of successful sabotage.

Likewise, Apollo 13. It was because of the failure of Apollo 13 that 18-20 were changed to orbital space stations. 18-20 were originally intended to be the first step towards a permanent base on the moon – again, this would’ve given the Americans an insurmountable advantage. So if Werner and his colleagues were able to sabotage this, I for one am very grateful. Remember, America is the real bad guy in the recent human story.

Anyway, I digress.

At some point, perhaps in the later 1970s or early 1980s, something must have happened to stop the dystopians from this kind of evil action. I am not aware of what that something was, but I can imagine it was a clear demonstration which has since served as a sufficient deterrent.

So, since then they have adopted a different strategy, namely disinformation and ridicule. We see this reflected likewise in their systematic debunking attitude towards so-called conspiracy theorists. Essentially they have brainwashed a sufficient proportion of the general population to dismiss starseeds in the same way they would conspiracy theorists – i.e. people who are a threat to them. In the case of conspiracy theorists, although many are undoubtedly loonies (or psychologically disturbed in some way), many of them are perfectly sane, intelligent people who have the power to expose the dystopians. They must, in other words, be designated as ‘subversive’.

The more recent strategy adopted to discredit conspiracy theorists and minimise their impact is, you might be surprised to hear, not a policy of concealment at all, but one of bombarding the so-called truth movement (partly through infiltration/agents provocateurs) with too much information. Effectively hiding bits of truth within a web of lies, so that the true bits are discredited by association with the falsehoods (which, unfortunately, a lot of people get hooked by). The amount of misinformation out there about 9/11, for example, is a real headache, and takes even an intelligent person like myself many years to sift through. The falsehoods are what you might call ‘straw men’ – easily debunked pieces of information.

It seems that these dystopians have finally learned one of the higher arts of espionage – as I say, in game theory terms, not concealing information, but creating a fog of it. One of the most impressive examples of this strategy in recent history was carried out by the KGB in the 1970s-1980s (although it did not come to fruition until late 1992) – the so-called Mitrokhin deception. Mitrokhin was a bitter and resentful filing clerk who screwed up on his first assignment in the 1950s and was told he would never be a KGB officer. The perfect patsy, as it turned out. So when the First Chief Directorate was moving from the Lubyanka to Yasenevo he was allowed to make 25,000 handwritten notes of files from the registry over 12 years (1972-1984), knowing full well he would one day defect with it. None of this information could’ve been used in a court of law because any defence lawyer would’ve torn Mitrokhin apart, and aside from the wealth of misinformation most of the true information was historical, out of date, and redundant. But it gave the enemy a total headache. For once, interestingly, the CIA didn’t fall for it – that unfortunate accolade went to a young MI6 officer in Riga whom Mitrokhin approached.

Sorry, I am digressing again. I remember these basic details about the Mitrokhin defection from that other life I had in a parallel world, in which I was, indeed – ahem – somewhat involved with the KGB. The dystopians shouldn’t worry though – most of these memories are somewhat vague, I have to say. As an interesting aside, however, it was partly the Mitrokhin information which led to me/Katrina being discovered as a KGB spy (by association with two people who were mentioned in the Mitrokhin archive – ‘Sputnitsa’/Claudia Wright & ‘Macmillan’/Anna Marten). But that’s another story.

With regards to starseeds, then, clearly the dystopians are adopting a similar strategy today. I would imagine that during the 1980s and 1990s their attitude would’ve been more respectful, one of simply getting ‘affiliated’ psychology professors to interview people claiming extraterrestrial origin in a somewhat pleasant, unthreatening way. This is, I have to say, a far wiser approach – treat someone with respect, and you’ll get far more out of them. I myself, for example, have nothing whatsoever to hide.

Naturally, however, they really don’t want the general population to accept the reality of the visitors. One of the reasons why that other (parallel, Katrina’s) world is now a utopia is because most of the human population do accept this reality, and are not scared about it all – in large part because they love Katrina, who is, of course, a visitor herself.

And so the dystopians use the same strategy as that employed to neutralise conspiracy theorists. On the one hand, make sure the general population don’t take them seriously, and on the other hand, create a fog of misinformation and misdirection, partly to confuse and misdirect the starseed themselves. There is, after all, as I have noticed, a distressingly significant amount of rubbish out there on the Internet.

In espionage terminology, this is the concept of the ‘honey pot’. A jar full of sweetness to attract the wasps and stick them there – once they’re all caught, put the lid on.

Likewise with the UFO and so-called ‘disclosure’ project. And of course it’s really quite difficult to tell which bits in the so-called Exopaedia are true, and which bits are false. One has to be seriously discerning with these matters, and keep one’s wits about one!

Given my own origin, however, and the fact that these dystopians know full well that we have been visiting for tens of thousands of years, and that you can even see statues of Paschats in various Egyptian museums around the world – they know they need to take a very different approach to us indeed.

And as I say, this is why I describe myself as a diplomat, and why I say we are not hostile. I well understand from bitter experience of my own what fear and panic does to humans, especially young souls, and such people are best avoided.

It also strikes me that one of the very significant and important things I can do – again as a diplomat – is to help these starseeds – many of whom may be on this planet for the very first time – to understand human beings, and tell them what they need to know, in particular to avoid traps for the unwary. I have, after all, made a lifetime (more than one, as it happens) out of studying humans. Part of my work as a diplomat, after all, is about facilitating communication between two very different sets of peoples. I’m sure that’s what I did in ancient times, and clearly it’s something I am here to do again.

So I shall write about this in more detail in due course.

For now, those were my initial thoughts on the starseed issue.

Take care, my dearest things, and I will hopefully speak to you again soon!

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