Taking the long way round – the other Paschat story, part one

Memories can be hard to come by. Sometimes they come through garbled and vague, disjointed. It can often depend, of course, on the channel, the medium, the filter or mode or means of communication.

I do not pretend to be a spiritual medium, by the way. Possibly I could be if I put my mind to it, but I never really have put my mind to it (this also goes for a lot of other things, as it happens). So when I channel, I channel my self. My other lives – at least, or so it seems, the ones which are important and relevant to this life. I only need to know what is relevant, and have abilities that are relevant to whatever purpose I have in each incarnation.

The girl in the other world, for example. Her name is Katrina, by the way – I’m sure I will prompt myself to say more about her at some point – the contrast between her world and this one will be instructive.

That world is happening right now as we speak. This is, needless to say, somewhat obvious from a view in which all time is one. Of course it does help understanding to view things from a linear time perspective sometimes – in particular in order to get an idea of where or when you are along your evolutionary string. Visualisations and symbols are extremely helpful for this kind of understanding. But any description of reality – at least one using language or visualisation – can only be symbolic.

For example, it can be helpful to think of oneself as an elastic string stretching out from the God-One/singularity/centre point all the way out into inner (linear, below lightspeed) time, and then back out again to finally arrive at the point where it started. Your consciousness, your soul or mind, is the Eye of Ra, Sekhmet. Because an eye cannot see itself, in order to understand itself, God-One needs to do this kind of manifesting.

So you would effectively ‘decelerate’ (from the infinity/infinite velocity that is the singularity) into inner time, and then accelerate on the way back (by virtue of the ‘gravity’ of the singularity – time acceleration – the frequency of the time waves being inversely proportional to the distance from the singularity), accreting and getting more massive and robust and enlightened as you do – sorry if I’m losing you here, by the way! All of your lives exist at some point along that string, perhaps you could visualise them as knots or something similar (and within each knot there are more knots, the important points in your lifetime). You can view them as taking place in a neat, clear sequence, but from the archetypal essence’s point of view, all of those lives are happening at the same time. Once one reaches a certain level of awareness of all this, then, it would be possible to ‘channel’ lives which are ‘ahead of you’ on that string (i.e. more evolved/a greater awareness) – because you are aware that these lives have already happened. This is the point when you effectively exist in outer time, and start to look ‘at’ inner time instead of ‘from’ it.

Thus, for example, although technically Katrina is probably ‘more evolved’ than I am (in the sense that she has greater abilities than I), she is still contemporaneous. Indeed, by becoming aware of her and communicating with her (quantum entanglement etc.) I have given her a distinct advantage, which some might construe as cheating. That’s to say – sending her 16-year old self information about world events yet to happen in her world, so she can then change them for the better etc. (9/11 being an obvious example), and stay one step ahead of the dystopians.

I am digressing again – I know, sorry.

When I remember, I don’t really remember what some might call ‘sensory’ memories/impressions. I remember feelings. I know myself, my personality, and so I know how I would feel and react to this or that set of circumstances. By concentrating/meditating on that, I can remember in a more factual or sensory way. Of course I also need to seek out memory triggers.

So then, those (including the so-called ET Group I mentioned in a previous post) who are familiar with the Paschats, in particular from the writings of Murry Hope, may have been a little confused, in the sense of seeing possible discrepancies between what she (or her channel sources) has said and some of the things I have said.

I have noticed a few of these things myself to be honest, and it confused me too for a while. One thing that is almost certainly true is that I have sometimes been getting my time zones mixed up. When you have a sense of all time being one this is not surprising, to be honest – placing one thing after another in a correct (linear time) sequence is not easy, and takes some practice and discipline (I’m not as good on the discipline front as I should be – I completely admit that). From my point of view, however, I have been driven to try and place things in the correct sequence. Partly for my own (and my family’s) benefit, but also because I believe a big part of the reason I am here in this world is to tell our story and make sure it is remembered, as well as to tell things in a way that is understandable to human beings at their current level of development. Thus my tale is a more spacefaring one, rather than the more ‘spiritual’ one. Old souls, I would say, probably don’t need my help – they can work things out for themselves. But helping younger souls to understand and accept older souls is important, and that’s partly my job as a ‘diplomat’ (some might say ‘daemon’ – that also works for me).

A more accurate name for us than Paschats, by the way, is Eyani (or a similar sounding sonic), but I’ll stick with Paschats, since that’s the name most are familiar with, and I like it.

There are, then, essentially two sides to the Paschat story. One has already (at least in large part) already been told (through Murry). In linear time terms, it goes a little bit like this:

We lived/evolved on a planet (Nebthwt/Nephthys) orbiting the star humans call Sirius B (Isar/Osiris). At that time, Sirius B was in its subgiant stage (towards/just after the end of the star’s main sequence life before it becomes a red giant and then collapses into a white dwarf), which is why it is described as being orange/yellow. Prior to that it was a brilliant blue-white star, like Sirius A (but somewhat larger).

There was also a larger planet orbiting Sirius A (Isit/Isis), called Ishna (also associated with the Egyptian God Set), home to the hominid Crystal People, the Ishnaans (this planet is presumably still in existence, by the way). When it became clear that Sirius B was in the final stages of its life before becoming a white dwarf (as allegorised in the story of the death of Osiris, obviously), the most obvious solution was evacuation. The Ishnaans were more technologically advanced, and so were able to help with this evacuation, including constructing huge protected habitats (like domed cities) with an environment/atmosphere etc. compatible with Nebthwt. Following this, over the course of many generations, the Ishnaans were able to alter the genetics of Paschats so they could become compatible with the Ishnaan environment. From that point, Ishnaans and Paschats explored the universe together, in part using time-ships, which use time energy, presumably with the help of crystals (they used crystals for pretty much everything, the Ishnaans), and anti-matter, possibly to provide balance and anchorage, direction and deceleration etc. – again, don’t ask me – I’m a psychologist, not an engineer. Besides, that kind of thing makes me nervous. Although I will always put my trust in our engineers give me a good old-fashioned electrogravitic drive any day. Now don’t quote me on this one, but I am inclined to remember these time-ships being spherical in shape with several moveable rings around them. But like I say, don’t quote me on that.

Having said that, I have a distinct image of a ship like that suddenly manifesting in orbit above Gaia. I watched it through the observation window. First appearing, and then moving towards us. This was well towards the end of our linear-time experience, I’m sure, and I feel I was much older by then.

I will try and remember the rest of that later.

Eventually, this branch of our family (our essence) ascended into outer time, entering the next phase of evolution in which you no longer need physical bodies. Again I am not sure exactly how long this took, in linear time terms, but I am inclined to think it was somewhere between 20,000 – 50,000 years, but more towards the lower end of that spectrum.

Our essence/family is now exploring outer time, but is still quite close to inner time, which is how some of us are still able to incarnate into physical, linear-time bodies – at any place or time, or indeed, in different parallel universes. As an aside, I am not quite sure your particular universe is our ‘origin’ universe. Something doesn’t feel quite right about it somehow. I’ll leave that thought there for now though.

Evolution and growth still carries on in outer time. There is still so much we don’t know and don’t understand. I am perfectly aware of the multiverse, all those parallel versions of inner time worlds, but to a significant extent I am looking backwards, not forwards. I know at some point this will have to change, I will have to turn around, look towards the centre point, and leave all this behind forever. But not yet. I am not quite ready to say my farewells to linear time just yet.

With regards to these constant jibes and teasing about us being the so-called cosmic police. We are absolutely not the cosmic police. As far as I remember, our galactic sector doesn’t really need legislation, let alone enforcement, because in general people are emotionally and psychosocially mature. Of course it would be fun to be the Jedi, and fly around having light sabre duels with dark lords of the Sith, but even that would get boring after a while. No, this is not what we are. The closest thing (aside from the Q-continuum in Star Trek – probably another story we inserted into the human cultural collective consciousness – notice Q’s constant mischief, but one which always has an important purpose or lesson to it – that’s just like our humour) would be ‘Eternity technicians’ from Isaac Asimov’s book ‘The End of Eternity’, which is all about time travellers fixing things (again, I have come to believe this really was one of our stories we inserted – the level of advanced philosophical understanding displayed in this book is in striking contrast to the lack of same in Asimov’s other books – I might write a post about this later). What we are concerned about is the harmony of the galaxy, and indeed, the harmonious relationships – or harmonic, might be a better word – between universes (hence my entanglement with Katrina). The cosmic virus, after all, did not just affect this version of Gaia. It all has to be put right, according to the harmonic cosmic order of Maat.

Because we are talking about harmonic relationships here, I often see these things in a distinctly aesthetic perspective. Likewise, universal moral principles to me are a part of the fabric of who I am, and indeed the universe itself. I don’t just have a purpose, I am a purpose. To put it in Egyptian terms, we live by Maat – the cosmic order. Perhaps we could be seen as an embodiment of Sekhmet-Bast-Ra, in that case. We are not the only creatures that do this, by the way. There is a whole heavenly host of others involved.

Again, that’s another story.

So, that’s the version of our family’s history with which many might be familiar. Here is the other side of our story. My side.

On Nebthwt there were various groups – what you might call races – of Paschats. We did not, however, know racism or conflict like humans do, there was no discrimination or competition as you know it. Each Paschat was aware that they had been incarnated into whichever race or position they occupied because that was the purpose of their lifetime, and it was a position which most closely resonated with their own personal archetype. Thus there was no notion of resentment of others in any way.

The way our society was ordered might seem to humans somewhat authoritarian, matriarchal, and overly disciplined. This is not, as it happens, the way we saw things. Likewise, the idea of what you call ‘democracy’, or ‘voting in elections’, was an alien concept to us – I still think it’s a dumb thing to do actually (you only need to look at the kinds of people who get elected to see that – they’re entirely unsuited to the role). Likewise the human obsession with money – we didn’t really have money apart from when it was just a useful tool for exchanging things, it had a fixed value, and we never restricted its availability. You would probably call us communist, actually – very true and very common sensical. Nothing to do with Marxism, by the way – Marxism is a corruption of communism, and best avoided.

Our social decision-makers were in their positions by virtue of the fact that they were the best suited to that position. It was the same principle for every other social position. By the time a Paschat was a little way through adolescence their specialism would’ve become clear to them, and everyone else. And so that’s what they would be in adulthood.

So we trusted our social leaders because we knew that when they made decisions that impacted us they were doing so with our interests at heart, they acted with wisdom and compassion and love. Authoritarian it absolutely wasn’t.

This was brought into focus, however, when the evacuation plan was being discussed, as I will now explain. I will, however, try and do this without getting too emotional about it. If I allow that to happen I will get as upset and distraught as I was at the time and what I say will become incoherent.

The social decision-making group of Paschats was called Karidel. It might help to describe or think of them as the oldest souls amongst Paschats. This is precisely why they were the social decision-makers and philosophers amongst us. Murry Hope’s channelling sources, by the way, Ka-ini and Mi-kili, are from this Karidel group. Their destiny was somewhat different to mine (although, naturally, it would all come round to the same place in the end), which explains why they tell a different, parallel story. These are the Paschats who settled on Ishna and explored the nature of reality with the Ishnaans. This is also the group that Murry herself associated with during her single life as a Paschat. These are the ones who also ended up in Atlantis. I don’t believe I was ever in Atlantis, by the way, so don’t ask me about that stuff. I would have been incarnated at that time as a human within the local natives when the Atlanteans arrived after the flood, there in my diplomatic role as a guide to facilitate understanding between the natives and these more advanced visitors. Likewise at other times in other places when Paschats and Ishnaans visited. The same goes for my present incarnation – it’s pretty much the same role.

Anyway, I digress.

My social grouping is called Paetri. The closest human equivalent that might make sense to you would be something like the professional or middle classes. Like I say, we did not have a class system like humans have, so I only say this by way of illustration. We were the creative types, the storytellers and musicians, the artisans, the skilled engineers and architects, the recorders of our history, the doctors and psychologists and so on (not that there was much difference between a doctor and psychologist in our society, I hasten to add).

So for my part, and I was not the only one, most of us Paetri objected in the strongest possible terms to the second part of the Ishnaans’ proposal. We were of course aware that the Ishnaans were only acting out of pure kindness and love, but they did not have the same emotions as we had (they are of fire and air – we are fire and earth). The thought of firstly living under an artificial dome and then being genetically engineered to become compatible with Ishna filled me with horror, and offended my principles. I felt it would be the end of our species as we knew it, we would effectively become something else. The preservation of our identity, our way of life, our cultural identity and history, who we were – for me that was precious. Losing our planet, our home, was bad enough, but we could not lose our home only to lose ourselves too.

And so we took our concerns to the elders, the Karidel. In this I do not want you to think this was some kind of romantic, heroic tale of resistance – it was nothing of the sort. It was just how we felt, and the Karidel understood this perfectly. For them, being older souls, the physical body was less important than it was for us. They were aware that everything dies at some point anyway, and everything changes and evolves, and so they had no problem with the Ishnaans’ plan. But they understood us.

They also understood, as we came to understand, that the whole thing had been ordained anyway. It was all meant to happen. Our taking a different path would add to the collective knowledge, experience, and understanding of our essence. In the path towards final enlightenment, into outer time, we would take the long way round.

We were, after all, somewhat younger souls than them. In terms of those different soul ages, I would say we were towards the old end of the medium-age spectrum at that time. At the time, in my grief, although I was aware there was a purpose to it all, I did not want to understand. I was angry and upset with the Old Ones who fashioned our world, because they would’ve known that just when our species came of age we would discover that our sun was dying. I thought it was cruel.

And life on Ishna was not the same at all. No vast beautiful forests or lakes to swim in or Oestrus festivals or anything I had always loved. I did not want to live there, let alone be fundamentally altered so I could live there.

So the Ishnaans, together with our Karidel, looked in their scrying devices for a suitable, close and compatible planet which could be our new home. A planet with the same kind of atmosphere where we wouldn’t have to be genetically modified to survive. And hopefully, a planet with beautiful forests and warm lakes and life. Somewhere we could start again, and learn to love again, and learn whatever the purpose was for which the Old Ones had done this to us, condemned us to this grief.

And I am sure, of course, my dearest Gaian readers, you know perfectly well the name of the planet we chose.

I think I will leave this side of our family history there for now.

I will tell you about what happened next another time…

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