What’s in a name? – Gaia & Danuih

I have been prompted to say a few short words about my choice of names, specifically with regards to the name of this planet.

Names, as anyone schooled in the basic arts of esoterica, magic, and, well, psychology too for that matter, not to mention cultural studies (e.g. the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis), are extremely important, not least for the connotations they carry, and the resultant effect on a person’s outlook, attitude, and behaviour.

So I really need to justify my use of the name Gaia.

The justification is, really, quite simple.

Those with more advanced esoteric schooling will, I’m sure, refer me to the name Danuih, as a more accurately resonating name for the planet. Danuih is the Atlantean name, referring to the same (‘mother earth’ – which appellation she doesn’t like) goddess persona as Gaia, which is a much later-occurring name.

For those concerned that I am not calling the planet Danuih, my simple explanation is that the vast majority of human beings have never even heard the name, and for them it carries no psychological or cultural resonances at the present time. I am hoping, of course, that at some point in the near-term future (after all this mess has been sorted out, that’s to say once the cosmic virus has been eliminated, and the dystopians along with it) more human beings will be ready for the awareness of the name Danuih. But for now, it strikes me as counterproductive, in practical terms. Put simply, it means nothing to most people, and would therefore have no beneficial or practical effect on their attitude or behaviour towards the planet (changing that would take more time than we have).

Likewise you might point out that some cultures see the planet as a male identity. Most notably the ancient Egyptians (Geb is the name there). I am aware of this, of course, but the same point applies – it’s more practical at the present time to think of the planet’s feminine aspect. Like a rape victim in need of love. Not that rape victims get much love these days. In Saudi Arabia they are charged with adultery (you can get stoned to death for that). In Britannia something like 99% of rapes go unpunished. A simple suggestion for changing the law here would be to put the onus of proving consent on the defendant, rather than, as is currently the case, the onus of proving lack of consent being forced on the alleged victim (I use the word ‘forced’ deliberately there). This would surely change the attitude of men. Profoundly. And necessarily.

So I would say to those concerned, perhaps one of your near-term tasks is to raise popular awareness of the name Danuih. In particular after the mess has been corrected. You will find yourselves in rather popular demand when that happens, I’m sure!

It is certainly not my purpose, however. Furthermore, I should definitely add at this point that compared to some I in fact know very little about Atlantis (obviously I can do some research, which would help me to remember, or draw down on collective memory, but I have the impression it’s not relevant to why I’m here). So to put it another way, don’t ask me about that kind of ancient history! For those of my dearest readers who are interested, I would certainly point towards the books of Murry Hope (a fellow Paschat, once). She knows far more than I do about that stuff. Partly because she had a somewhat different reason, or purpose, in being here. I can, indeed, foresee that her books will become increasingly popular and important in the future. Those books are, in a way, like sleepers, knowing full well they will be awakened in the future when the opportune moment arises. We Paschats, after all, don’t generally think in linear time, remember.

My own purpose then, it has become clear to me, is concerned with the present day and the near-term future – that is to say the next 150 years. And in a more grounded, materialistic, practical way – I have to speak to human beings (especially their scientist types) in a language they can understand and relate to – talking esoterically would only turn them off. So I only really know – that is to say ‘remember’ that which I need to know to fulfil that purpose. Think of it as efficiency. For decades of my life I have, indeed, been awfully distracted – living a human life on this planet, in this day and age, for those like us, is not only fraught with complications and distractions, but really quite traumatic and stressful at various times. So I have had to learn to filter out that which is not required.

So the reason I use the name Gaia is quite simply because it is an extremely well-known name and the connotations of the name likewise. It already has a strong cultural – and therefore psychological – resonance.

This is the point of names.

Calling this planet ‘Earth’ is one of the worst things human beings could do. The connotations should be quite clear – lifeless, masculine, dirty, dry, empty – I’m sure you can add to that list. The point being it hardly engenders any love or care, does it? If you keep on calling this planet ‘Earth’ you will keep treating him/her like dirt. It doesn’t exactly provoke any sense of responsibility for caring or compassion.

Furthermore, I can definitely tell you this for nothing – Gaia/Danuih absolutely HATES that name. She hates you calling her that name every time you do so – and given that at every moment, somewhere, someone is using that name – this excruciating din is continuous. Combine that with the continuous gang-rape inflicted on Gaia/Danuih, and maybe you might just get an inkling of why this is not a prosaic, esoteric, irrelevant issue.

Names, and their connotations, have a psychologically resonating effect on the person using them, and on the person being called them.

The name Gaia, by contrast, carries the following connotations, amongst others – being alive, feminine, nurturing, maternal, pregnant, protective and in need of protection, vibrant, fertile – and so on. Likewise, you can add to that list yourself. Think of Gaia as a permanently heavily pregnant woman, in need of love.

So this name ‘Gaia’ engenders completely different feelings and thoughts than ‘Earth’. If everyone on the planet stopped calling the planet ‘Earth’ and started using the name ‘Gaia’, then their outlook would undergo an incredibly profound and beneficial change within a very short space of time indeed. This would lead to a change in their attitude, and therefore actions. Humanity would rediscover the idea of living harmoniously with their world. They would certainly not continue to exploit her, rape her, and insult her on a daily basis.

So that is why I use the name Gaia. I would love to use the name Danuih more often, but as I say hardly anyone knows that name – although it does carry the same connotations as Gaia, and will become more widely known and used in due course.

But for now, for the practical purposes outlined above, Gaia is the best choice.

So, my message and advice to people is quite simple – call this planet Gaia, not ‘Earth’. If you find yourself using the word ‘Earth’ then gently and kindly correct yourself. It might seem strange or uncomfortable at first, but you will find that you become used to it really quite quickly. It will become normalised, an instinctive habit. That’s when the beneficial psychological effects will kick in. And believe me, you will feel better – warmer inside – about it.

And you will understand more.

And for her part, you will find that Gaia herself will love you for it.

And when your conscience does bite you, it will kiss you at the same time.

Trust me. I know what I’m talking about!

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