Contact – day six – justification for contact & intervention

Day six is important to me personally, partly because of the numbers again (my birth number is also 32). The date is 26/01/2019. So I had to write something!

There isn’t, however, that much to report, so it occurred to me instead to talk about the justification for our contact and intervention.

First of all I should remind my dearest Gaian readers that this planet is subject to the highest level of quarantine warning, namely ‘dystopian isolate’ status. This means strictly no visitations. By which we mean ‘physical’ visitations – spaceships, what you call UFOs, off-worlders appearing in their true physical form. Visits via incarnation (as in my case), in which one is essentially manifesting as a human, are however permitted.

This is not to say that violations of such warnings don’t happen, by the way – so don’t think I’m necessarily denying the existence of some UFOs being genuinely extra-terrestrial in origin. This is, however, another matter to which I will hopefully return at a later date. Many so-called UFOs are most likely those top secret American military projects originally stemming from Operation Paperclip (foo-fighters using spinning mercury engines etc.).

I might point out at this stage, however, that visits in spaceships are not exactly necessary when you have QAI-TI and extremely advanced nanotechnology which you can use for surveillance purposes. The idea the UFOs are ‘scout ships’ is therefore somewhat erroneous, in my view.

And remember we are talking about your so-called ‘zoo hypothesis’ here – namely this sector is full of varied intelligent, spacefaring lifeforms (which it is). So technically, given that everyone is – or has no excuse not to be – aware of the quarantine warning over Gaia, they would really need a serious justification for visiting here in a spaceship, and have serious questions to answer in the event of an unauthorised visit. Likewise, as far as I am aware, the hypergate to this system has been deactivated/locked (at least I hope it has!).

Whether the Exo-politics Institute is aware of this or not, is another matter – so I think I will make sure they are informed (by sending them the link to this particular blog post). I personally do not know what, if anything, any of the exo-species they may be in contact with have said to them. Obviously, for diplomatic reasons, I would very much like to know.

For my own part, and my own species, we have a specific purpose. As far as I recall, all our own visits (manifested and incarnated) have been as a part of that purpose. As I say, we are caretakers. We long since left our furry physical bodies behind and evolved to the next, non-linear phase of existence, whereas for many (possibly most) exo-species still in the linear time phase of evolution and flying around in spaceships exploring the possibilities of physical existence, theirs is a different purpose – one simply of their own evolution. I’ll hopefully talk about that another time.

So anyway, the justification.

1/ As I have mentioned before, Gaians have entered the spacefaring age by virtue of the Voyager 1 probe leaving the solar system. So whether they like it or not, they are now well within our sector’s jurisdiction, so to speak. And in fact, it doesn’t matter whether they are aware of, or even believe in, their so-called zoo hypothesis being the truth (that point also applies to all the other points I’m making here, by the way).

2/ Both President Carter and United Nations Secretary General Kurt Waldheim expressed the desire to join our galactic civilisation. Again, it doesn’t matter if they weren’t aware we existed and were so close, or if they thought it wouldn’t happen for thousands or hundreds of thousands of years. It is our right to assume they were not lying! Although it is certainly true that President Carter spoke only for the Americans, and did not represent the whole of humanity, Kurt Waldheim expressly did:

“As the SG of the UN, an organisation of the 147 member states representing almost all of the human inhabitants of the planet Gaia, I send greetings on behalf of the people of our planet. We step out of our solar system into the universe seeking only peace and friendship, to teach if we are called upon, to be taught if we are fortunate. We know full well that our planet and all its inhabitants are but a small part of the immense universe that surrounds us, and it is with humility and hope that we take this step.”

That seems pretty clear to me as much today as it did when I first heard him say it (obviously, once we’d been able to decipher the language – to begin with myself and my students were not allowed to know – it sort of made it more fun and curious, as well as unbiased initially. At least once I got over my fury that there was no dictionary included on the probe.).

That snippet ‘we know full well that…” does also suggest an inkling that you know you are not alone.

Or should we have assumed it was all a lie? I don’t think so.

So yes, although the people responsible for Voyager may not have considered the possibility that they would get a reply so soon (let alone 20 days before they even launched it!), this makes no difference to our complete diplomatic right to issue such a reply.

I also, by the way, note with great satisfaction that President Carter is still alive. Let’s hope he will be informed about all of this. I have a number of things I’d like to say to him personally. I also hear that some years ago he had quite a scare with a bout of metastatic cancer, which subsequently went into complete remission – remarkable, at his great age. His doctors must have been amazed, for sure.

3/ It is, you might be interested to know, Gaia who is our main concern, not humanity. It was Gaia after all who was infected with this cosmic virus, and Gaia who must be cured of it. Yes, because human beings are self-conscious lifeforms, and thus could be said to be Gaia’s own awareness (or at least a part of it – the self-reflective part), we understand that humanity must be the agency of this cure. But I do need to make it quite clear that if humanity cannot, or will not, be this agency, then we are perfectly willing to wait until Gaia evolves another self-conscious lifeform (which we will doubtless help into being). It doesn’t have to be humans.

Likewise, Gaia is, and has always been, a valued and beloved part of our sector – she is a part of our family, and so we have a duty to love her and look after her. My species, after all, visited Gaia 120 million years ago after our planet was destroyed – so she has a particularly special place in our own hearts. She is our second home.

Likewise, there have been many other intelligent species living on Gaia well before humanity showed up (why don’t you see much evidence of them? Easy – unlike you intelligent species always clean up any mess they might leave behind them!).

My observations do tell me, of course, that most of humanity do not see things in such a broad, deep-time perspective as we do, and have a tendency to see themselves as the most important thing – the centre of the universe, even. Anthropocentrism I think is the word here. Is this the oral or the anal stage of infantile development? I can never remember. Contact, of course, will provoke humanity out of this mistaken belief, and help them to grow up a little. We hope.

So yes, our third justification for our presence here is that despite having human beings living on her, Gaia is a part of our sector. The existence of humanity, in that respect, does not make Gaia completely out of bounds. Humanity may be isolated, but Gaia isn’t.

4/ The fourth justification is the simple fact that from our point of view, the dystopian social leaders amongst humanity are an extremely serious threat.

I should point out that it is not necessarily humanity per se which is the threat – normal human beings, under normal, secure and happy circumstances, are not a threat at all. The real threat, as we see it, comes from America. Or, to be more specific, the people in charge of America, which are a relatively small minority. Yes, the people of America themselves, for the most part, seem either unaware or incapable of doing anything about it, and so to a certain extent they are also to blame, but accurately speaking it’s the dystopians who are in control of the country who are the threat. You might know them by many names, the military-industrial complex, for example – I just call them dystopians, or the anti-enlightenment movement. The name is irrelevant, ultimately.

If you were to take a step outside, then look back at your world, you would, I would hope, be able to see all this very clearly. America (and its allies) are almost solely responsible for all the suffering, destruction, war, pollution and every other terrible thing being continually inflicted on humanity and Gaia herself.

When we analysed your social history it became clear to us that by your year 2020 the totalitarian dominance of these dystopians had become inevitable – absent our/external intervention, of course. In December 2019 the UK general election was rigged on an unprecedented scale, in order to prevent America’s main ally from adopting a more neutral, non-cooperative stance (not to mention liberal socialism, of course, which would’ve proven its superior benefit and initiated a domino effect throughout Europe) – this would have isolated America diplomatically on the world stage and ultimately exposed their crimes against humanity. Thus, for the dystopians, they had nothing to lose by rigging this election – for them it was a simple matter of survival. They had no choice. The fact that they got away with it proved to us that their power was sufficient to move towards totalitarianism.

Although I have not been permitted to know what happened to you after your year 2020, it is not difficult for me, as a skilled psychohistorian, to make a very accurate and educated guess. I presume, here, that I do not need to explain the intricacies and pitfalls of time travel to you here? Namely the fact the foreknowledge would alter my decision-making, and violate the principle of my own free will. But it is true that what is going to happen has, from our point of view, already happened. I am simply a part of the agency of that. In a way, my not knowing is rather exciting, from a certain, mischievous point of view. This is for another discussion though, methinks.

Anyway, if left unchecked, there is nothing to stop these dystopians from developing ever more powerful and destructive and dangerous weapons. We are of course aware of what the Americans did with atomic theory, and I don’t believe I need to elaborate on that. The way things are going, it will be a relatively short period of time before the dystopians develop technologies such as interstellar travel, advanced nanotechnology, particle accelerators leading to manipulation of matter on the subatomic level, and of course anti-matter, as well as the worst of all, namely control over gravity (and anti-gravity – what you call dark energy). This last eventually enables the creation of artificial gravity wells which, if created within a solar system, for example within or near a planet or a star, would destroy all life in that system. These are the kinds of weapons used in the Ancient War, by the way – we have records of this in the galactic archive.

The personality of these dystopians is such that they would not hesitate to develop and create these weapons. The science itself may be neutral, but they themselves are not.

So in order to defend ourselves, I think it’s quite clear that we are fully justified in our intervention. If we did not do it now, we would have to do it later – and the longer we leave it, the more drastic and traumatic it would be – for us, as well as for humanity. It would be traumatic for us, of course, because we are a peaceful civilisation, and war is something of an alien, disturbing and upsetting concept to us. And so we wish to avoid being forced to behave in a destructive way. Doubtless, the dystopians will be aware of this, and will attempt to force us to behave in such a way (this is how evil reproduces itself), knowing how much it will hurt us. But they should be under no illusions that if it did become necessary, we would do so.

This is why I would like to urge these people to negotiate diplomatically. Were they to implement a few positive diplomatic gestures, such as releasing the messenger Julian Assange (whose torture is the worst violation of the first rule of diplomacy, namely you never hurt or hinder the messenger), then this would be seen in a very favourable light.

What I could perhaps offer these people is something like the following. Once Gaia has been cured of the virus, she will become an environment with which the dystopians would be incompatible. They would, quite simply, be ejected from the system. We should be able to ensure that both the journey and the destination of this exodus is amenable to these people. A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, is of course one option. Another preference would be to simply send them back to the time of the Ancient War. The outcome of the war has already happened, of course, and so whatever they did there would have no effect on the past. But they would be able to satiate their lust for power, dominance, and empire. That war lasted for 100 million years, involving trillions upon trillions of lifeforms – their numbers would make an insignificant difference to it, but from their point of view, it would be satisfying.

But they must come to understand that their continued presence here on Gaia, in our sector, is unacceptable.

5/ The fifth, and final justification for contact can be understood by considering the consequences of it. Or more specifically, it being known to the entire human population. They would suddenly be able to look at themselves, since they would ask the question – how do they see us? What must they think of us? There would never be a greater motivation to sort out all the problems. Any dystopians who refused would simply not be tolerated, and the sheer advantage in numbers of humanity would see things through. The dystopians would, of course, try and pretend to be benevolent, simply to save themselves, but they would know that we would see through that.

But contact, really, changes everything. Especially if it involves a confirmation of the zoo hypothesis, the fact that humanity is surrounded by intelligent lifeforms, that our sector is full of life. Knowing about some single distant intelligent species hundreds of light years away is a completely different matter, psychologically speaking.

So, we came to the decision that the very simple solution to the Gaia/dystopian problem is precisely this – contact. We then simply let humanity’s very predictable reaction do the rest of the work for us. It means humanity itself is not patronised, because they will know that it was them who solved their own problems, not us – they did not need to be rescued.

Naturally, you can now see why it is absolutely necessary for the dystopians to prevent this at all costs. For they too, know the consequences. They would of course try to generate a mass panic, but ultimately, when the fear never materialised into a genuine threat, the panic would die away, to be replaced by hope and determination. All the dystopians can do is delay that.

And by the way, this contact is inevitable. You are launching your James Webb telescope later this year, your other telescopes are being improved continuously and you are acquiring more and more data about exo-planets and specifically the Centauri system all the time. Later, you will be sending your flyby mission to Centauri, and if you weren’t aware of us by then, we will interfere with that flyby to make sure one of your nanoprobes captures undeniable proof of us.

Sure, once again the dystopians will try and prevent this. From a certain point of view, they need to bring their final totalitarian system into being before this happens. This may indeed come to pass if they are able to prevent this contact from becoming common knowledge – but like I say, the longer they delay, the worse it will be for them.

Well, there are some of the thoughts, justifications and reasons for our intervention. I will hopefully tell you more about galactic history and the interventionist policy in general at a later date (it’s essentially to prevent dystopian spacefaring civilisations from developing and reigniting the Ancient War), but for now, my dearest things, I think I have said enough, and given you sufficient food for thought.

In the meantime, as always, be excellent to each other, eh!

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