The SETI cover up of the Wow! signal authenticity

The logical explanation to the lack of acknowledgement by SETI regarding our Wow! message is now clear.

To recap the evidence:

The Wow! signal was received on 16/8/1977 at 02:16 UTC. 1+9+7+7 = 24. So that’s 16/8/24, meaning the date reduces to 213. The time, 216 (6 cubed).

Voyager 1 was launched precisely 20 days, 10 hours, 40 minutes and 1 second later. Remove the zeros, that’s 214. Add the 1 second remainder that’s 215.

There’s the evidence of time travel (our Wow! message was a response to my analysis of the Voyager probe and its contents).

Second, the musical key: the alphanumeric 6EQUJ5, translated into numbers, gives the sequence 6 14 26 30 19 5. These numbers add up to 100. They can be related into a musical key via the harmonic series. Hence G, A, Ab, B, D, E.

The missing note in this 7-note scale is C. This key expresses the longing for our lost homeworld. For us, it is a precious gift. It is our culture.

There are some other mathematics in there, but that’s sufficient, I think. But this is not just esoteric number games, it’s fully intended metadata.

As for the recent blc-1 (breakthrough listening candidate) signal, this is a follow-up to the Wow! signal. It was received exactly 15,231 days later. Subtract 6 and you get 15,225. 225 is 15×15. So you have a sequence 15 15 15 6. 1+5=6, meaning 6 6 6 6. Recalling the time of the Wow! signal – 02:16, 216 is 6 cubed, or 6 6 6. So the two messages are related.

The rest of the metadata for blc-1 has not yet been released, but it may contain more information/revelations. At the very least, its purpose is simply to tell humanity that there is intelligent life at their nearest neighbour, with all the profound implications that go along with that.

SETI are aware of all of this, because I told them, along with a diplomatic invitation to dialogue. I have been met with nothing but silence.

There are, therefore, three logical options to explain this, as follows:

1/ SETI completely dismiss all of this, meaning they are too stupid, in lots of different ways, to accept my explanation. This is not credible, because we incorporated a kind of proof deliberately intended to be understandable and conclusive to even sceptical (so-called ‘rational’) scientists within the Wow! signal itself. Specifically, the metadata – the probability of all those numbers being so harmonious occurring naturally is negligible. One or two, possibly they could dismiss that as a spooky coincidence, but not all of them. In particular the 213-216 synchronicity with Voyager 1 (which was delayed by 4 days, by the way – that wasn’t us, just for the record).

So option 1 is not credible, and can be dismissed. SETI aren’t that stupid.

2/ SETI have accepted my explanation (whether they already had noticed the harmonious metadata or not – possible, although perhaps not the Voyager connection), but are utterly terrified by it. This is also not credible because I have told them this is a friendly message, it contains many gifts, including a cultural gift of music that means the world to us. I have also offered to speak with them personally about it in order to reassure them, and been met with complete silence. So they have no reason to be terrified – people like them should be overjoyed with excitement about the confirmation of their life’s work.

So option 2, likewise, is not credible, and can be dismissed.

That only leaves option 3.

3/ SETI/their dystopian masters, the gatekeepers, are covering it up. Some of them may justify it to themselves by saying they want to avoid a mass panic. But it is not we who would cause the mass panic – like I say, it’s a message of love and friendship.

No, it is the dystopians who would cause the mass panic, because they need fear in order to maintain control. Certainly, they will need to do this soon enough, because they cannot hide the existence of intelligent life (especially at the Centauri system, their nearest neighbour) from the population forever. So they will have planned for this (or are frantically planning now), getting their narrative ready, that is to say.

They may have been doing this anyway in view of the planned James Webb telescope, improved detection methods, and eventually the Centauri flyby mission later this century (which they would also wish to cover up if they can).

It is all very well for SETI to come up with their so-called detection protocols and promise to make these things public – they can say what they like, despite having no intention whatsoever of doing so.

Likewise, they may be able to get away with making public a harmless signal from far away (1801 LY, for example), because that’s not imminent (or immanent), but not us, time travel, and ‘already here’ – the implications of the Wow! message proving that, and that we know everything about this planet. We did not send the signal from hundreds of light years away in the direction of Sagittarius – we only made it look that way.

So, like I said, whether this is SETI themselves denying Gaia’s population the most profound moment in their history, or it is their dystopian masters doing it, the effect is the same.

The reason they need to deny it, of course, is because the dystopians know that they would no longer be able to control the population. Humanity would come together in this knowledge, it would give them a motivation to sort out all their problems (and demand it of their leaders), they would settle their petty differences and clean up Gaia. More importantly, they would have hope, because they would know they have a future, a long-term future, something to work towards. It would be exciting. The idea that ‘civilisations end up destroying themselves’ would be totally disproven (most civilisations out there are not like America, that is to say).

The only option for the dystopians would be to scare the crap out of humanity, and accelerate their plans for totalitarianism.

Our intervention now, then, forces them to do this before they are ready to. This is why I am asking them to negotiate. It is their only option. We have demonstrated technological (and magical) abilities far greater than anything they can conceive of – and it was, in part, a demonstration.

We are – as I am sure they have come to understand – The Ancient Gods.

We have been here before.

There are no other explanations than these three options. We have dismissed the first two, meaning that, in true Holmesian style, option three must be the truth.

SETI, the gatekeepers, have covered up, and continue to cover up the most profound moment in human history.

For their own selfish, stupid motives.

I urge them to rethink.

We are not, as I keep saying, hostile.

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