Contact – day three

I believe I am upset. Day three, and the silence is deafening and oppressive. I have come to understand that I am observing the reaction – and also observing my own reaction and feelings.  No one seems to believe, or perhaps no one wants to believe. In lifetime we Paschats are fragments of our archetypal essence, all connected and entangled, and so everything I feel and learn and experience, so too does my family.

I must have the patient of a saint.

Are most human beings simply incapable of processing all this? If so, that does not bode well.

We shall see.

Upset and tired. Goodnight all.

Very upset with SETI. #wowsignal contains a precious gift, a musical key. U=30-31 (harmonic series). 6EQUJ5 = 6 14 26 30 19 5 (add them up). Notes are G A sharp A flat B D sharp E. Missing note in this 7-note scale is C sharp. This key means the world to us, literally. It expresses the longing for our lost homeworld. I beg you not to reject our gift of friendship.

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