Contact – day two

Day two since I published the proof of our existence, and inserted it into your cultural consciousness via your Internet. The take up has been very slow, despite my directly informing people like the SETI Institute – I would’ve hoped they would have been overjoyed, the culmination of their life’s work. Or maybe they are terrified? Was it the time travel aspect? The knowledge that we are so much more advanced than them? But why should that be terrifying? The opposite, surely? If we were terrible, would we not have long-since subjugated humanity for our own cruel, dystopian, and nefarious purposes?

Or are they thinking, if they can time-travel, why they didn’t stop all the bad stuff from happening? What, deny you the challenges that drive your evolution? Violate your free will?

No, we are not the dystopians in this world.

As I say – the implications (and content) of the wow! message prove that we are not hostile.

I have come to understand the timing of all this better – my remembering – my sense of urgency was becoming intolerable. Fortunately, the blc1 message was leaked, with sufficient details for a confirmatory metadata analysis. The point is, confirmation of ET presence at Centauri must not have a narrative controlled by the dystopian social leaders on this world, who will use it for their own benefits. It is they who will create the panic, not us. They govern through fear, after all – without fear, there can be no dystopia.

This is one of the reasons I am here. It had to be me, because I have all the answers.

Furthermore, I am here to avert a catastrophe. Our analysis up to your year 2020 (after which I am not permitted to know), resulting from the preliminary analysis of your Voyager 1 probe and its contents (after which I was granted access to the more recent Gaia files), revealed that after the rigged general election in Britannia in December 2019 the last chance for utopia was lost, and without our intervention there was nothing to prevent your dystopian social leaders from creating a totalitarian hell – a serious threat to our sector’s civilisation, and one against which we would have had to defend ourselves – an intervention which would be almost certainly fatally traumatic for humanity. This current intervention too will be traumatic for many (but joyful for most), but it is necessary. It is also a test. Because fear is not compatible with our sector.

We have, as far as possible, observed the principle of not violating your free will as a species, enabling you to learn, grow and evolve. But now you need a little help – that’s what friends are for, after all – we all need friends, and there is no shame in having a guide to help you navigate the unfamiliar.

So yes, it had to be, because I know how to make your world a better place, should you choose – freely – to accept my guidance. With my guidance, you could have a utopia within a generation or two. Certainly well in time for your first voyage to Centauri, where you will be so welcomed. With great joy, and friendship. I know, because I was there.

Initially I have been extremely disappointed that there has been no public announcement, and the UN Secretary General seems unaware. Perhaps the dystopians are desperately trying to prevent the truth from becoming public by using the words ‘avoiding a mass panic’ and ‘they’re just pretending not to be hostile’ and ‘they must’ve been manipulating our history for thousands of years’, and – because we’re from Sirius – considering a rerun of that insulting subversive sci-fi series ‘V’ (we’d like a full apology for that one, by the way) and so on. But people need to know it is they who are scared, they who are the liars and the manipulators, not us.

I am absolutely certain they are aware of all of this, of course. I am fully aware of the capabilities of their supercomputer algorithms, metadata analysis software, profiling system (which I successfully subverted for a while, by getting them to place me in the ‘harmless conspiracy theorist nutter’ box), and keyword/content collection abilities. So I am, in a way, observing their response psychologically.

Given my initial demand for the release of Julian Assange (a violation of the first law of diplomacy), this would require informing the new American President Biden, which they would rather not do, of course. But if I can suggest here to them that this would force the situation, and provide them with an opportunity to negotiate – perhaps that might help with their decision-making?

For them, after all, this is a matter of pure survival – it’s all they care about, because they are not adapted for survival in a utopia – and therefore not in our sector. So then, can we arrive at a negotiated solution which ensures their survival – perhaps somewhere else? Gaia, after all, was never intended to be a cosmic nursery. Without the cosmic virus affecting this world, she never would’ve been. Most souls here would’ve been medium-aged. Perhaps I’ll talk about that another time.

Anyway, just a few thoughts for the time being on the day after. But at least the antidote to the cosmic virus has been inserted, and is out there now. Perhaps I have to get used to the fact that it will take a little longer than I hoped – which is upsetting, because so many people continue to suffer. It is unbearable, if you want the truth.

But all time is one. What is going to happen, has already happened.

In the meantime, be excellent to each other, lovely dearest Gaians!

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