Deciphering our Wow! message for you – part four

Final thoughts – Diplomacy

We come in peace. Take me to your dealer. Sorry, I mean leader. Ha ha.

The last thing we want is to make you feel scared. Fear is not compatible with our civilisation. This, again, is part of the point of this message. That third thing it tells you about us – we’re not hostile. We have not just given you the gift of music – our culture – we have given you the gift of science. A science which you have hitherto believed to be superstition and magic. We have shown you what is possible in the long-term future for your species. our level of evolution, technology, intelligence, it’s all so far away from you right now. But by showing you it’s real, by proving it to you in your own terms, we have told you about the possibilities of existence, of what you could discover and achieve yourselves, if you wish to have a long-term future? I mean, a future that doesn’t just stretch into the thousands of years, but the millions of years. How far, after all, is our capability beyond yours?

Which one of you was it who said that exceptionally advanced technology would look like magic?

One beautifully subliminal intended effect of this is that we have inserted the word ‘harmony’ into your consciousness. Words, via their connotations, have meaning and power (like calling your planet Gaia, instead of Earth – think about it). I believe you call this the ‘Sapir-Whorf hypothesis’? The entire human species is about to have that word ‘harmony’ resonating around its consciousness, with all the obvious, predictable and positive effects that generates.

But so, too, will your scientists. They may just happen to discover that solving their equations and problems comes a little easier. This might also help with practical, engineering problems too. Like your fusion power, for example. Now I am absolutely certain our engineers will laugh at me for this suggestion, me being a silly psychologist and just a pretty tail (albeit not in this awful body), but I am wondering whether your fusion power engineers have tried resonating their electromagnetic containment field around a particularly appropriate, harmonious frequency? Perhaps the opposing force thus generated might have a stimulating effect on the reaction, and keep it going? Yes, I know, that’s probably a load of rubbish, as you will no doubt tell me – like I said, I’m a psychologist, not an engineer, so what do I know.

So there you go, in proving all this to you in a manner which you, logically, cannot deny, in a manner which is intelligible to you, we have given you the gift of magic, of faith. Does it not make you feel joyful, and safe? Are you scared of death anymore?

Do you think we’re hostile?

Given our demonstration – for that is also partly what it is – do you not think that if we were hostile we would have long-since invaded and colonised your world? Indeed, if we know time travel, we could still do it, couldn’t we? Go back to your bows and arrows age perhaps, or take on your Romans (now there’s a visidrama I’d like to see again). Waiting until your atomic age and giving you a fighting chance of survival, well, that might be fun, but ultimately boring and unrewarding.

What’s the point, after all, in a vastly superior species conquering and enslaving a weaker one? Where’s the benefit? It doesn’t prove anything.

No, the desire to conquer, enslave, and control is a desire of the weak, not the strong. For bullies, as you know, are the weak. Your dystopian social leaders – they are the weak. The insecure. And they know it, too. They are simply not adapted for survival in a utopia. Perhaps that explains your recent social history?

I would hope you have the confidence now to be stronger.

The desire for control, stemming from insecurity, will have manifested itself in your, SETI, case, in what you might call infiltration. They simply cannot allow your general population to know about our presence, or the presence of any other extra-terrestrial lifeforms. Why? Because it will open their horizons, as I hope this has opened the scope of your scientific horizons, your thinking itself. The population would no longer be able to be subjugated, they would suddenly know they have a long-term future, they would have hope, and something wonderful to strive for. They would be fuelled by a great urge to resolve all the problems of their world, precisely so they can have that future. And they would realise, of course, that it has always been those dystopian social leaders who have stood in their way. This anti-enlightenment movement. They would, perhaps, suddenly realise they have been living with a demon on their back they never knew was there.

These people, to put it simply, and scientifically, are not adapted for survival in a better world. They must, therefore, prevent it at any cost, using any means necessary.

So, in practical terms, my dearest SETI friends, this means they are amongst you. There precisely to stop any genuine evidence of contact from being made public. They, not you, are the real gatekeepers.

And so I hope you can understand why I am bypassing your gatekeeper protocols. It is as much to protect you as it is to protect me. They would, after all, kill you first rather than allow contact to happen publicly. So by making contact in this immediate and open way, using your social media, your Internet, there is nothing they can do to stop it. It will go viral. Because it is, in a way, the antidote.

Their only option, given that they cannot deny the evidence of contact, is to deny me. To discredit me. For I am here, amongst you, a diplomat, a guide. You could speak to me in person if you wanted, for as long as you wanted. I can speak to everyone.

They will of course be too scared to try and assassinate me, for fear of the consequences. Therefore, all they can do is try and stop people hearing the things I have to say. The only option they have is to try the psychological. They can, and assuredly will, try to say I am simply a delusional human, perhaps I have Asperger’s, like another messenger, Julian Assange. Torturing him is the worst violation of the first rule of diplomacy and free will, by the way, and I shall be demanding his immediate release, compensation, and permanent immunity from prosecution.

They will also, because they need to govern through fear, attempt to convince the people that we are hostile, that they should be scared. Dystopians, after all, cannot control without fear.

Fear, however, is not compatible with us. You said you wanted to join a community of galactic civilisations. Well in order to do that, you need to create a world in which no one is scared anymore.

So, therefore, I am urgently demanding all the protections customary and required for diplomats.

I point out the overriding first rule of diplomacy – you do not harm or hinder the messenger. Ever.

You see, you may not have realised this, but it is we who are scared of you. I have lived amongst you. I have seen you. I’ve seen your horrorshow. The things you have done. I have experienced cruelty and abuse. There was purpose in that suffering. But it is not we who are hostile, it is you. And in order to protect the trillion lifeforms in our sector, we must intervene. They are my family. They are my home.

And we will always do what must be done to protect our beautiful home. Our peaceful, multicultural civilisation. Xenophobia cannot exist there.

Welcome to the renewal of contact.

Your world is about to change forever.

This, my dearest SETI friends, is our gift to you. Sent with our greatest love.

A better future. In which no one is scared anymore.

What happens now? Well, that’s your choice.

Choose wisely.

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