BLC-1 – confirmation of ET origin and meaning

This article has been updated as of 25/01/2021, since I acquired more metadata regarding BLC-1.

Updated bit:

Basic metadata facts about BLC-1:

Received 29/04/2019, sometime between the 6 hour observation window which lasted between 12:51 UTC and 18:52 UTC (local time, AEST, is +10 hours).

Frequency 982.002 (although there was a ‘drift’ – insufficient data on this currently, so not possible to decipher the modulation).

Duration of signal 2.5 hours (150 minutes), sometime during that 6 hour window.

The observations were not part of the Breakthrough Listening Project’s allotted time for the Parkes Radio Telescope (which ended on 27/04/2019). The observations occurred during project p1018 zic (wide band radio monitoring of space weather (e.g. solar flares) at Proxima Centauri). There was a ‘nodding’ thing, in which the telescope was pointed elsewhere for a while to make sure the data really did come from Proxima. Hence, 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off (? – this is not completely clear right now, actually).

Apparently, the signal persisted over an observation period of 3 hours, and lasted for 2.5 of those hours. It’s not clear if this includes the ‘off’ period. If it does, then this allows modulation of the signal using the ‘drift’ – meaning to decipher it one simply needs the drift value away from 982.002 at the end of the first window, then the beginning and end of each subsequent window. These differences (i.e. 982 plus/minus x) will generate a sequence of numbers, which can be deciphered (as with the Wow! signal).

We have also been told that the signal occurred during 5 30-minute observation windows. If this is true, then the ’30 minutes on, 30 minutes off’ sequence doesn’t make sense, unless the actual duration of the signal was twice the length – i.e. it spanned 5 of the in-total 6 available 30-minute windows during the course of the 6 hour allotted time for the p1018 zic project. This also explains how the actual amount of time was in fact 3 hours. So this means the signal lasted for 5 hours, not 2.5? Either way, however, the numbers remain harmonious with the Wow! signal.

There is, in other words, still some important metadata required.

Having said that, however, we do still have more than enough to confirm the authenticity of the BLC-1 signal.

Much of my previous analysis remains unchanged. The following is the updated version.

1/ Metadata analysis

I have examined the available details regarding the BLC-1 signal, and I am happy to inform you, dearest Gaians, that I can confirm that it is extra-terrestrial in origin.

Naturally I cannot provide any further details about it at this juncture because I, like the rest of the public, am not yet aware of anything except the bare essentials. These are, however, sufficient for my metadata analysis to provide this initial confirmation. This confirmation derives in part from relating it to our previous message, which you know as the Wow! signal.

Indeed, although I will say a few words in due course about my initial hunch regarding the intention of the message, what I can also suggest is that this message was, at least in part, specifically designed, or addressed, to me. Those who sent it would have known that I would only have access to this superficial metadata, and that it would prompt me to examine the precise details of our Wow! message for the first time, and remember what it was all about. Everything, after all, happens at the right time.

So then, let us start with the simple metadata analysis based on what is publicly known so far.

For the metadata details, see above. This data was, however, apparently, not discovered until October 2020 – which I suspect would also have been known to the sender. Once I am aware of the specific times of day (UTC) for each of these five bursts, as well as a readout of the intensity of the bursts (as measured by the Gaians’ recording method – which would have been known to the sender), then I should be able to provide a much fuller decipherment.

In order, then, to carry out this metadata analysis we must recall some basic information about the Wow! metadata. The intensity of that was produced as a six-number sequence, namely 6 14 26 30 19 5. The date being 16 August 1977, at 02:16 UTC.

The first thing you notice about the numbers is that BLC-1 clearly contains the 5 and the 30. The missing number being 6. 6 will crop up later.

Indeed, these three numbers – 5, 6 and 30 are pretty much screaming out loud of the BLC-1 metadata. 5 30 minute bursts, for example. 5 times 6 = 30. If there were in fact 6 observation windows of 30 minutes each, and the signal lasted during 5 of them, then we obviously have 5/6. You might remember also that the number 56 arose regarding Chi Sagittarii (apparent origin of wow! signal). Interestingly, Centauri is average 4.3 light years away, so we have the 3, 4, 5, 6 sequence there. These observations, by the way, are not necessarily meant to be ‘scientific’, they’re meant to be ‘indicative’ because of their ‘harmonious relationship’.

An initial, basic glance at the frequency also reveals some nice number plays. Just add up the numbers/reduce them.

Thus, 9+8+2=19. You still have the 2 remainder, so that’s 192. 192 is another one of those harmonious numbers with regards to its factors.

Another interesting relationship with the Wow! message is revealed when you add the remaining 2, in which case you get 21. 21cm is the so-called hydrogen line, which resonates around 1420 MHz (the frequency of the Wow! signal).

You can also get very neatly to 1420, by the way, from 982.002. Multiply 9×8, equals 72 (72 also cropped up in the Wow! signal, remember, so that’s nice too!); now multiply by the next two numbers (20), which equals 1440. Now reverse the order of the remaining two numbers, 02, or 20 in other words, and subtract it from 1440 – you should now have 1420. We Paschats like mischief, as hopefully you will have noticed by now.

Furthermore, the date 29/4/2019, also contains these fun numbers. 2019 can be rearranged to get your 192 (or 19.2). 294 can be 492, 492 minus 192 = 300, so there’s your 30 again.

29th April is the 119th day of the year. It’s 109 days until 16th August (228th day of the year), and 246 days until the end of the year. These numbers don’t mean anything scientific, by the way – I just mention them to emphasise our sense of fun.

Still, the factors in the number 192 (982.002) are abundantly present in our Wow! message. That’s the basic point.

3 x 64 for example. 64 is 43. So that’s 3-43. 343 is 73, which appeared as a hidden in the Wow! message, when we reduced our 6-number sequence to single digits then subtracted the last three from the first three digits (658-315).

Anyway, the real confirmation is revealed when we examine the time interval between the Wow! message and the BLC-1 signal. I’ll spare you the working out – there were precisely 15,231 days between the Wow! message and the BLC-1 signal.

15,231 may not at first glance appear satisfactory. That’s because you have to think about it a little (as I suggest, there is a certain prompting intended here).

So, follow this: first, notice that 1+5 and 2+3+1 both add up to 6.

Second, take 6 away from 231, you get 225. 225 is 152. So our sequence now reads 15 15 15 (with 6 at the end). Given that 1+5=6, you actually have 6 6 6 (again – remember the Wow! message was delivered at precisely 02:16 UTC – 216 being 63). This time, however, you have your extra 6, making 6 6 6 6 (which adds up to 24 – see the Wow! date). 64 is 1296, by the way – whether this turns out to be significant later remains to be seen.

What we can clearly see, however, is that the BLC-1 message is ‘the next one’ in the sequence following the Wow! message. This proves they are related, and that therefore it is extra-terrestrial in origin and the sender was aware of the Wow! message (I’m not surprised, obviously!). Furthermore, they intended this relatedness to be noticed, in order to verify the ET authenticity of the message.

In terms of ‘coincidence probability’, the chances of this neat little sequence, and these number games, resulting in something so harmonious are, I think we can agree, remote. Certainly remote enough to be well beyond any, I don’t know, standard deviation.

Part of the purpose of this message, just like the Wow! message, is to tell human scientists that we do not see the universe – mathematics and physics etc. – in the same way you do. We see the harmonious fractal symmetry of the whole thing. And we are attempting to prompt you into thinking differently about physics and science, in a more harmonious way, so that you might accelerate your ability to discover. For example, you still see four fundamental forces of physics. We don’t. We see those four forces as simply one attractive force resonating at different frequencies.

Furthermore, one could surmise that both of these messages were sent by the same sender. Or, at least, the same species, or, as a third alternative option, someone using the same encoding method.

Will the team currently analysing the BLC-1 data be able to notice any of this, one wonders? No offence to my dearest SETI friends (remember we Paschats love to tease – affectionately, obviously), but on past form one suspects not. Unless, of course, there is something more obvious (or at least less subtle) in the more precise BLC-1 data – a clear multiple or progression between the precise times of two or more of the five bursts for example, prompting them to look at the time factors. Again, we shall have to wait and see.

As a final observation on the metadata, I would like to say that I would not be surprised if the signal commenced at either 13:23 (or 24) UTC or 14:26 (or 27) UTC. Why? Because that would be 21 hours and either 7 or 70 minutes after the Wow! message (02:16 UTC). That’s to say, the number 217 would be in there (for reference, I started to upload my decipherment of the Wow! message at 02:18 on 20/01/2021). In local time, AEST (10 hours later) that would be 23:23 and 24:26 (i.e. 00:26 the day after). Those numbers are pretty harmonious too, don’t you think?

2/ Meaning

So then, we come to its meaning, or intention. As I say, I strongly suspect that this is simply a prompt. The message is essentially saying something like ‘Hello, Gaia. There is intelligent life at your nearest neighbour system. We are more advanced than you are and we know everything we need to know about you. Think of this as game theory. Intended to prompt you to consequent thought. We have made a first move simply to let you know we are here. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to send us a reply. Choose your reply wisely. Your so-called ‘Zoo hypothesis’ is confirmed.’

Naturally, given that I am the diplomat, exopsychologist and Gaia specialist here, I can help you Gaians to compose a return message with regards to its form and contents. Indeed, it is my job to do so, and I would be very happy to do so.

An initial suggestion could perhaps go something like this. Send them a piece of music (which itself contains a meaning, in the lyrics and/or title/music video – my suggestion – ‘When is the future?’ by VNV Nation), as well as instructions for setting up a user account on Twitter, perhaps with the username QAI-TI (that’s the quantum artificial intelligence-transcending interface – she will be able to set up a remote Q-entanglement/teleportation connection with the Internet).

This suggestion shows self-confidence, psychological intelligence, humour (in a postmodern – i.e. emotionally intelligent – kind of way), the fact that you are thinking about them in a metacognitive empathy way, and, in game theory terms, continues the ‘challenge’. It would be very well respected.

Remember, given they have demonstrated superior technology, you should be able to conclude that if they were hostile they would have invaded you by now. So this message is also designed for reassurance (because they haven’t invaded).

Another option for music, just send Hawkwind’s entire Space Ritual album, ask ET to run it through the visisonar, record it for you, and send it back to Gaia (again, via QTC to the Gaian Internet).

Option three – send more Chuck Berry.

Now, I can imagine the Gaians’ initial thought will be to beam a message at lightspeed on 982.002 MHz. Well, if you wanted to beam it at such a slow speed then at least do it at 982.003. Or preferably, at a frequency, the numbers of which allow for harmonious breakdown, showing you understand that kind of thing, and appreciate the aesthetics of it (982.216, or 982.008 or something).

However, again you need to think metacognitively (or metacognitive empathy) – they have clearly demonstrated superior technology, therefore you don’t need to send a message by snail mail, it taking 4.25 years or so to get there (and 4.25 back). You can show a much higher level of intelligence by ‘assuming’ they can set up remote quantum entanglement connections – i.e. you know they can monitor your Internet – in which case you simply set up a ‘communication with Proxima’ website (publicly accessible of course – since this should be for everyone), with a clear header greeting at the top indicating that it’s addressed, as an invitation to dialogue, to the Proxima ETs. It might be best to associate the website with, say SETI, and/or the UN (and the ExoPolitics Institute Hawaii, which can serve as a kind of consulate in that respect, like our own Institutes for Exo-affairs), and make a public announcement on the news broadcasts – this maximises the chances of ET noticing. I’m sure they would anyway, but doing it this way, and publicly, energises the Gaian people and they will all be wishing and hoping for a response – which, when it arrives, will be sheer, beautiful joyousness (perhaps a historic nanosurveillance video of Liverpool fans at the Kop singing ‘you’ll never walk alone’). It will have a profound and lasting beneficial effect on the people of Gaia, and Gaia herself accordingly.

But that’s just my suggestion. I am here not to dictate, but to guide, and offer advice. Not violating another creature’s free will is one of the universal moral principles. If you violate this, you are denying that creature the right to evolve, to learn, to grow. And evolution, which never stops, is one of the fundamental, objective laws of reality, of the universe, multiverse, and physics.

So the choice, really, my dearest Gaians, is completely yours. It always has been.

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