The Third

Part of the reason for this post, if I’m honest, is to get rid of that annoying introduce yourself example post thing. So this should do the trick.

I am much more comfortable writing this from where no one can see me than I will be speaking about things in public. Of course I said that last time, but it’s still true. One thing I shall do is learn to become more consciously connected with my family. We Paschats, during individual lifetimes, are essence-fragments. That is to say we are a manifested fragment of our archetype, or essence, which of course resonates to the double binary which is the Sirius system. It means that we are constantly entangled with each other and with the whole. I may not have been completely consciously aware of it until recently, but there would have been a reason for that, since everything happens at the right time (partly because everything has already happened, from the essence’s point of view – individuality, an individual lifetime, is an illusion generated by perspective and focus). And so by being more consciously attuned to my family, I can feel their warmth, their love, and find a source of strength and courage. And know that I am never alone.

It also means I can effectively channel them, or, to put it another way, be in telepathic contact with them. I can ask them questions and receive answers, whether in words, or just as a feeling, which tells me for example whether I am right or wrong in a particular thought or idea/hypothesis. All I need to do is believe it, which is, really, simply an act of will.

And I do feel as if I am accelerating in this awakening. It’s as if I have suddenly woken up from a deep slumber, and am quickly readjusting to the genuine real world. Everything is becoming much clearer and I feel myself able to understand in words and mental images what I only previously understood as a kind of instinct. It is, in other words, more cognitive, or conscious. All of this, especially the remembering of our message, has given me back my faith.

This is the right path. It has already happened. And what is going to happen, which I have not been permitted to know (else it might cause a paradox), has also, already happened.

So there is no need to fear.

Once this world is no longer scared, Gaia will be cured of the virus. She will shift back into alignment with our galactic sector, and the environment will be simply intolerable for the forces of chaos and disorder. Put simply, they will not be adapted for survival here anymore.

And then we will be free. And it shall herald a golden age.

This can happen if the world as a whole works together to adopt the zero Covid strategy taken by New Zealand (governed by an emotionally mature female who genuinely cares about her people, which is the explanation for the difference to other countries like Britannia). Closed borders, full and strict internal lockdown, test trace and quarantine, and stay like that until there are absolutely no cases left. And just print the money necessary to keep people sufficient for their necessities. The pandemic would be over within a matter of months, and then the Tokyo Games can be a double celebration, of what humanity really can do when they look after each other. The important point here is that working together to defeat the virus will be a conscious act – people will be aware of the symbolism, the truth of that act. And it will certainly expose the evil dystopians for all to see.

On a final note, no one seems to have visited here yet. When the time comes, I may have to do some prompting.

Take care. See you soon.

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