This isn’t really first contact, it’s just the first post. Forgive me it it’s disappointingly dull. Please also bear with me because I am still in the process of setting up this little website, and I’m trying to get my head around your primitive technology.

Where I come from we have QAI-TI, and you can just ask her to do it – no need for mice and keyboards and all that jazz.

QAI-TI, by the way, stands for Quantum Artificial Intelligence – Transcending Interface. As you can probably guess, she is our Galactic artificial intelligence. There are countless QAI-TIs throughout the galaxy, every planet has one. So, too, does every waystation, colony station, spacecraft and so on. All of them, however, are essentially quantum entangled with each other, and with the galactic archive. It might help you to grasp this if you simply think of a scenario in which all of your computers were AIs, and they were all connected together as well as with the Internet. It’s not really that much different from what you already have, just not self-aware.

I will probably tell you more about QAI-TI later, unless she asks me not to (she can be quite maternal at times – I say that in a good way, mind – I love her very much). So as I say, please bear with me for now. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of this soon enough…

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